I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 538

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Blood Debt Must Be Repaid

Josh drove them a significant distance before quietly getting out of the car and leaving. Prior to arriving here, he had received a call from Sean, who informed him that Vincent had been spotted in the Golden Triangle.

Josh had always been concerned about Sean, who had narrowly escaped death. Knowing that he was now safe, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Sean knew more than he did. There was no need for much explanation; he understood that Vincent was likely involved in Luna being sent to the Golden Triangle. After all, Sean had previously exposed Vincent’s involvement in human trafficking. Back then, his butler had taken the blame, but now Josh realized that Vincent was far from simple.

He texted Sean, ‘When are you coming to Capitalis?”

Sean replied, ‘Not for now. Vincent is definitely still investigating my situation. As long as I don’t show up, he’ll remain on edge. People tend to make mistakes when they’re anxious. Just keep a close eye on him!

After replying to his message, Josh unconsciously tightened his grip on the phone. To think such a man exists in my family, and we never knew about it. He didn’t take sides with anyone except for morality. What Lily had done today was simply beyond his understanding, and he believed that a child’s misbehavior was a reflection of their parents’ actions. If there was nothing wrong with Vincent, how could Lily dare to do something like this?

Early the next morning. Abigail was busy working in her office when Eric’s parents unexpectedly arrived. As soon as they entered her office, they bowed deeply to her.

Thank you for arriving in time with one of your men last night. I can’t imagine what the consequences. would have been otherwise. Jessica expressed her gratitude to Abigail with teary eyes.

and pour

Abigail gestured for them to sit down and poured water for them herself. “Eric called me, but it was too late when I arrived. It took me some time to locate him. She sat down and looked at them with a gentle expression.

“Eric intends to sue Lily, but we hope you can be a witness. As you know, he comes from a special background. If Lily turns the tables and accuses him, people in the industry who dislike him will definitely spread rumors and slander him. In the end, no one will care about the truth anymore. It’ll only result in him being bullied and ruined.” Jessica looked worried while holding her glass of water. She loved her child. deeply, and it was obvious that Eric’s situation had kept her awake all night.

“By the time I arrived, everything had already happened. The hotel’s security footage should have recorded the time of the incident, which can prove that my testimony is useless,” Abigail said with a helpless sigh. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to help, but she also felt powerless to do anything.

Terry remained silent. In his family, decisions were always made by his wife, while he only listened and followed orders.

“However, I have a suspicion,” Abigail continued, taking a sip of water. “Did Lily act of her own accord, or did her parents play a role in it? I heard that both of you hold significant governmental positions in Capitalis. If this was driven by a major dispute over conflicting interests, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to risk harming your son.” She skillfully planted seeds of doubt. They should be sensitive to such matters, so I don’t have to be explicit. They can connect the dots themselves.




Jessica fell silent, clutching her glass of water tightly, her lips pressed into a thin line. Obviously, if this was an intentional conspiracy, it meant that Vincent and his family had set their sights on their power.

Abigail then dropped a bombshell on them. “Vincent was once involved in a case of human trafficking. It was eventually pinned on his butler, but… it was Sean who got kidnapped. A mere butler wouldn’t have the audacity to do something like that.”

The couple could hardly stay seated.

Jessica put down her glass of water and stood up. “Ms. Quinn, thank you for sincerely informing us about these things. I’ll go home and carefully consider all of this,” she said. With that, she hurriedly left. As she reached the door, her legs gave out, nearly causing her to fall to her knees. She clung to the doorframe and took a deep breath. Then, holding her husband’s arm for support, she managed to make her way out of the office.

Abigail watched them from behind, her expression icy. Does Vincent think that by being well-prepared before sending Luna to the Golden Triangle, no one will be able to touch him or his family? Well, Sean may not be able to do anything, but I can act on his behalf. The Pearsons must pay for the blood debt of over 100 lives lost!

She called Sean, who promptly answered. “I mentioned Vincent’s involvement in human trafficking to Eric’s parents. It won’t alert him, will it?” At this point, she became cautious.

“No, it

it won’t. At this stage, even if the Davidsons aren’t investigating it, I’ll continue my own investigation,” replied Sean in a gentle voice.

“Take care of yourself. Let me handle him this time,” Abigail said calmly.

After a brief silence, Sean asked her, “Is it for Luna’s sake?”

“And for the sake of those bodyguards who died on foreign soil,” muttered Abigail. All of them were living, breathing human beings, yet they died in a foreign land because of Vincent. Of course, they died for Luna’s sake.

Sean couldn’t argue that no one should be blamed for this. After remaining silent for a long time, he said, “Yeah, it’s for their sake, too.”

Abigail continued, “It’s because they risked their lives that Luna and I could be reunited. If I don’t do something, it’ll weigh on my conscience.” Actually, she also wanted to say that without these bodyguards sacrificing themselves by shielding Sean and Xavien from bullets with their own bodies during their final escape, she wouldn’t have been able to see Sean again. He would have remained forever in the virtual world.

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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The one thing that Abigail Quinn regretted the most was sacrificing everything to marry Sean Graham for three years. As soon as his first love appeared, she would have to pack her bags and leave the marriage, but never once did she expect that she would be at the peak of her life after the divorce. The top designer Alana was her. The unrecognized daughter of a wealthy family was also her. She was also someone who made magic happen in the investment bank. Sean chased her all the way to the banquet where he whispered to her, "A forced marriage? Do you allow it?" To that, Abigail replied, "No. I don't know you."
I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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