Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1502

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502 The Unbeatable Fighter 

Chapter 1502 


Therefore, eradicating Teddy wasn’t just about avenging the Northern Region warriors; 

it was also about rooting out the scourge for Chanaea so that the citizens could live in 


“Heh, Emmanuel! Let’s see if you can make it through tonight!” Xavier said with a sneer. 

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. There’s a top-notch fighter in your bracket tonight. Not only 

unbeatable in this city but also a strong contender for the championship. You’re really 

lucky. Haha…” 

With that, he headed toward the VIP area. 

As the Quillen family’s standing in Onza wasn’t high enough, their viewing area was on 

the edge of the VIP section. As a result, almost everyone from the families seated in the 

VIP area would pass by their viewing area. 

No sooner had the ones from the Tanner family left than those from the Silverbane 

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Chapter 1502 The Unbeatable Fighter 

family of Onza arrived. 

Both Stanley and Angela kept their promise not to disclose Emmanuel’s true identity to 

anyone. So, even Ronnie had no idea that Emmanuel was the former Wolf Warrior. He 

only knew that Emmanuel was a super talented fighter who represented the Silverbane 

family of Onza and had secured a spot in the next round. 

Concerned about Emmanuel’s well-being, Ronnie made a special effort to come to the 

Quillen family. He elaborated, “Xavier wasn’t just trying to scare you. Tonight, there’s 

another powerful force from Westlia, Nuthana sending a formidable fighter named 

Weston Dunn. You might not recognize the name, but once I say it, you’ll know who 

  1. He’s none other than Weston, the Nuthana King of the Ring!” 

Even Mackenzie shuddered slightly upon hearing this. 

Logan exclaimed at once, “Anyone who practices martial arts would have heard of the 

fists from the south and the kicks from the north! This Nuthana King of the Ring was 


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Chapter 1502 The Unbeatable Fighter 

unbeatable in the south a decade ago. Some even compared him at his peak to 

Southern Lannister!” 


Shane, his face full of panic, added, “My master mentioned this guy before, too. His 

punches are incredibly hard and unpredictable, and his understanding of martial arts is 

almost like a demi-god’s! Ten years ago, he faced off against the grandmasters of Palm 

Drop, Crimson Punch, and Seven Wounds Fist, respectively. He was never once 

defeated, earning him the title of ‘the top fighter in Chanaea!”” 

Frederick wasn’t familiar with the martial world, but hearing about Weston’s reputation 

and feats made him tremble with fear. Could his buddy, who was so ordinary in 

eyes, stand a chance against such a legendary figure? 

Just then, a burst of laughter erupted from behind them. 

As it turned out, the Chapmans had also arrived! 

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Chapter 1502 The Unbeatable Fighter 

Tonight was the night his master would compete, so how could Nathan miss it? 


Hearing the group boasting about the Nuthana King of the Ring, he couldn’t help but 

say with a chuckle, “What’s this? Boosting others’ morale while dimming your own? 

Haven’t even fought yet and are already puffing up. Who knows, when it comes down to 

it, he might not even beat Emmanuel, a lackey of the Quillen family!” 

Emmanuel shot him a glare. This guy’s got some nerve, poking fun at his master like 


Mackenzie instantly let out a sigh of relief. She was one of the only two people pre 

who knew Emmanuel’s true identity. Seeing Nathan so relaxed, she reckoned that t 

so-called Nuthana King of the Ring would be nothing compared to the Northern Regi 

War God. 

“Anyway, Quillen family, be careful!” 

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Chapter 1502 The Unbeatable Fighter 



Ronnie didn’t linger; after all, he wasn’t here to mock Emmanuel. Now that the message 

had been conveyed, he made his way to his family’s spot. 

Everyone thought the spectacle would end here, but to their surprise, another clamor 

erupted from behind. “D*mn it. Why is everyone only focusing on the right half? I’m the 

Wolf Warrior; is the left half where I am not worthy of attention?” 

Hearing the voice, Emmanuel and Mackenzie both turned around to look. 

Well, it’s quite a party now, isn’t it? Who would’ve thought even this imposter signed up 

for tonight’s competition? But why are their seats conveniently behind the Quillen 

family? Seems too coincidental. Or was it arranged? 

“Boss, the competition isn’t about who is stronger. It’s about suspense!” Joyful Wolf 

quickly chimed in. “The right half is a clash of rookies, where everyone’s skill level is 

similar, hence the excitement! But on the left, you dominate, leaving no room for doubt! 

Everyone knows you’ll qualify for the next round, so there’s nothing to discuss!” 

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Chapter 1502 The Unbeatable Fighter 


Hearing this, the phony Wolf Warrior burst into laughter, thinking that it made sense. 

“Ah, I see!” 

Seeing them shamelessly enjoying themselves, Shane couldn’t resist arguing with 


Emmanuel had already confessed his true identity to Mackenzie, so he didn’t need to 

pretend to be unfamiliar with Nathan. He just pulled Nathan over and whispered, 

“What’s going on? Did you arrange for these people to be here too?” 

08:56 Wed, May 1 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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