Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1498

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1498

Chapter 1498 

“Emmanuel, you’ve got a knockout looking for you!” Mackenzie said with a deliberate 

smile, startling both men in the training room 

Logan had never seen Mackenzie in such a manner before. Ms. Mackenzie seems 

entirely different from her usual chilly demeanor! 

Emmanuel, on the other hand, sensed his wife’s tone teetering between playfulness. 

and irritation. His survival instinct kicked in instantly, and he quipped, “Which knockout 

are you talking about? You or Lexi?” 

Mackenzie smiled again. “Aren’t you tired of us? It’s a real stunner from Onza!” 

A stunner from Onza? Emmanuel immediately figured out who it was. 

And sure enough, the next moment, Angela showed up with a smile. “Mr. Lowe, sorry 

for the sudden visit. I hope it’s not too presumptuous?” 


Chapter 1498 An Unexpected Altermath 

“Miss Silverbane?” Emmanuel was indeed surprised. This was the first time Angela had 

visited the Terence Group’s branch to see him 

Angela didn’t beat around the bush. “Well, actually, I’ve talked to Ms. Quillen already, 

and she asked me to come and talk to you again,” she explained, getting straight to the 

point. “Ms. Beatrix has been visiting my family every single day lately, pestering me 

relentlessly just to meet one person. I had no choice but to come here and discuss it 

with you!” 

“What…” Logan was astonished upon hearing this. Is Ms. Beatrix in love? This is a b 

deal for the Quillen family! With no male heirs in the family, any romance or pregnan 

is a major event! 

However, seeing everyone else’s composed demeanor, he felt embarrassed to show his 


“Emmanuel! What do you think we should do now?” Mackenzie glared angrily at 


Chapter 1498 An Unexpected Aftermath 

Emmanuel. This mess is his doing! 

Emmanuel was at a loss. He had only 

wanted to rescue his sister-in-law at the time, but 

he never anticipated this aftermath. 

“Ms. Quillen, please don’t blame Mr. Lowe for this. It was Onza Silverbane’s fault from 

the start. Please forgive us! I’m here to resolve the situation with both of you,” Angela 

said; bowing apologetically to Mackenzie. 

At the sight of this, Logan was even more confused. What on earth is going on h 

“Miss Silverbane, you’re being too hard on yourself,” Mackenzie replied. Her stern 

demeanor toward her husband was just routine; she actually had a good understandi 

of the situation. “If it weren’t for Onza Silverbane giving us the opportunity, we wouldn’t 

have been able to save Beatrix by the rules.” 

Angela nodded in gratitude. “Thank you, Ms. Quillen, for your understanding.” 


Chapter 1498 An Unexpected Aftermath 

Mackenzie smiled. Deep down, however, she felt the greatest sense of danger. She 

feared that her husband would be drawn to Angela, who possessed beauty, wealth, and 

good character all in one. Compared to myself, it would be easy for a man to fall for a 

woman like Angela, who’s much gentler and more considerate…. 

“Miss Silverbane, can you find someone else to replace me?” Emmanuel suggested 

right away. After all, he had worn a mask that night so Angela could easily find a man 

with a similar build to stand in for him. 

“No way!” Mackenzie refused outright. In fact Angela had suggested this to her. 

Angela wanted to do the same thing, which was why she had come to ask 

for permission. Of course, at that time, she didn’t know Mackenzie had already 

out that the masked man was Emmanuel, and Mackenzie pointed it out as soon as 


This is Beatrix’s first time falling for a guy. I don’t want anyone to deceive her!” 


09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1498 An Unexpected Aftermath 

Mackenzie said. As Beatrix’s sister, she couldn’t bear the thought of her sister getting 


Emmanuel trusted Angela, knowing she could handle things well. However, as Beatrix’s 

older sister, Mackenzie was extra sensitive to this kind of thing. What if the guy 


stood in for Emmanuel took advantage of Beatrix’s feelings and did something 

inappropriate? Beatrix is not even 21 yet; she’s so innocent. If she finds out someone 

has deceived her, she won’t be able to handle it. 

“So… Mackenzie, what are you going to do?” Emmanuel felt a headache coming on. 

“You deal with it yourself. I trust our own people more than anyone else!” 

Emmanuel couldn’t help but smile wryly at Mackenzie’s reply. He was glad that his wife 

trusted him so much. However, he was Beatrix’s brother-in-law, and he hadn’t figured 

out a solution yet! 


09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1498 An Unexpected Aftermath 

“Well then, Mr. Lowe, care to come with me for a bit?” Angela smoothly chimed in, “Ms. 

Beatrix insisted today that she won’t leave until she meets the guy.” 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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