Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1505

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1505

Chapter 1505 The Real Wolf Warrior 

Chapter 1505 

Shane and Mackenzie also couldn’t understand why Weston surrendered. 


While everyone was teasing Weston, Emmanuel seemed to admire him as he watched 

his figure in the preparation area. 

Only a few top fighters at the scene realized that the Nuthana King of the Ring had lost 

his confidence after just one move. 

Weston had pursued a quick victory just to maintain his fame. He had used all h 

hidden skills and techniques from the start, which was not a wrong tactic. 

He had realized that the fighter in white pants had hidden his real strength, but he 

pretended not to know. He went all out from the beginning, hoping to catch his 

opponent off guard. 

This is a technique to predict the opponent’s prediction, as well as pretending to be 

Wed, May 

Chapter 1505 The Real Wolf Warrior 

weaker than one actually was. 

However, Weston didn’t gain any advantage. From this, he could know that the 

opponent’s strength was much greater than his. 


Therefore, even if he continued fighting, he would only disgrace himself. It was better 

to admit defeat before making a fool of himself, which might still preserve his 


“War god!” 

“War god!” 

Just then, the boxing arena suddenly buzzed, drowning out the previous mocking 


It turned out that the finals in the left half of the arena were about to begin. 

08:57 Wed, May 

Chapter 1505 The Real Wolf Warrior 

One of the contestants stepping into the ring was the legendary Wolf Warrior. 

At first, he didn’t catch the attention of the crowd. 


Firstly, it was because, in times of peace, ordinary people had limited knowledge of the 

martial world. The popularity of the war god might not even surpass that of a celebrity 

with no notable works but gaining immense popularity through a single Facebook post. 

In contrast, soldiers might have a tough time fighting on the frontier. Even after they 

had sacrificed their lives, they would only be mourned for a few days. After that, no one 

would remember who they were. 

Secondly, it was because the Wolf Warrior had never showcased particularly high 

martial prowess. Making it to the top four and securing a spot in the finals barely 

caused a hit. 

Moreover, it was Nathan who tried to bring up the issue. 

08:57/ Wed, May 

Chapter 1505 The Real Wolf Warrior 

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“Mackenzie, is this the true Northern Region War God?” Beatrix, who had been sulky all 

evening, finally spoke. 

She was still at a young age, and she admired heroes. 

She claimed the person who had saved her that night was a hero. Meanwhile, the 

Northern Region War God was a hero who protected the country. 

Mackenzie smiled as she didn’t know how to answer her question. 

“Of course not,” Shane said agitatedly. 

Just as Mackenzie thought he knew the real identity of the Northern Region Wa 

he said, “I’m not bragging. I could defeat this so-called war god and his entire fam 


“D*mn it!” 

08:57 Wed, May 1 

Chapter 1505 The Real Wolf Warrior 

Shane’s words provoked the imposter behind him. They all started attacking him. 

The surrounding spectators also voiced their support for the Wolf Warrior. 

“Fatso! You can brag all you want, but defaming the Chanaea’s war god is absolutely 

worth retaliating for.” 

“Exactly. You’re just all talk, fatso! If you’re so capable, why didn’t you make it to the 


“If you keep blabbering, we’ll beat you up even if we’re kicked out.” 

Despite being skilled in quarrels, Shane couldn’t win against so many people as the 

anger was overwhelming. 

Upon noticing this situation, Mackenzie said, Shane, stop talking nonsense. Be quiet.” 

The commotion eventually subsided. 



08:57 Wed, May 

Chapter 1505 The Real Wolf Warrior 

At that moment, the match in the ring began. 

The battle was fierce, but it was not thrilling. 


Although most of the spectators tonight were not martial arts experts, they could feel 

that this match was far less thrilling than the one with the Nuthana King of the Ring 


While the Nuthana King of the Ring moved swiftly in the fight, the current fighters 

maintained a slow pace. Everyone who wasn’t blind could identify who was more 


“Is this Northern Region War God just a lie? He looks average at best. Maybe he’s just 

an A-level fighter.” 

“Maybe on the battlefield, they fight with guns and cannons. Perhaps he’s accurate 

with firearms, but his martial arts skills are mediocre.” 


08:57 Wed, May 

Chapter 1505 The Real Wolf Warrior 


“It could also be that he’s hiding his true strength. Anyway, as long as he advances, it’s 


The spectators began discussing again. 

Emmanuel couldn’t help but smile and cover his forehead. 

The imposter was indeed lucky. He probably wouldn’t even stand a chance against 

Ashton, yet he managed to advance to the next round. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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