Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1497

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497 Stark Contrast 

Chapter 1497 

“Yes, he really is!” Ronnie said with an affirmative nod. “Even if Dad’s judgment was off 

and Emmanuel isn’t going to enjoy a meteoric rise, isn’t marriage supposed to be about 

love? Since Julian has chosen Roselynn, why impose your values on him? Just listen to 

my advice. There’s no forced happiness. Sometimes, we have to let the young ones 

make their own choices!” 

With that, he left, having said his piece as a sibling should. However, he wasn’t sure if it 

would change his sister’s views. 

After he left, only Althea remained. She lay quietly, staring at the ceiling. Her mind was 

in turmoil, her eyes distant. 

What Ronnie had said clashed fiercely with her long-held beliefs. 

“I’ve always had the Summerton family and my children in mind. How could I be wrong? 

I couldn’t be wrong! Everything I do is for Julian’s benefit. He’ll thank me eventually…” 


1497 Stark Contrast 

Chapter 1497 

On a different note, Emmanuel didn’t have much bandwidth for the Summerton family’s 

matters as the Quillen family’s competition was approaching. Tonight, he was stepping 

up to represent the Quillen family at the competition! 

Little did he know, something was brewing behind the scenes. 

Today, Yasmine quietly sought out Joe, the representative of the organizing committee. 

Usually high and mighty, Joe surprisingly showed courtesy to Yasmin-even a hint of 

humility. “Greetings, Ms. Morgan. Do you have any instructions?” 

Thanks to the previous association between the Nuthana Martial Arts Association and 


the Airspace Group, Joe, being part of the Martial Arts Association’s management, was 

one of the few who was well aware of the Airspace Group’s power and Yasmine’s 



Chapter 1497 Stark Contrast 

Yasmine was equally courteous, her demeanor showing no signs of arrogance. “Mr. 

Wallace, you’re exaggerating. I wouldn’t dare to give instructions, but I do have a small 

favor to ask.” 

“Ms. Morgan, please go ahead and tell me what’s on your mind.” 

“Alright. Tonight, a formidable contender from the Airspace Group will sign up to 

compete. I’d appreciate it if you could arrange for them to face off against Emmanuel.” 

Joe was slightly taken aback by Yasmine’s request. He was well aware that the 

Airspace Group was established with the goal of gathering the world’s top mart 

artists. And now, Yasmine wanted to have a fighter from the Airspace Group test 

Emmanuel’s prowess. Is Emmanuel perhaps under the Airspace Group’s observation 

Given Joe’s position, he was unlikely to pay much attention to the Quillen family. After 

all, the family hadn’t made an appearance in the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown for 

30 years. He even doubted they could secure a spot in the qualifiers! 

Chapter 1497 Stark Contrast 

Who would’ve thought that a martial arts practitioner from the Quillen family would 

catch the interest of the Airspace Group? That’s a tremendous honor for any martial 

arts practitioner! 

“Alright, Ms. Morgan! Consider it done. I’ll take care of this just the way you want.” 

“Thank you.” 

With Joe’s response in hand, Yasmine left without further ado. 

Meanwhile, at the Onza branch of the Terence Group, Logan Collins, the head of t 

Quillen family’s security team, was already here, nervously training in a training room 

within the building. 

He was a bundle of nerves. In the past couple of weeks during the preliminaries, he had 

either attended the live matches or watched the recordings afterward, but he made 

sure to catch every match. Back in Yeringham, he had no clue, but now, he realized the 


Chapter 1497 Stark Contrast 

world was vast and filled with countless skilled fighters. 

Putting himself in the ring, it seemed impossible to secure a spot in the finals, no 

matter what strategy he employed or who he faced. If he were just a lone fighter, losing 

would be no big deal, but he represented the Quillen family. Losing in an embarrassing 

manner would tarnish their reputation, turning them into a laughingstock! 

In stark contrast, Emmanuel appeared relaxed. Noticing how nervous Logan was, he 

even came over with a smile to help ease his tension. “Captain Collins, no need to fret. 

Just give it your all.” 

“Mr. Lowe, are you confident?” Logan asked. Although he had heard of Emmanuel’s 

heroic exploits, he had never witnessed the latter’s strength firsthand. So, he still 

harbored some doubts about it. Does he really stand a chance against the skilled 

opponents who have qualified earlier? Especially that wolf-masked man from the 

Chapman family and the rat-masked man from the Silverbane family of Onza; their 

strength is simply immeasurable! 


1497 Stark Contrast 

ah, a little,” Emmanuel replied with a chuckle,lapatting Logan on the shoulder, looking 

mpletely relaxed. 

st then, Mackenzie and Lexi entered the training roonors Seeing the two Quillen family 

rtial arts practitioners inside, one looking relaxed without a drop of sweat and the 

er tense and drenched in sweat, Lexi couldn’t help but manevel at the stark 

erence. The contrast is just huge! she thought to herself with aman award sigh. 





Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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