Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1504

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1504

Chapter 1504 Nuthana King of the Ring 

Chapter 1504 

If Emmanuel won this round, he would battle with Weston in the next round. 

“It seems Weston can no doubt secure a place in the finals.” 



“I heard that the Quillen family from Yeringham is very powerful, but one of them got 

eliminated, while another performed poorly.” 

“Don’t you guys know about it? I heard that Emmanuel is the top fighter in Yeringham.” 

“So, that’s his ability as a top fighter? Yeringham is indeed a small place.” 

Mackenzie and others grew nervous upon hearing the discussions of the crowd. 

“Emmanuel will definitely slap them in the face later. They’re so oblivious,” Shane 

cussed out angrily. He even had a conflict with the spectators. 


08:56 Wed, May 

Chapter 1504 Nuthana King of the Ring 



Many spectators took him as a fool. They couldn’t believe that the Quillen family could 

defeat the Nuthana King of the Ring and enter the next round. 

They couldn’t wait to see how the Nuthana King of the Ring would beat Emmanuel up. 

Yasmine, who had remained expressionless, finally smiled upon hearing the 

discussions of the crowd. 

Just then, a shirtless muscular man in white pants got into the ring, causing it to shake. 

The ropes also swayed intensely. 

His powerful aura suppressed the Nuthana King of the Ring in the ring. 

“What’s wrong?!” 

The spectators’ expressions instantly changed. 

“This man has been hiding his true power!” Shane exclaimed. 


08:56 Wed, May 

Chapter 1504 Nuthana King of the Ring 


The muscular man didn’t showcase strong power just now. Nevertheless, his intense 

internal strength emanated a terrifying aura within the ring at this moment. 

“Who are you? Tell me your name. I don’t fight with a nobody.” Weston started to take it 

seriously, but he still maintained a haughty demeanor. 

He didn’t find anyone in Nuthana rightful to be his opponent. 

However, the man in white pants was even condescending as he coldly replied, “I’m just 

a nobody who came to defeat you as instructed. I don’t have a name.” 

“What? You’re so annoying!” Weston was furious. 

He had held great power in Nuthana over the years. He couldn’t comprehend how a 

nameless fighter could disrespect him. 

He’s truly seeking death! 

08:57/ Wed, May 

Chapter 1504 Nuthana. King of the Ring 

As the match began, Weston immediately launched a full-scale attack. 

He moved swiftly to approach the opponent. Then, he immediately executed the 

Hundred Flames Fist Strike. 

The Fist Strike was considered a technical boxing, with rapid strikes and strong 

flexibility. However, Weston’s Hundred Flames Fist Strike also possessed terrifying 

killing power. 

“Indeed, a real expert!” The spectators were in awe. 

Even Blake, who came to the match, was also in a daze. 


The Nuthana King of the Ring is indeed formidable. Not many people in Nuthana can 

withstand his boxing technique. 

Nevertheless, in the next moment, everyone fell into another wave of shock. 


Wed, May 

Chapter 1504 Nuthana King of the Ring 

The man in white pants remained calm as he unexpectedly blocked all of Weston’s 



In one smooth motion, he swept his leg with tremendous force and drove Weston back. 


“Such a great show!” 

His moves caused the spectators to erupt in cheers. 

Among the contestants who advanced to the next round in the past 16 days, no 

could display such a level of skill. 

Emmanuel was also quite surprised. 

Weston is indeed not just all talk, but who’s the man in white pants? His power 

surpasses even that of the Nuthana King of the Ring. 

Wed, May 

Chapter 1504 Nuthana King of the Ring 

Just as everyone was still eager to witness an intense showdown, Weston 

unexpectedly raised his hand while gritting his teeth, saying, “I concede.” 


The spectators were taken aback as they exchanged glances. 


They couldn’t figure out why Weston conceded after just one move. He should concede 

at least after suffering injuries, but he was not injured at all. 

Weston didn’t care about others’ opinions. He exited the ring after conceding. 

“You’re fake!” 

“Compensate us!” 

“The organizers must ban this kind of contestant permanently. He really lacks 



Wed, May 

Chapter 1504 Nuthana King of the Ring 

The scene érupted into a chorus of condemnation. 


Those imposters also laughed mockingly. “Haha! How dare he claim himself the 

Nuthana King of the Ring? He’s too weak. He should be glad he didn’t encounter our 

boss. Otherwise, one move would send him flying.” 

08:57 Wed, May 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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