Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1507

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 Surrender 

Chapter 1507 

Emmanuel would indeed have a tough time tonight. 

“Mackenzie, do you think Emmanuel can win?” 

Beatrix began to feel nervous as she subconsciously clenched her fists. 


For some reason, seeing Emmanuel fighting in the ring reminded her of her masked 

hero. She wondered if she was attracted to Emmanuel again since her imagination had 

been shattered. 

Mackenzie didn’t answer her, but her inner tension was undoubtedly greater than hers. 

“Emmanuel, you’re the only man of the Quillen family, the father of our child. We’re all 

watching you. You can’t lose.” 

Mackenzie could only silently pray for Emmanuel. 


09:54 Thu, May 2 

Chapter 1507 Surrender 


On the other side, Yasmine finally showed an excited expression. “Emmanuel, can you 

make me feel more excited?” 

She had been waiting all night for this moment. 

In the ring, the fighter in white pants didn’t give Emmanuel any time to catch his breath. 

Before he could react, he delivered another Dragon Duo Strike, which tore a hole in 

Emmanuel’s clothes. 

Immediately following was the Moon Gazing Strike, a punch straight to Emmanuel’s 

chest from below. 

Apart from Mackenzie, Nathan was also wide-eyed. Nobody expected someone to give 

Emmanuel such trouble. 

They wondered how much Emmanuel’s strength had recovered. 



09:54 Thu, May 2 

Chapter 1507 Surrender 

Although the Moon Gazing Strike possessed great destructive power, it needed a 

Honger time to be executed. 

Emmanuel finally found an opportunity to counterattack. He grabbed the wrist of the 

fighter in white pants with a joint lock and threw him over his shoulder. 


The fighter in white pants leaped mid-air after suffering the attack. Upon landing, they 

counterattacked Emmanuel’s lower body with a sweeping move. 

The two fighters exchanged blows, with ten moves passing in just a short moment. 

The spectators were completely mesmerized unable to blink their eyes. 

The match in the right half of the arena couldn’t be compared to the one in the left 

as both the fighters were much stronger than the so-called Northern Region Wolf 



09:54 Thu, May 2 GO 

Chapter 1507 Surrender 



Even the imposter who had just advanced to the finals was sweating coldly. If he were 

to confront any of these fighters from the right half area tonight, he would be utterly 


He was quite lucky. 

Regardless, he had advanced to the finals now, gained popularity, and earned prize 

money. The other matters were not important. 

“This…” Zaiden sweated over as he watched the match. 

He had always known that Emmanuel of the Quillen family was exceptionally s 

but it was only now that he realized he was ten times more powerful than he had 


With such martial arts skills, he was indeed a true powerhouse. 

Nevertheless, Althea had been foolish enough to look down on him. 


Thu, May 

Chapter 1507 Surrender 

On the other hand, Ronnie still felt nervous, although Emmanuel displayed an 

exceptionally high level of skill. 

At this moment, the fighter in white pants executed the Falling Stars Strike. 

His moves were swift, continuously smashing down on Emmanuel from above. 

Emmanuel kept evading. 

Every punch from the fighter in white pants left a terrifying fist imprint on the ring. 

“Dad, don’t worry.” Angela gently placed her hand on her father’s back. She smiled 

confidently as she said, “Mr. Lowe will definitely win.” 

The Chanaea’s war god was invincible. 


She believed that no matter how strong the fighter in white pants was, he could never 


09:54 Thu, May 2 G 

Chapter 1507 Surrender 

surpass the Northern Region War God. 


However, she truly couldn’t imagine that the strength of the fighter in white pants was 

even greater than that of the top fighter of the Redback Assassins. 

Who on earth is he? 

The same thought also crossed Emmanuel’s mind. He was more surprised than 


The strength of the fighter in white pants not only surpassed the assassin who 

tried to kill Stanley that night but was even higher than that of the Snake Master 

Could he be the legendary top fighter of Airspace Group? 

After this thought flashed through his mind, Emmanuel knew he could no longer 

conceal his strength. He executed the Northern Region Dragon-Breaking Palm, striking 

09:54 Thu, May 2 

Chapter 1507 Surrender 

the fighter in white pants in the right rib. 

The fighter in white pants flew back a few steps and spat out a mouthful of blood. 

However, he didn’t collapse. 

Just then, Yasmine stood up. 

The spectators were drawn into this intense battle. 

+ 93% 


The next moment, the fighter in white pants wiped the blood from his mouth and raised 

his hand to concede. 

It was all because he had completed his mission. 

Unlike the match with Weston just now, this time, the spectators raised their hands one 

after another. They all felt that the fighter in white pants had done his best, but he was 

still not as skilled as Emmanuel. 



Thu, May 2 

Chapter 1507 Surrender 

“How can the Quillen family’s fighter be so powerful?” 



Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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