Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1494

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1494

Chapter 1494 Why Is Love So Complicated 

Chapter 1494 

“Good day, Mr. Summerton and Madam Althea!” Roselynn’s voice brimmed with 

courtesy as she greeted them. 

Zaiden acknowledged her with a slight nod, but Althea’s expression turned grim in an 

instant. “Julian, what is this about? I never raised you to play around with women!” she 

snapped, her voice cutting through the air. 

“Mom, I’m not playing around. Roselynn is my girlfriend!” Julian boldly replied. 

Shock swept through the room at Julian’s revelation. The looks on everyone’s faces 

ranged from disbelief to astonishment, which was quite an interesting sight to behold. 

Linda, unable to accept the situation, burst into tears, throwing herself into her mother’s 

arms to seek comfort. 

“W-What in the…” Anger flushed Althea’s face, causing her to struggle for breath for a 

moment. Then, she collapsed. 


Chapter 1494 Why Is Love So Complicated 

Thankfully, Zaiden caught her just in time. 


“Mom! Are you okay?” Julian approached Althea cautiously, only to receive a feeble slap 

from her. 


Though not thunderous, the slap’s impact reverberated through the room. 

“Julian!” Roselynn exclaimed, taken aback by this sudden turn of events. She hurried 

over, asking, “Madam Althea, why did you lay a hand on Julian?” 

“Shut up! You have no right to speak here!” Althea’s finger pointed at Roselynn, her tone 

frosty. “This is a matter within my family. I’m teaching my son, and it’s none of your 


Julian wanted to argue with his mother, but Zaiden intervened, saying, “Your mom isn’t 

feeling well right now. Stop making her angry, will you? Just go out with everyone else!” 

Chapter 1494 Why Is L 

So Complicated 

Julian clenched his fists in vexation. Despite his reluctance, he had no choice but to 

refrain from arguing with his mother due to her condition. He took Roselynn’s hand and 

headed toward the door. 

However, before they could step out the door Althea’s voice stopped them in their 

tracks. “Hold on right there!” 

Linda promptly stepped in, coming to Althea’s side and gently taking her hand. She said 

with a sweet demeanor, “Aunt Althea, please calm down! Your illness doesn’t respond 

well to agitation. If you get angry, my medicine won’t work anymore!” 

Your medicine? Roselynn was stunned upon hearing Linda’s words. 

Althea smiled and nodded to Linda. “Alright, I got it,” she said. The next moment, she 

turned to Julian, her demeanor stern and chilly. “Look, if it weren’t for Linda, I wouldn’t 

have woken up this time. And what good does this woman you brought here do 

besides upsetting me?” 

Chapter 1494 Why Is Love So Complicated 

“Madam Althea, I mean no harm!” Roselynn argued, unable to bear Althea’s accusation. 

However, before she could finish speaking, Althea cut her off coldly. “Enough! Your 

presence alone is insufferable. Get out of here and leave my son at once!” 

Roselynn trembled all over with anger, her fists clenched into tight balls. In the end, 

however, she refrained from arguing with Althea, fearing it might worsen the situation 

and cause her to get the blame for it. Clenching her teeth, she walked out without a 


“Roselynn! Roselynn, wait!” Julian called out after her. 

However, Althea stopped him. “Julian, I’ll tell you once more!” she warned between 

clenched teeth, her gaze stern with a hint of ferocity. “The Summerton family is no 

place for ordinary women. It’s been that way for centuries. You’ll marry Linda. Forget 

about that woman!” 


Chapter 1494 Why Is Love So Complicated 

After hearing this, Julian said nothing in reply Without the slightest hesitation, he 

shoved past the servant blocking his way and ran out after Roselynn. 

“Julian!” Zaiden called after him, but it was too late. Oh, this stubborn boy! 

At this sight, Althea, overwhelmed with rage, passed out once again. 

Outside the room, Ronnie happened to witness everything. He couldn’t help but shake 

his head with a deep sigh. “Ah! Why is love so complicated…” 

“Hey, Ronnie. I didn’t know you’re here.” Only then did Zaiden notice Ronnie’s pi 

As Ronnie had a much better personality and character than Bobby, he and Zaiden go 

along pretty well, and Zaiden would call him by his first name whenever they met. 

“Yeah, I’ve been here for a while. Wanted to discuss something with you guys, but 

Althea passed out, and her condition is more important than anything else. Let’s focus 


09:03 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1494 Why Is Love So Complicated 

on her for now,” Ronnie explained, getting straight to the point. He continued, “If she 

gets better, my issue resolves itself. If not, I’ll come back in three days to talk to her 


With that, he turned and left, leaving Zaiden and the others perplexed. 

“Linda, did you brew the medicine for Althea just now? Can you brew it again?” Zaiden 

asked. He knew that Althea had felt better immediately after taking the medicine just 

now. So, naturally, he asked Linda to brew the medicine once more. 

“Well… um…” Linda hemmed and hawed, hesitating for some time. Then, unexpec 

she said, “This medicine isn’t meant to be taken casually. It’s meant to be taken only 

once a day. I’ll come back tomorrow!” 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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