Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1500

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1500

Chapter 1500 | Never Imagined My First Love Would 

Chapter 1500 

After all, this was his sister-in-law’s first love, and he didn’t want to leave her with a 

painful memory, but he couldn’t be with her either. So, he was at a loss for what to do. 

Lost in thought, he ended up with cake all over his mouth. 

“Haha! Look at you! What a mess! Let me clean it up for you!” Beatrix said with a giggle. 


She quickly produced a handkerchief, standing on wipe Emmanuel’s mouth. 

Emmanuel wanted to refuse, but she insisted, eagerly holding his arm. After wiping h 

mouth, she suddenly asked, her watery eyes sparkling, “Hero, can I see what you look 


Actually, she felt ridiculous herself, already falling for this guy without even knowing 

what he looked like. But perhaps mystery is the essence of love, isn’t it? I just love this 

feeling of mystery! 

09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1500 I Never Imagined My First Love Would 

“No way!” Emmanuel refused without hesitation, even moving a little away from Beatrix. 


If she sees who I really am, how things will end? 

Beatrix wasn’t offended by his response. “What’s the big deal? If it’s a no-go, it’s a no-go! 

Why so nervous?” she teased with a giggle, her chest puffed out, her hands behind her 


“I… I’m terribly ugly! Yep, monstrously hideous! That’s why I need to wear a mask!” 

Emmanuel replied. He thought he was being clever. Girls are all about looks. Hearing 

me say that, Beatrix would surely not like me anymore, right? 

Much to his astonishment, Beatrix didn’t seem to mind at all. “A man’s attractiveness 

lies in his talent and capabilities. I don’t care how you look. Can you take off your mask 

and let me see?” 

Emmanuel frowned deeply, continuing to refuse. “No way! I absolutely cannot let you 

see what I look like!” 


09:04 Tue, Apr 30 N 

Chapter 1500 I Never Imagined My First Love Would 

Beatrix paused for a moment, but she wasn’t discouraged, and she didn’t insist. With a 

playful giggle, she said, “Well then, I’ll just assume you’re handsome until you take off 

the mask!” 

Emmanuel was utterly speechless. Even this didn’t scare off Beatrix! I’d have to think of 

another way. “Thanks for the cake, but I’ve finished. I need to go back to my wife,” he 

said, finally striking a nerve in Beatrix. 

“Y-You’re married?” she exclaimed. What an idiot I am! Why haven’t I thought about this 

before? I’ve just been wishfully infatuated with him! 

Emmanuel nodded, speaking frankly. “Yeah, we’ve been married for almost a year, and 

she just got pregnant. So, I need to spend more time with her…” 

In an instant, tears welled up in Beatrix’s eyes. She forced à smile and asked, “Your wife 

must be very beautiful, right?” 


09:04 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1500 | Never imagined My First Love Would 

Emmanuel nodded. 

For a moment, Beatrix didn’t know what else to say. 

Emmanuel felt sorry for his sister-in-law, but there was nothing he could do. “Well… I 

have to go. Goodbye!” 

“Wait!” Beatrix subconsciously grabbed his hand. 

Emmanuel turned back, asking with a hint of concern, “Is there anything else?” 

“Well, mind sharing your name?” Beatrix said, tears welling in her eyes. “Let’s be good 


Emmanuel sighed, surprised by his sister-in-law’s deep affection, which seemed 

mismatched with her appearance. Aren’t most girls nowadays just playing around when 

it comes to relationships? 



09:05 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1500 I Never Imagined My First Love Would 

“I’m Thomas Lynch,” he said, casually offering a name. 


“Great. I’m Beatrix Quillen. Nice to meet you! Oh, let’s exchange contact info, shall we?” 

Beatrix said, a smile returning to her face. “And when you’ve got time, send me a picture 

of your wife. I’m curious who’s the lucky one!” 

Emmanuel smiled bitterly, then took out his phone and added her as a friend on the 

sock puppet account he had prepared beforehand. Then, with a heavy heart, he left the 

Silverbane Residence. 

Beatrix, however, stayed there, crying alone.” never imagined my first love would en 

before it even began! It’s all my fault for being so naive! Rushing into feelings without 

probing deeper…” 

As she cried, she suddenly burst into laughter. 

Angela happened to walk in at this moment. Seeing her tearful smile, she felt deeply 


09:05 Tue, Apr 30 

Chapter 1500 | Never Imagined My First Love Would 

sympathetic toward her. Wolf Warrior is so cruel! Can’t he just accept both his wife and 

his sister-in-law? What’s the use of being so faithful? Nowadays, what capable man 

doesn’t have a harem of concubines? 

She came over, gently comforting Beatrix. “Alright, Ms. Beatrix, stop crying!” 

“Thank you! I’ll leave now. Sorry for bothering you these past few days!” Beatrix thanked 

politely, still teary-eyed as she left. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe" “I know, Mom. I'm in front of the café. Call you later!” Emmanuel Lowe hung up on his mother impatiently. The twenty-eight-year-old man had never been in a relationship. A romance novel is a genre of fiction primarily focused on the development of a romantic relationship between its central characters. These novels explore the emotional and often passionate connection between individuals, typically featuring themes of love, desire, and intimac.... Read More here 

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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