Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1496

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1496

Chapter 1496 A Hero is Not Defined by His Origins 

Chapter 1496 

Tears immediately welled up in Linda’s eyes. Indeed, she was feeling anxious right now. 

Ever since she was a little girl, she had always thought she would marry Julian. She had 

ys seen him as her future husband. But now that he refused to marry her, she was 


pushed to the verge of tears. 

“Humph! You’re just a fraud!” Ashton, with her fiery temper, despised Linda, whom she 

thought was a phony who always tried to garner sympathy with her tears. She 

continued, “Roselynn brewed the remedy from three days ago! You just stole the credit 

from her. And now, not only are you clueless about the prescription, but to cover up 

you your lie, you’re deliberately putting off my mom’s treatment! You’re trying to kill her, yo 

shameless b*tch!” 

The cutting words from her reduced Linda to tears in an instant. 

Only then did Zaiden’s eyes widen in disbelief He asked Linda and Isadora, “Mrs. 

Becker, Linda, is what Ashton said true?” 


Chapter 1496 A Hero Is Not Defined by His Origins 

He had just defended the mother and daughter, believing that the remedy they had 

out, revealing that they previously brewed was genuine. But now, the truth was out, revealing that they were 

harming his wife. How could he remain friendly toward them? 

Linda and Isadora’s faces turned pale instantly. For a moment, they were at a loss for 


Unexpectedly, Althea, who was barely conscious, opened her eyes just then. She 

exclaimed in a feeble voice, 

Calden… Ashton.. Knock it off!” 

Ashton was utterly stunned by this turn of events. Why would Mom still defend Lin 

and her mother at such a moment? 

“Linda is our family’s daughter-in-law… How could she possibly harm me? She’s 

well-intentioned. If I can’t recover, it’s all because… you guys upset me…” Althea said. 

between clenched teeth, glaring at Julian and Ashton in turn. “If you two had been 

more well-behaved, more responsible… and less rebellious, I wouldn’t have ended up 

Chapter 1496 A Hero Is Not De 

like this because of you!” 

Hearing their mother’s words, Julian and Ashton felt both frustrated and helpless. 

Normally, Ashton would have snapped back, but now, with her mother at death’s door, 

she feared that quarreling with her would literally kill her at any minute. What should I 


“Julian, listen up!” Althea continued with agitation as her son and daughter made no 

retort. “I’ll never allow Roselynn into our family! Even if she brewed those remedies for 

me, I wouldn’t touch them! But if Linda brewed them, even if it’s poison, I’d drink 

because in my heart, she’s my daughter-in-law!” 

Julian was speechless and angry at Althea’s declaration. 

Ashton felt the same, wondering how she ended up with such a mother. What kind of 

person could utter such words? How biased could she be? 

Chapter 1496 A Hero Is Not Defined by His Origins 

“Enough! That’s it!” Ronnie finally interjected. He said to Zaiden, “Could you all step out 

for a moment? I want to have a word alone with my sister.” 

Zaiden exchanged glances with the others present before nodding. Then, he went out, 

followed by the others. 

Soon, only Althea and Ronnie remained in the room. 

Only then did Ronnie say to Althea in a calm tone, “Althea, has your time with the 

Summerton family influenced and assimilated you? Does one’s background truly m 

that much?” He continued, “You believe fate is predetermined, but I don’t think so. 

hero is not defined by his origins. I care more about a person’s capabilities, as I believ 

that they shape the person’s destiny.” 

Althea choked up, unsure how to respond. “Ronnie! I-” 

“Don’t get worked up, Althea. Let me finish,” Ronnie said, gently patting her hand. He 

Chapter 1496 A Hero 

to Is Not Defined by His Origins 

continued with a serene smile, “Roselynn may come from humble beginnings, but never 


underestimate the Lowe family, especially her brother Emmanuel. Even our dad sees 

potential in him, believing he’ll rise like a dragon. If you continue to stubbornly refuse to 

allow Roselynn into the Summerton family, I’m sure you’ll deeply regret it in the future.” 

Althea’s demeanor became more and more agitated. 

Because of her prejudice, she had always looked down on Emmanuel, considering him 

a mere live-in son-in-law of the Quillen family. What future could he possibly have? 

If anyone else had said those words just now, she wouldn’t have paid attention. 

However, it was her closest brother who had said so, leaving her deep in thought. My 

dad is the president of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce, and he has sharp 

judgment. Could he really see potential in Emmanuel? 

“Ronnie, is Emmanuel really that impressive?” 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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