Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 69

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 69

Chapter 69

It was past eleven o’clock, but Emmanuel was not home yet.

Mackenzie could no longer remain calm and unaffected.

“That man is truly hateful! Didn’t I tell him that he’s to be home by eleven


Gritting her teeth, she decided to seek him out and see what exactly he

was doing that he had not turned on his phone after such a long time.

Emmanuel had no idea that Mackenzie would seek him out. He was still

hugging Xylie with an arm.

“T-Thank you!” Xylie thanked Emmanuel after he wiped the floor with the

ruffians, her gaze trained on his arm around her.

In a flash, Emmanuel dropped his hold on her and urged, “It’s difficult to

remain untouched when you’re working in a bar. Be careful next time.

Others may not respect your wishes when you turn their advances down.”

“All right…”

Xylie nodded, her eyes sparkling as she stared at the man.

Never had she imagined that such a trope of a knight in shining armor

saving the damsel in distress would happen to her.

Not only was the man before her tall and handsome, but he also radiated

maturity. Coincidentally, he happened to be her cup of tea.

“What is this? What happened here?”

At that precise moment, Samuel arrived with a group of men.

Seeing that, all the patrons in the bar started taking off.

Even the manager was scared witless.

Oh God, what should I do if they fight in the bar when there are so many of


However, Samuel stopped short when he had drawn close to the scene.

What on earth is happening here? The man on the ground is my sworn

brother, Rat. Meanwhile, the person who defeated them turned out to be

Emmanuel! He’s the ruthless man who wiped the floor with us alone at The

Paradise that night!

“You’re here just in time, Mr. Webber! I’m never going to rest until I’ve

ripped this brat to shreds today!”

Fury blazed in Rat’s eyes, and he struggled to his feet in excitement upon

seeing that his backup was here.

Such a scene frightened Xylie so much that she trembled incessantly. She

voluntarily leaned against Emmanuel, only to discover that he was still as

calm as ever.

Whoa! What a real man!

“What are you planning to do if you’re never going to rest?” Emmanuel

retorted with a sneer, shielding Xylie.

“Damn it! You’re never going to realize your mistake until you’ve seen what

I’m capable of!”

With rage staining his features, Rat snagged a beer bottle to smash it at

the man.

“Stop it!”

Never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined that Samuel would

personally stop him.

Everyone present was stunned to the core.

“What are you doing, Mr. Webber? Quick, help me kill this brat!” Rat roared.

Unexpectedly, Samuel snatched the beer bottle away from his hand.

Rat bellowed, “What are you doing, Mr. Webber? If you tarry any longer, I’ll

sever my relationship with you!”

A conflicted expression manifested on Samuel’s face.

How can I possibly allow him to make a move against Emmanuel? That’s

impossible! Putting aside the fact that I’m acquainted with the latter, even

if there are no ties between us both, we might not be his match if we were

to attack him together! I’m helping Rat out of the kindness of my heart, yet

this idiot has no idea and even threatens to sever his relationship with me!

“Quick, return the beer bottle to me! Otherwise, I’m going to beat you up!

Make it fast! Damn it!”

Enraged, Rat started pushing at Samuel.

That scene stumped the onlookers around them.

“F*ck you! How dare you make a move against me!”

Even more surprising was the fact that Samuel snapped. In his towering

rage, he smashed the beer bottle on Rat’s head.


Following that, the entire bar plunged into an uproar.

Everyone had thought that Samuel had rushed over to back Rat up, never

having expected the man to teach the latter a lesson instead.

Bewilderment was written all over Rat’s face. His finger trembled violently

as he pointed at his sworn brother. “Y-You actually hit me?”

“I’m going to kill you if you continue running your mouth!” Fed up with that

idiotic man, Samuel hastily added furiously, “He’s Emmanuel Lowe, the

skilled fighter who defeated thirteen of my men that night!”

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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