I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 539

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 539

Chapter 539 Saving Reputation Is More Important Than The Truth

Although she hadn’t considered being with Sean, she didn’t want him to leave either.

Sean felt a pang of disappointment when he heard no mention of himself in her words. “Okay, just go ahead and do it. I’m going to rest for a while,” he replied, his voice tinged with sadness.

Abigail briefly comforted him before hanging up the phone.

The night was cool, and he sat on the windowsill while staring at his phone with a wry smile. It might have been better if I hadn’t come back… Even with all my efforts, I still can’t get her to change her mind.

When Analise came in with some chicken soup and noticed his frustrated expression, she knew he was thinking about his relationship with Abigail. “You’ve already come so far, so why don’t you focus on getting well first? Once you go back to Capitalis, you can stick to her like glue and be as kind to her as possible. I bet she’ll be moved,” she said with a stern expression, placing the chicken soup on the small dining table.

“She might find it annoying,” replied Sean, his voice full of hesitation.

Analise chided, “You’re always afraid of this and that, which is why you haven’t achieved anything so far. Didn’t she divorce you because you never did or said anything, and she felt you weren’t nice to her? Just be straightforward this time. Take it as a second opportunity to pursue her!” She didn’t like his reserved nature. He enjoys the pasta and arancini I make, but he doesn’t want to tell me. He cares about me and my granddaughter, but he keeps his feelings to himself without saying anything. “We’re not mind readers, so how are we supposed to know your feelings?” she said, motioning for him to come over and eat the soup. “You have to finish this today. Get well and go see her as soon as possible.”

Sean felt warmed by her words. Getting off the windowsill, he replied with a smile, “Alright, Old Mrs. Quinn, I’ll listen to you. If I can’t win her back, you have to help me.”

“You’re such a good grandson-in-law. Well, I can’t bear to let anyone else have you. You belong with Abigail.” Analise smiled, her eyes crinkling. After looking around, she had concluded that Sean was still the best choice for her granddaughter.

Smash! Maisy Walsh, Eric’s grandmother, slammed the cup she was holding straight onto the floor. “Patricia and I are old friends, and now you want to send her granddaughter to prison just because her son made a mistake? I won’t agree to this. Who gave you such a terrible idea? Now, the only way to keep Eric and that mixed-up Lily’s reputation intact is for them to get married. Our families are so close to one another. Why insist on dragging this matter to court when it can be solved through marriage?”

Maisy and Patricia were besties; they were as close as biological sisters. Moreover, Patricia’s favorite was Vincent, the Pearson Family’s second son, whom she held dearer than anything in the world. If they were to send Lily to jail, it would destroy the long-standing friendship between both families.

“Mom, Eric was raped-”

Maisy was furious, though. “Shut up! How can a boy be raped by a girl? Both parties are at fault here. Just get them married now, and it’ll do the trick. Why make a scene in court?”

Jessica looked at Terry, who stepped forward and said, “Eric refuses to get married. He also feels aggrieved.

about this.”

“What is he feeling aggrieved about? What else can he lose as a boy? Lily doesn’t feel aggrieved at all. You are blowing this out of proportion. I care about Eric too, but it doesn’t mean he can act all delicate like a


girl, talking about being raped. Lily’s the biggest victim here!” argued Patricia. At this moment, she was firmly against taking the matter to court.

“Mom…” Jessica’s eyes welled up with tears. “Just because Eric is a boy doesn’t mean that he has to take the blame for this kind of thing. And besides, Vincent is involved in human trafficking. I can’t approve of this marriage!”

“What nonsense are you spouting? That case was already closed! What is your intention in bringing this up now? Who instigated you to do this?” questioned Maisy sternly. If Patricia hadn’t called me beforehand and warned me that someone was secretly trying to drive a wedge between our families by planting seeds of doubt in the minds of my son and daughter-in-law, I would’ve been deceived by now!

“No one instigated me! All I know is that Eric suffered an injustice. What Lily did was drug-facilitated rape! So, is she a victim just because she’s a girl? How is she a victim? She’s the one causing all of this, and you call her a victim?” Jessica exploded. Eric is now holed up in his room, refusing to eat or drink. Isn’t the harm he suffered great enough? He happily went to meet his childhood neighbor, whom he had known for more than ten years, only to end up like this. And yet, he has to bear with it and marry her?

Patricia grabbed a teacup from the coffee table and fiercely flung it at her. “I know you’ve met with Abigail in private. I don’t know what she said to make you believe her so much, but I’ll tell you this: we can only proceed with the marriage. Going to court over this is out of the question!”

“Mom, are you simply going to overlook the injustice done to Eric?” Terry couldn’t put up with it anymore, either. My son is so outstanding and never caused any trouble, and now he’s ended up like this at the hands of a woman! He couldn’t swallow his anger.

Patricia argued, “Don’t you know about the relationship between the Pearsons and the Davidsons? Even if we don’t proceed with the marriage, we can’t take this matter to court. And besides, what about our family’s reputation? A grown man was raped by a woman. If word gets out about this, who is going to face humiliation? Also, he’s in the entertainment industry with several good movie scripts in hand. If this scandal breaks out, his future in the industry will be over. Are you acting recklessly without considering whether he can still appear on TV in the future?” It wasn’t that she didn’t want to side with Eric. However, considering the Davidson Family’s reputation and Eric’s hard-earned fame through more than ten years. of working hard in the entertainment industry, the Davidsons weren’t allowed to make a fuss about this, so they had no choice but to swallow their anger.


I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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I Want a Divorce" by Abigail Quinn is a compelling novel that explores the complexities of relationships and the emotional journey of a couple navigating the turbulent waters of separation, seeking freedom, and self-discovery. Read More The Enigmatic Return ( Nancy’s )

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The one thing that Abigail Quinn regretted the most was sacrificing everything to marry Sean Graham for three years. As soon as his first love appeared, she would have to pack her bags and leave the marriage, but never once did she expect that she would be at the peak of her life after the divorce. The top designer Alana was her. The unrecognized daughter of a wealthy family was also her. She was also someone who made magic happen in the investment bank. Sean chased her all the way to the banquet where he whispered to her, "A forced marriage? Do you allow it?" To that, Abigail replied, "No. I don't know you."
I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


"I Want a Divorce" by Abigail Quinn is a gripping novel that delves into the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of personal happiness. The story follows the tumultuous journey of Sarah and David, a seemingly perfect couple whose marriage is unraveling. Tired of their stagnant and unfulfilling lives, they decide to part ways, seeking newfound independence and happiness. The novel explores the intricacies of divorce, the impact on their children, and the unforeseen consequences of their decision. As they navigate the emotional and legal challenges of divorce, they discover new facets of themselves and confront their past mistakes. Abigail Quinn's narrative is a raw and honest portrayal of the trials and tribulations of love, marriage, and the quest for self-discovery. "I Want a Divorce" is a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition and the pursuit of personal freedom.

I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel


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