Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1495

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495 You Two Are Nothing but Frauds 

Chapter 1495 

Zaiden had no choice but to nod his head in resignation. Well, I guess we could only 

wait until tomorrow. 

After that, Linda hurried out of Althea’s room to confer with her mother. That remedy 

just now wasn’t from me! 

Her mother, Isadora Bowman, was not surprised after listening to her story. She knew 

full well that her daughter didn’t know how to brew medicine. Besides, Linda didn’t even 

bring the necessary herbal ingredients today. How could she possibly have brewed 

remedy for Althea? It was clear that she must have taken the credit for Roselynn’s 


That being said, she also wished for her daughter to marry Julian. Hence, she decided. 

that not only did they have to keep this under wraps, but they also needed to find a way 

to cure Althea. If Linda can play her cards right and win Althea over, Althea will make 

Julian marry her. “It’s not some serious illness. We’ll just get a skilled doctor to come 

09:03 108, 

Chapter 1495 You Two Are Nothing but Frauds 

and take a look!” she said with a dismissive wave. 

That very day, she spent a king’s ransom, getting a highly respectable doctor to come to 

the Summerton Residence while Zaiden was away on some business. 

Lo and behold, the doctor was none other than Schmidt, Rob’s favorite apprentice. 

After examining Althea’s condition, Schmidt said, “Madam Althea’s illness stems from a 

combination of poor blood circulation and emotional distress. It’s tricky for modern 

medicine, but I’m aware that these conditions are easily treatable with traditional 

medicine. I can recommend a traditional medicine practitioner who I’m sure can cure 

Madam Althea of her illness.” 

Upon hearing his words, Linda and Isadora finally let out a sigh of relief. 

I knew it wouldn’t be difficult! I wonder what quacks the Silverbane family hired before. 

They couldn’t even deal with such a simple illness for Madam Althea! 

09:03 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1495 You Two Are Nothing but Frauds 

Immediately, Linda asked, “So, Dr. Schmidt, what’s the name of this traditional medicine 

practitioner? Can you give us his contact details?” 

“I don’t have his contact details, but his name is Emmanuel, and he’s a good friend of 

Miss Ashton Summerton. You can ask her directly,” Schmidt replied. 

What’s wrong with the Summerton family? They know Emmanuel in person, so why 

would they come to me for help? How do I put this in Chanaean? Are they blind to 

what’s right in front of them? Or are they taking the long road instead of the shortcut? 

Either way, it’s just strange, he thought to himself. 

With that, he took his leave, leaving both Linda and Isadora stupefied. 

Linda and Isadora had never met Emmanuel before, but they weren’t idiots. They knew 

that Roselynn had brewed the remedy earlier. Connecting the dots, they easily deduced 

that Emmanuel and Roselynn were likely related. Moreover, Roselynn’s prescription 

must have come from Emmanuel! 

09:03 Tue, Apr 

Chapter 1495 You Two Are Nothing but Frauds 

So, after all the trouble they had taken, it turned out that if they wanted to cure Althea, 

they would have to seek help from the Lowe family. However, doing so would expose 

their lie! 

Finally, Isadora said, “Ah, never mind! Let’s take a chance and see how it goes. I don’t 

believe that only those with the surname Lowe can cure these illnesses!” 

Taking matters into their own hands, she reached out to doctors, asking them to 

prescribe whatever they thought might help. However, three days went by, and Althea’s 

condition showed no signs of improvement. She remained bedridden. 

On the contrary, Ashton, who had suffered from broken bones, made a remarkably fast 

recovery. In just three days, she was well enough to sit in a wheelchair and was no 

longer confined to her bed. 

On this day, Ronnie came again just as he had promised, accompanied by Zaiden. 

Seeing his sister still lying sickly in bed, he immediately figured out what was going on. 

09:03 Tue, Apl 

Chapter 1495 You Two Are Nothing but Frauds 

Seeing that the Becker family’s remedy had once again proved ineffective, Ashton 

finally lost her patience. Pushing her wheelchair with one hand, she stormed into the 

room and launched into an angry tirade at Linda and Isadora. “How much longer are 

you going to put my mom through this?!” she snapped. “You know full well that your 

remedy doesn’t work at all! That miracle cure the other day wasn’t even made by you! 

You two are nothing but frauds!” 

The Summerton family had always been on good terms with the Becker family. So, it 

was like a bolt from the blue when Ashton angrily shouted these words. It was akin to 

ruining the friendship that the two families had built over the years! 

“Ashton, watch your language!” Zaiden quickly interjected. 

Currently, with the Summerton family facing tough times, many forces had begun to 

distance themselves from the family, leading to the termination of quite a number of 

business partnerships over the past three days. Everyone was aware that the family’s 

humiliating defeat at the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown was a huge blow to their 


Chapter 1495 You Two Are Nothing but Frauds 

prestige. Now, numerous families and forces were eyeing the position of vice president 

of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce. Under these circumstances, it would be 

extremely difficult for the family to be re-elected next month! 

For this reason, they couldn’t afford to easily offend the Becker family, who had always 

worked closely with the Summerton family. Doing so would only add fuel to the fire. 

“Ashton, how could you call me a fraud? I brewed the remedy myself for Aunt Althea 

every day, and I’m just as anxious as you are that she hasn’t gotten any better!” 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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