I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 160

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 160

Chapter 160

Shark was so surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth.

He was absolutely sure that Oliver couldn’t see what he wrote from any angle, even if Oliver had an insider.

Unless Oliver’s eyes could see through things.

But Shark hadn’t thought about it yet. He just felt that Oliver was cheating, but he couldn’t figure out how.

Shark was stunned for a moment and then asked Oliver puzzledly, “How did you cheat?”

Oliver thought for a while, pointed to the door, and said, “Denise.

Shark understood what Oliver meant. He opened the door at once and called Denise in. Without her translation, he and Oliver couldn’t explain anything more profound to each other.

When Denise came in, Oliver said to her, “Explain it to him. Just say… It’s the power of my eyes.”

Hearing this, Shark was somewhat confused.

“Can he really see through things?” he thought.

The thought of “see-through” made Shark’s heart suddenly jump. Shark thought in his heart, “Damn it, he… Can really see through things?”

If he could see through it, everything would be explained and reasonable.

But are there really such strange people and abilities in this world?-

Although there are a lot of movies, everyone knows in reality that films and novels are made up and fake.

But I covered my hands and the notebook with clothes. Even if there were 1,000 cameras in this room, it would be useless unless this man could really see through things.’

Of course, Oliver wouldn’t explain it thoroughly. It was enough to leave Shark with room for imagination.

But Shark still recognized Oliver’s ability. He thought for a while and asked, “Where do you live now?” Oliver replied that it was Crystal Resort Hotel.

Shark waved his hand and said, “Then move to our hotel. Don’t worry. You’ll have the best room for free.”

Oliver nodded slightly and said, “That’s great. Thank you, Mr. Vaart.”

Oliver knew that Shark was worried about him leaving. But since Oliver had made a promise, he would definitely help Shark in this matter, but he didn’t dare to make a 100% guarantee. Since Shark saved Hailey, Oliver must try his best to repay the favor.

Shark pointed to the chip and said, “You won the money. I’ll let the accountant transfer it into your account.”

Oliver refused, but Shark wasn’t faking. Although it was very painful to give away 70 million Oros, it was worthwhile compared with what would happen later.

Besides, his opponent was bound to place a huge bet this time. It would not be less than 200 million Oros. It was either him or his opponent going down. This kind of hatred would never end.

If Oliver helped him win this life-or-death game, 7 million Oros would certainly be nothing.

Shark was pleased to see that Oliver had readily agreed and then ordered his men to deal with Leighton’s gang.

Oliver just left those people to Shark.

Sharks didn’t want their lives, but it was inevitable that they’d be disabled.

In the next few days, Oliver and his friends lived in Shark’s hotel and sometimes went to the casino. But Oliver stopped gambling as it would be too embarrassing to win Shark’s money again.

Denise was very dedicated, accompanying Oliver from morning to night, explaining the customs and food here.

Although Oliver didn’t go to college, he somehow learned Utopinese easily. He wasn’t very fluent, but he could understand and speak simple words.

On the afternoon of the fourth day, Shark suddenly invited Oliver to his casino, saying his rival was coming to his casino tonight at 7:00.

Oliver told Shark that Shark’s rival was very confident and dared to challenge Shark at Shark’s Casino.

Shark said with a wry smile, “He’s not confident but well-prepared. He invited several major media reporters to record the video. No one can cheat. It is legal to bet in the casino, so no matter how big his bet is, I have to take it.”



Chapter 160

Óliver got it. He nodded and said to Shark, “I can’t guarantee you a win, but I will definitely do my best.”

Shark nodded with a wry smile, “Thank you. If I can get through it this time, I can still run the casino hotel leisurely. If I lose, I may have to retire.”

Oliver could see the pressure on Shark, so he held Shark’s hand and shook it hard to comfort Shark.

At 6:30 p.m., Oliver and the others accompanied Shark to the casino and arrived at the largest and most luxurious VIP room upstairs.

Shark’s rival finally arrived. He was a man in his forties, accompanied by five or six men and women carrying cameras, who were from several major media outlets.

Normally, casinos didn’t allow media people to show up, but they were allowed by Shark this time.

Shark’s rival’s name was Walter.

Shark introduced Walter to Oliver seriously. “This is Mr. Walter, one of the top three gambling masters in the world. It is said that he secretly won Leo, first place in the world last year.”

As for how Walter formed an inextricable enmity with him, Shark didn’t say:

Walter smiled politely and glanced at the people present. His eyes stayed on Des for a few seconds, then said to Shark, “Shark, let me give you some advice before betting. As long as you are capable, you can ask anyone in this world to bet on your behalf, but Des is no match for me. If you let him do it for you, you will lose.”

Shark smiled and shook his head seriously. “Walter, it’s not Des who is acting for me, but this one…”

Then he pointed to Oliver and said formally, “Oliver is from a foreign country. He’s my agent. You won’t object to it, will you?”

“This one?”

Walter was surprised. He also glanced at Oliver just now, but he didn’t pay much attention to Oliver. Firstly, Oliver was too young, and secondly, Oliver wasn’t his acquaintance or in the record file in his head.

Walter studied the people who might win him day and night. He thought that if Shark wanted someone to do it for him, that person must be one of them.

But Walter wasn’t particularly worried because although these guys were good, their winning rate was less than 40% if they bet with him.

And today, he invited the media to record the whole process. What he wanted was that there would be no cheating equipment in the room. The gamble could only be completely based on luck.

And Walter was not afraid to bet on luck, because he had a superb memory and mathematical ability.

For that, Walter had already won 70% of the game.

Walter wondered, ‘Did Shark go to the wrong person out of despair?

Isn’t he afraid of losing all his fortune accumulated these years by inviting an unknown young man who I have never seen before?’

Walter stared at Oliver for a few seconds and smiled, “Of course, I don’t object to who you invite to bet on your behalf.”

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

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The one thing that Abigail Quinn regretted the most was sacrificing everything to marry Sean Graham for three years. As soon as his first love appeared, she would have to pack her bags and leave the marriage, but never once did she expect that she would be at the peak of her life after the divorce. The top designer Alana was her. The unrecognized daughter of a wealthy family was also her. She was also someone who made magic happen in the investment bank. Sean chased her all the way to the banquet where he whispered to her, "A forced marriage? Do you allow it?" To that, Abigail replied, "No. I don't know you."
I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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