Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1511

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1511

Chapter 1511 You Must Win 

Chapter 1511 

Julian disliked Althea’s way of talking, which was too vulgar. However, he couldn’t do 


“The condition is that your brother has to win the Grand Martial Showdown 

championship and become the top fighter. Otherwise, I won’t agree to your marriage 

with Julian.” 

Althea’s words made Roselynn feel disgusted again. 

Althea could also sense it. She suddenly sighed and said, “Roselynn, I hope you don’t 

blame me. Regardless, I still want you to fulfill this condition.” 

Although Roselynn disliked Althea, she could also sense that she had some hardships. 

Is she doing this because of the Summerton family’s background? 

Chapter 15 

1511 You Must Win 

She had visited the Summerton family twice, but she couldn’t find any abnormality. 

“Mom, no matter what you say, and regardless of Emmanuel’s results, I will never give 

up marrying Roselynn. I only want her,” Julian declared. 

“You-” Althea wanted to say something before Zaiden swiftly interjected, “It’s enough. 

Let’s have a good meal. We’ll discuss the rest in the future.” 

Everyone then ceased. 

Although Julian insisted that he didn’t care about Emmanuel’s performance, he still 

went to the Terence Group subsidiary in the afternoon. 

Emmanuel was about to pick Mackenzie up. 

“Emmanuel, you must win the championship in the Grand Martial Showdown. You’re 

the key that ensures the happiness of me and your sister. I beg you.” 

Chapter 1511 You Must Win 

Emmanuel found Julian’s demeanor somehow amusing. 

Julian indeed had high determination. He could yield to bandits, face anyone with 

humility, or confront the whole world. The center of everything was Roselynn. 

In fact, Emmanuel was also happy for Roselynn to have such a boyfriend. He patted 

Julian on his shoulder and said, “Even if you don’t ask me, I’ll do my best to win. Rest 


“Well, why do I feel even more worried now?” Julian said seriously. 

He thought Emmanuel was implying that he was not confident enough to win. 

Emmanuel laughed. “If I don’t win, and your mother stops you from marrying my sister, 

what are you going to do?” 

“There’s nothing I can do. As long as your sister agrees, no one can stop us from being 

Chapter 1511 You Must Win 

together,” Julian said firmly. 

Emmanuel shrugged. Whether he won the championship or not, it didn’t have much. 

impact on this matter. 

“Why are there so many big shots visiting Terence Group today?” 

Julian and Emmanuel hadn’t stood at the entrance of the building for long. 

Nevertheless, Julian had noticed several prominent businessmen from Onza. 

In the next moment, he even saw Ronnie and Angela, along with Mackenzie and 

Beatrix. They seemed to have a great conversation as they exited.. 

Emmanuel chuckled. “Julian, it seems you really don’t care much about the business. 

world. Didn’t you know that Terrence Group is developing a super energy engine?” 

Julian shook his head. Even if he didn’t know about it, he could feel that Terrence Group 

Chapter 1511 You Must Win 

was indeed capable. 

“Ms. Quillen, thank you for cooperating with the Silverbane family. I hope we can have 

pleasant cooperation in the future.” Angela shook Mackenzie’s hand as she walked to 

the entrance. 

Ronnie and Angela saw Emmanuel as they turned around. They bowed slightly as a 


Julian was in a daze. It seemed that the Quillen family’s strength and reputation had 

suddenly skyrocketed. No wonder Althea’s attitude toward Roselynn had changed.. 

“Mackenzie, when do you plan to tell Grandpa and everyone else that the Quillen family 

is having three happy events?” Beatrix couldn’t wait to ask after Ronnie and Angela left. 

Just today, she accidentally saw Mackenzie throwing up. Only then did she realize that 

she was pregnant. 

er 1511 You Must Win 


Mackenzie is too over. Why doesn’t she tell anyone? 

If Grandpa, who is currently traveling around the world, were to find out, he would 

instantly fly back. 

In Maderie, an elderly man and a young man exited the Royal Opera House in joy. 

“Old Mr. Quillen, the scenery here is nice. How about I take a photo for you?” 



Terence was also in a very good mood. He had been in the ups and downs of business. 

for half of his life, and he had never experienced traveling around the world. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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