Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1499

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1499

Chapter 1499 A Fruit Cake Filled With Love 

Chapter 1499 

Emmanuel felt somewhat helpless, but that was just the way Beatrix was. To sum it up 

in one word, she was headstrong. “Okay. Let’s go.” 

With Mackenzie’s permission, he left with Angela. 

was tot 

Logan, however, confused by this turn of events. After Emmanuel left, he 

couldn’t help but ask, “Ms. Mackenzie, the Quillen family is supposed to make an 

appearance tonight. Is it really okay for Emmanuel to leave now?” 

He just found it odd. If Ms. Beatrix is having relationship issues, why did Ms. Mackenz 

send her husband instead of helping her out herself? Is this some kind of a soap opera 


Mackenzie didn’t bother explaining it to him. She just said impassively, “Don’t worry 

about it.” 

09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1499 A Fruit Cake Filled With Love 

“O-Okay.” Logan nodded repeatedly. Despite Mackenzie’s changes in front of 

Emmanuel, she remained the aloof Ms. Mackenzie in his eyes! 

As Emmanuel arrived at the Silverbane Residence with Angela, he had already changed 

into a sleek black suit topped with the pig mask from the other day. 

Sure enough, Beatrix had been lingering at the Silverbane Residence, refusing to leave. 

As soon as she saw the masked man enter the living room, she immediately dashed 

over. “Hey, big hero! Great to see you again!” Though she had wanted to warmly 

embrace the hero, now t 

he stood before her, she hesitated, a shy expression 


The masked man scratched his head, feeling somewhat awkward. What should I do. 

now? She’s my sister-in-law. I can’t just reveal my identity outright, let alone pursue a 

romantic relationship with her. I have to tactfully turn her down without hurting her 



09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1499 A Fruit Cake Filled With Love 

After waiting for a while without getting a response, Beatrix finally puffed up her cheeks. 

in frustration. “Why aren’t you saying anything?” 

Angela got the hint and took her leave, saying, “Well, looks like your hero might be a shy 

heartthrob, so I’ll leave you two alone!” 

Deep down, she was curious about how the love story between Emmanuel and his 

sister-in-law would unfold next. It feels awkward yet amusing to ponder over! 

“Nah, I’m just a bit hungry. Not much energy to chat,” Emmanuel casually replied. 

Skipping lunch to rush over had left him quite famished. 

Unexpectedly, Beatrix got all excited at his remark. “Awesome!” she exclaimed. 

Emmanuel was dumbfounded. “Huh? Awesome? Why?” 

Beatrix’s cheeks blushed pink. “Oh, what I meant was, I just happened to bring you a 


09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

ter 1499 A Fruit Cake Filled With Love 


fruit cake that I made myself! You should try it!” 

With that, she quickly turned back to the table and picked up the cupcake filled with 


“This…” Emmanuel’s brows furrowed. 

Others might be unaware of Beatrix’s culinary skills, but needless to say, her 

brother-in-law, Emmanuel, knew much better. Just a couple of days ago at home, he 

had been watching her baking in the kitchen, not knowing what she was up to. He har 

even thought she was experimenting with bombs! 

Now, he finally understood what she had been doing at that time. Seeing the thing in 

front of him, he worried that eating it would pose a life-threatening risk… 

“Come on, take a bite!” Beatrix’s big eyes were sparkling. “I put a lot of effort into this, so 

it should taste decent, but I might’ve overdone the cream a bit! Ha ha…” 


09:04 Tue, Ap 

Chapter 1499 A Fruit Cake Filled With Love 

As she finished speaking, she couldn’t help but smile shyly. This 

Was her first time 

cooking for a man herself. This cake may look average, b 

it’s filled with love! 

“Alright, let me have a taste.” Emmanuel remained cautious, agreeing to just a bite. 

However, after that small bite, his face screwed up with agony. Some cakes cost 

on of sug 

money, but Beatrix’s could cost lives! It’s too sickly sweet! Did she put a ton 


“How is it? Delicious?” 

Beatrix, looking all hopeful, couldn’t see through the mask Emmanuel was wearin 

which shielded her from his pained expression. 

Nevertheless, he was quite considerate toward his sister-in-law, given that it was her 

first attempt at making dessert. “I-It’s alright. It would be even better with less sugar 

and cream…” 



09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1499 A Fruit Cake Filled With Love 


Unfortunately, however, Beatrix didn’t catch his undertone. “Well, then you finish it!” she 

urged enthusiastically, pushing the fruit cake toward him, her big eyes sparkling. 


Emmanuel was sweating bullets. If I finish this thing, would I even be able to compete 


Beatrix looked bashful, her head lowered, her cheeks flushed. However, she said boldly, 

“What’s with that expression? Do you want me to feed you myself?” 

“No, no, I’ll handle it myself!” Emmanuel hurriedly replied. He didn’t want his sister-in-la 

to feed him; he preferred to do it himself. 

At the same time, his mind was occupied with thoughts. In reality, before he came, he 

had planned to make Beatrix give up on him for good. However, seeing her excitement, 

09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1499 A Fruit Cake Filled With Love 

enthusiasm, and joy, he felt a pang of guilt at the thought of hurting her heart! 


09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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