Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1501

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1501

Chapter 1501 The Nature of the Tanner Family 

Chapter 1501 


Meanwhile, after leaving the Silverbane Residence, Emmanuel headed straight to the 

boxing arena for tonight’s match, where he met up with Mackenzie. 

Upon seeing him, Logan immediately asked, “Emmanuel, what took you so long? 

Something’s up?” He looked rather tense. 

Seeing his expression, Emmanuel couldn’t help but feel tense, too. “What’s wrong?” 

“They’re about to announce today’s qualifiers. Just a moment ago, two contestants 

were found ineligible and were disqualified immediately! Remember four days ago 

when you beat up that contestant, Everett Parrish, on stage? Your qualification is still 

pending approval from the organizing committee’s president!” Logan explained 


If Emmanuel wasn’t qualified to compete, he felt that the Quillen family might as well 

drop out altogether, sparing him from embarrassment and a beating! After all, he knew 


08:56 Wed, May 1. 

Chapter 1501 The Nature of the Tanner Family 

where he stood; he was just there to make up the numbers. 

Hearing Logan’s words, Emmanuel couldn’t help but feel rather nervous. 

Mackenzie, however, remained silent as ever, her expression as cold as ice, revealing no 

emotion. Finally, she said, exuding remarkable confidence, “Well, since we’re here, let’s 

just relax and wait patiently,” 

Taking comfort in her words, Emmanuel sat beside her. In fact, he had a gut feeling that 

his qualification wouldn’t be revoked. As to why he felt this way, he couldn’t quite 

explain. Simply put, he was entangled with many forces, and many of them wanted to 

see him in action. As for what was happening behind the scenes, it was none of his 


Just as he predicted, the list of contestants for tonight was finalized soon afterward, 

and Emmanuel’s name stood out prominently under the Quillen family! 



08:56 Wed, May 

Chapter 1501 The Nature of the Tanner Family 

Logan finally breathed a sigh of relief, only to realize that the sigh of relief didn’t come 

from him but from behind him. 

Emmanuel turned around. 

Only then did he notice that Shane and Frederick had come in with Beatrix. In contrast 

to both men’s relaxed demeanor, Beatrix seemed troubled, lacking her usual fiery spirit. 

“Emmanuel, it’s 

up to you now!” Shane said suddenly, gritting his teeth. “You must make 

it to the finals and teach Yosef a good lesson in the ring!” 

Yosef ended Ryder’s life despite both of them being fellow villagers in Hero’s Village. 

Word of this had circulated back to the village, leaving the elders and villagers in 

disbelief. Had this happened in the village, Yosef would have undoubtedly faced the 

village’s punishment, stripped of his cultivation, and removed from the village register 

for unjustly killing a fellow villager. However, he had left the village. 


08:56 Wed, May 16 

Chapter 1501 The Nature of the Tanner Family 

Now, to bring him to justice, there needed to be evidence and legal procedures. With 


powerful forces like the Tanner family backing him, convicting him and sending him to 

jail would be extremely difficult. 

Shane and Frederick had also heard that, apart from Abellyn, all other eyewitnesses 

had been bribed. Perhaps the only way to punish Yosef is in the ring! 

Emmanuel nodded, his fists tightening. 

The next moment, however, a scornful laughter sounded from behind. The laughter 

grated on their ears, prompting Emmanuel and the others to turn around and look right 


Behind them stood a group of people. Emmanuel and his companions recognized 

them; having clashed with the Tanner family before, they had come across the family’s 

thugs and bodyguards. 


08:56 Wed, May 1 S 

Chapter 1501 The Nature of the Tanner Family 

Unfortunately, Yosef was not among them. 

The man leading them bore a passing resemblance to Aidan, but truth be told, his 

wasn’t as striking, lacking some of Aidan’s devilish charm while exuding more 

arrogance. He taunted with a disdainful smirk, “What’s the Quillen family thinking? 

Thinking they can spar with us, the Tanner family’s fighters? You guys are doomed 


“And who are you, really?” Frederick immediately asked on Emmanuel and Mackenzie’s 

behalf. It might undermine Ms. Quillen’s prestige to even have her and my friend 

interact with this kind of person! 

“I’m Xavier Tanner from the Tanner family of Onza!” the man said, introducing himself. 

Then, he blatantly thanked Emmanuel and Mackenzie, saying, “Thanks for taking care 

of Aidan. Now, I’ve taken over everything, including his fiancee!” 

Once again, Mackenzie felt the ominous and sinister vibes from the Tanner family. Even 


08:56 Wed, May 1 

Chapter 1501 The Nature of the Tanner Family 


after his brother’s death, he could openly revel in it. Just what kind of demonic family is 


“It’s nothing! If need be, I can take care of you too!” Emmanuel responded with a smile 

to Xavier. 

In fact, he had long been aware of the Tanner family’s nature. Teddy had climbed to 

power on his brother’s corpse, and now Xavier was doing the same with Aidan’s. It was 

nothing new. He even knew that in various parts of Chanaea, every powerful figure 

from the Tanner family had blood on their hands. They were simply demons who 

stopped at nothing for their own gain! 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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