Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1480

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1480

Chapter 1480 

Nevertheless, these were all her hopeful thoughts. She couldn’t confess to anyone 




After resolving the matters, Emmanuel and Mackenzie sent the despondent Alessandra 


Meanwhile, Roselynn had to return to the store to handle some affairs. As she arrived at 

the store, she saw a man holding a bouquet of flowers. 

“Roselynn, these are for you.” 

Julian gave the flowers to Roselynn. As a romantic artist, he was us bringing gifts 

whenever he came to see Roselynn. 

“Thank you.” Roselynn didn’t refuse. Nevertheless, her sadness was evident. 


09:25 Mon, Apr 22 

Chapter 1480 Thank You, Mom 

“Roselynn, what’s wrong?” Julian approached her as he sensed her sadness. 

Before Roselynn could respond, her phone rang. 


“Roselynn, do you want to come over and have a talk with Mom? She cried so hard that 

she just fainted. I’ve administered first aid. Although she regained consciousness, her 

mood remained subdued. Julian’s death has profoundly impacted her.” 

“I see. I’ll come over in a while,” Roselynn agreed. “Isn’t Mackenzie present as well? 

Shouldn’t Mom be happy when she saw Mackenzie, who’s pregnant?” 

Emmanuel responded, “Mackenzie is indeed accompanying Mom. Mom was very 

happy about it. Due to this reason, her condition doesn’t worsen, but she still longs for 


“Are you sure?” Roselynn joked. “I think she likes her daughter-in-law more.” 


09:26 Mon, Apr 

Chapter 1480 Thank You, Mom 

“Don’t say that, Roselynn.” Emmanuel sighed. “You’re the most important person in 

Mom’s heart. No one can replace you. Now that Ryder has passed away, while I have 

my own family and children, Mom is concerned about you the most. She’s curious 

about your relationship with Julian.” 

Julian was standing next to Roselynn. He had remained silent just now as he didn’t 

want to disturb Roselynn. 

However, upon hearing Emmanuel’s words, he was agitated as he said, “Is Madam 

Alessandra sick? Roselynn and I will visit her then.” 

He had been sulky as he couldn’t start a topic with Roselynn, but now the opportunity 

had come. 

After responding, he stared at Roselynn as he was worried that she would 

Surprisingly, Roselynn didn’t decline as she let out a sigh. 


09:26 Mon, Apr 22 

Chapter 1480 Thank You, Mom 

She thought it might be good for Alessandra to meet Julian. If she disliked him, she 

could use this as an excuse to reject his proposal. 

However, she realized that it was just her imagination after half an hour. 


After seeing Julian, who was energetic, Alessandra immediately rose from her bed. She 

was extremely satisfied with Julian. 

Julian was very well-mannered. Not only did he bring gifts, but he also peeled an apple 

for Alessandra and chatted with her. 

Alessandra was so happy that she almost recovered. 

“Julian, do you sincerely want to marry my daughter?” Alessandra aske 

no one was around. 

Julian nodded without hesitation. 


09:26 Mon, Apr 22 

Chapter 1480 Thank You, Mom 

Alessandra then said, “I can see that you are sincere toward my daughter. Well, she 

doesn’t have a good temper. You have to treat her well in the future.” 

“Madam Alessandra, I think Roselynn has a great personality. I like everything about 


Julian’s response cheered Alessandra up. She patted her chest and said, “That’s good. 

As long as you don’t deceive me, I’ll convince Roselynn for you. The Lowe family has 

encountered various difficulties recently. It’s just the right time to bring some joy.” 

“You’re right. Thank you, Madam Alessandra… Thank you, Mom.” Julian quickly 

changed his address. 

On the other hand, Emmanuel and Mackenzie were in the living room 


the conversation between Alessandra and Julian. 

They were delighted to know that Alessandra didn’t stop Julian and Roselynn from 


09:26 Mon, Apr 22 

Chapter 1480 Thank You, Mom 

dating. However, Mackenzie expressed her worries as she said, “Your sister might be 

involved in a new battle again.” 

Emmanuel understood her meaning. He smiled with mixed feelings. 

He knew that the Summerton family held a higher status than the Oatley family, which 

made it more difficult for Roselynn to be together with Julian. It wasn’t easy for her to 

overcome all the obstacles. 

However, Emmanuel believed that Julian was more reliable than Jaxton. He could 

protect Roselynn from any harm. 

At that moment, Roselynn came out of the kitchen with fruits. Mackenzie raised and 

walked toward her. She gently held her hand and said, “Let’s have a 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
Score 9.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: Released: 9/18/2023 Native Language: English
Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe" “I know, Mom. I'm in front of the café. Call you later!” Emmanuel Lowe hung up on his mother impatiently. The twenty-eight-year-old man had never been in a relationship. A romance novel is a genre of fiction primarily focused on the development of a romantic relationship between its central characters. These novels explore the emotional and often passionate connection between individuals, typically featuring themes of love, desire, and intimac.... Read More Departure with a Belly ( Victoria Selwyn & Alaric Cadogan’s )

Read Online Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

“I know, Mom. I'm in front of the café. Call you later!” Emmanuel Lowe hung up on his mother impatiently. The twenty-eight-year-old man had never been in a relationship. After spending seven years in the army, he retired from the military and worked at a hospital in Yeringham for three years. He was a gynecologist at the hospital and made eighty thousand a year. Worried he would end up old and alone, Emmanuel's mother urged him to settle down. Since he had no idea where to begin when it came to dating, his mother took matters into her own hands and set him up on multiple blind dates. Thanks to her efforts, he had gone on seventeen blind dates so far. Alas, wedding bells were clearly not on the horizon for Emmanuel. It was frustrating. He knew he was just going through the motions at that point. “Help! Someone help me!” Right before Emmanuel entered the café, he heard someone calling out weakly for help. The cries came from an old man who had fallen on the roadside. Many pedestrians walked past him, but no one dared to stop and help him to his feet... Read More The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming   Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

People Also Question And Main Character

  1. How did Emmanuel Lowe initially perceive women who needed blind dates, and how did his perception change?
    • Initially, Emmanuel Lowe assumed that women who needed blind dates must have significant flaws, either physically or mentally. However, his perception changed when he accidentally met a gorgeous beauty during a blind date.
  2. How did Emmanuel Lowe end up meeting the wrong woman for his blind date?
    • Emmanuel Lowe accidentally went to the wrong table for his blind date, which led to him meeting the wrong woman.
  3. What happened after Emmanuel Lowe and the wrong woman met during their blind date?
    • Emmanuel Lowe and the wrong woman ended up having a whirlwind marriage despite the initial mix-up during their blind date.
  4. How did Emmanuel Lowe’s wife help him with his challenges, according to the story?
    • Emmanuel Lowe’s wife, the woman he met during the blind date, easily solved all his problems whenever he encountered challenges.
  5. What surprising revelation did Emmanuel Lowe have when he saw an interview with the wealthiest woman in Yeringham?
    • Emmanuel Lowe was astonished to discover that the incredibly wealthy woman in the interview looked exactly like his wife. She claimed to have become wealthy because she had a man supporting her from behind the scenes, implying that Emmanuel’s wife was the source of her success. Read More Mr. Neal, Mrs. Neal’s Gone With The Money Little Treasure


Emmanuel Lowe discovered his accidental blind date was the wealthiest woman in Yeringham. She'd hidden her wealth to test his love. Despite the shock, he admired her for the ruse and chose to stand by her side. Together, they became a formidable force, using their combined resources for philanthropy. Love, trust, and mutual support were their secret to happiness and success.


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