Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1503

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1503

Chapter 1503 The Summerton Family’s Embarrassment 

Chapter 1503 


Nathan replied with a shrug, “No, tonight’s just a coincidence. I had no idea he’d sign up 

tonight too.” 

What on earth is going on here? Is this really a coincidence? Can this scenario be made 

into a movie titled “The Real vs. Fake Wolf Warrior”? 

Once everyone had left, Mackenzie leaned over to Emmanuel, who had sat back down 

next to her. “Emmanuel, don’t let your guard down,” she advised. “For the Quillen family 

to become an official member of the Chamber of Commerce, tonight’s victory is 


Emmanuel nodded, indicating he understood. In fact, with power struggles rampant 

Nuthana, when he visited the Silverbane family of Onza today, Angela had also briefed 

him on the situation. 

If the Silverbane family of Onza couldn’t perform better than the Silverbane family of 

08:56 Wed, May 16 

Chapter 1503 The Summerton Family’s Embarrassment 

Eshal, there was a high chance that Bobby would end up inheriting the position of 


president of the Chamber of Commerce. At that point, the Quillen family, who had just 

made it through the initial screening, could face the risk of being kicked out if they 

lacked enough prestige! 

So, even without mentioning Yosef’s situation, Emmanuel was dead set on securing a 

spot in the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown! 

Once the list and matchups were finalized, Emmanuel and Logan headed to the 

preparation area to get ready. 

Meanwhile, Yasmine had already taken her seat in the VIP area’s special section. 

Anticipation sparkled in her eyes when she saw Emmanuel entering the preparation 

area. I wonder how much pleasure this man will bring me tonight! 

With that, the 17th day of the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown officially kicked off. 

08:56 Wed, May 

Chapter 1503 The Summerton Family’s Embarrassment 

The Summerton family’s members had also arrived, including Ashton, who was still 

confined to her wheelchair. 


Roselynn entered with Julian to watch her brother’s performance. Before coming, she 

passed the prescription her brother had given her to Julian, who then handed it over to 

Althea. As for whether Althea would accept Roselyn’s kindness and follow the 

prescription to make the medicine, they had no idea yet. 

Althea wasn’t present today, but thanks to Ronnie’s advice, she was glued to the 

livestream at home. She was curious to see if Emmanuel was truly an extraordinary 

man or just a good-for-nothing loser. 

Little did they expect that as the match was just kicking off before the atmosphere 

even heated 


the Summerton family’s arrival stole the spotlight in the VIP area. 

“Look, the Summerton family came to watch the match!” 

08:56 Wed, May 

Chapter 1503 The Summerton Family’s Embarrassment 

“What’s the point of coming? They’ve already been eliminated!” 



“The Summerton family is such a disappointment. Their contestants were the weakest 

that day. They didn’t even secure a spot in the next round!” 

“Yeah, even the disabled managed to qualify. With their status in Onza, it’s 

embarrassing how they flopped!” 

Zaiden’s face fell as he listened to these harsh remarks. He knew that if this continued, 

their position in the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce would be at risk during the 

upcoming elections a month later. But what could he do? Everyone was speaking t 


Except for Blake, who was defined as S Rank by the organizers after the match, the 

contestants from the Summerton family that day were all below A Rank, including 

Everett. On the other hand, the contestants from other sessions who had qualified were 

at least S-Rank and above. 

08:56 Wed, May 1 

Chapter 1503 The Summerton Family’s Embarrassment 

In short, the Summerton family really embarrassed themselves this time! 


Luckily, as the competition heated up, everyone’s attention turned back to the ring. 

Naturally, the main focus fell on the Quillen family from Yeringham and Weston, the 

Nuthana King of the Ring. After all, one was the champion from 30 years ago, and for 

the other, the title of the Nuthana King of the Ring spoke for itself. Everyone looked 

forward to an intense battle tonight! 

Sure enough, Logan performed steadily and lived up to expectations by being 

eliminated in the first round; drawing boos for the Quillen family. 

Meanwhile, Emmanuel, in order to conceal his strength-mainly because he had eaten 

his sister-in-law’s questionable cooking-kept having stomach issues. Because of this, 

he was reluctant to exert too much strength, fearing he might accidentally embarrass 

himself by soiling his pants. 

During breaks in the competition, he even visited the restroom twice. If not for his 


08:56 Wed, May 1 

Chapter 1503 The Summerton Family’s Embarrassment 


excellent medical skills, he could have collapsed from diarrhea. Man, that sister-in-law 

of mine has some serious talent for making poison! What on earth did she put in that 


This, coupled with the opponents in the first two rounds being weak, caused 

Emmanuel to deliberately match their pace, naturally disappointing many as a result. 

Nevertheless, he stuck to his strategy, determined to play it safe. It’s fine as long as I 

can qualify for the next round without having diarrhea in public! 

Compared to the right half of the bracket, the left half was notably quieter, with 

phony Wolf Warrior’s successive victories capturing the attention of many. 

However, Emmanuel’s focus remained on Weston. 

Weston knocked out his opponents with a single punch in every single round, his 

imposing presence undoubtedly the strongest in the arena, making him the favorite to 

Wed, May 


Chapter 1503 The Summerton Family’s Embarrassment 

qualify tonight. There were thunderous cheers greeting him every time he stepped into 

the ring. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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