Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1510

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1510

Chapter 1510 Slap in the Face 

Chapter 1510 

Linda was overjoyed. She believed that no woman could outsmart her within this 


She enjoyed the feeling of being favored. 



Nevertheless, she suddenly shivered when she noticed that Althea’s eyes were staring 

at her. 

“I saw it with my own eyes just now. You were the one who made Roselynn’s hand 

bleed. How can you pretend to be innocent?” Althea said. 

“What? Well…” 

Linda was perplexed as to why Althea changed her tune. 

Roselynn was also surprised as she never expected Althea to tell the truth. It made her 


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Chapter 1510 Slap in the Face 

feel a bit uneasy. 


“Roselynn, thank you for providing the prescription. I had someone prepare the 

medicine according to your instructions. After taking the medicine, I feel much better 

today.” Althea unexpectedly thanked Roselynn politely. 

Although it was normal, it made Roselynn a bit at a loss. It took her a while before she 

said, “You’re welcome, Madam Althea. I’m glad you’re getting better.” 

Then, Althea coldly stared at Linda. 

“Linda, I should have taught you since you were young that lying is not right. Why do 

you keep lying over and over again?” Althea rebuked Linda. “You’re not the one who 

prepared the medicine. Why did you lie to me? You made me suffer for several days.” 

“Aunt Althea, I…” Linda was at a loss for words. Althea’s sudden change in attitude 

didn’t give her any time to buffer. 


09:55 Thu, May 2 GO. 

Chapter 1510 Slap in the Face 

What’s happening? 


After a while, she blurted out, “Aunt Althea, didn’t you say you love me the most? Didn’t 

you say you recognized me as your daughter-in-law a long time ago? Even if I brewed 

poison, you would drink it, right?” 

Her words slapped Althea in the face. 

Roselynn almost burst into laughter. 

Both Zaiden and Julian felt awkward for Althea. They had advised her not to dwell 

much on these fallacies as they would backfire. 

Althea’s face turned red as she was enraged. “Linda, how can you take my love for you 

as an excuse to be unreasonable? Lying is indeed wrong. I’did drink the medicine you 

prepared, but it doesn’t make me feel better.” 


09:55 Thu, May 2 G 

Chapter 1510 Slap in the Face 

Linda wanted to say something, but her mother stopped her. 


Linda also understood that Althea had suddenly changed her attitude. She changed as 

if she were a scumbag who never admitted what he did. 

Althea didn’t care what Linda was thinking. She told Roselynn, “Since you’re here, why 

don’t you stay for a meal before you leave?” 

“Okay. Thank you, Madam Althea.” Roselynn nodded. 

She was actually someone who liked to seek revenge, but she also had a broader 


For whatever reason, Althea had started to accept her. It was a good start. 

She didn’t want to disappoint Julian, so she chose not to continue quarreling with 

Althea. Otherwise, Julian would be in a dilemma. 


09:55 Thu, May 2 G 

Chapter 1510 Slap in the Face 


She really didn’t want Julian to leave the Summerton family for her. Realistically, she 

also wished to marry into a wealthy family instead of being an ordinary housewife. 


She wasn’t the saintly female lead in novels; she was just an ordinary woman with 

desires and emotions. 

“I’ll leave then.” Linda could only leave angrily as she knew that Althea had changed her 

mind just like Julian, so staying in the Summerton family would only make her feel 


Her mother naturally followed her. 

The friendship of twenty years between the two families plummeted in an instant. Not 

to mention Althea, even Zaiden felt it was a pity. 

Nevertheless, Zaiden and Althea had discussed it last night. Emmanuel had advanced 

to the Grand Martial Showdown finals, while the Quillen family’s reputation continued 


09:55 Thu, May 2 

Chapter 1510 Slap in the Face 


to rise in Onza with their business expanding. They greatly surpassed the Becker family 

in Gratz. 

Initially, Althea’s plan was to form a marriage alliance with the Becker family to save the 

Summerton family from collapse. However, if Emmanuel performed strongly in the 

Grand Martial Showdown finals and the Quillen family became one of the leading 

families in Nuthana, Julian and Roselynn’s marriage might even be able to secure the 

position of the Summerton family. 

During their dinner, Althea didn’t beat around the bush. She directly told Roselynn, 

“Roselynn, I know you and Julian love each other, so I won’t stop you anymore. 

However, if you two really want to get married, I have only one condition.” 

“What is it?” Roselynn frowned as she asked. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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