Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1513

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1513

Chapter 1513 Presidential Candidates 

Chapter 1513 

After reading the message, Emmanuel comforted Mackenzie with a smile. “Grandpa 

trusts us. What are you worrying about?” 

Mackenzie nodded. “Indeed, he should let go of everything and enjoy his life. However, I 

can’t rest assured.” 

Though not explicitly stated, Emmanuel understood her as he had lived with her for 

long. “Do you have any concerns about Marilyn?” 


“Yes. I always feel that her intentions in getting close to Grandpa are not pure.” 

“Don’t worry. Grandpa is smarter than her. Even if she has bad intentions, she won’t gain 

anything,” Emmanuel said confidently. 

“I’ll take your word for it.” 

– Chapter 1513 Presidential Candidates 

Mackenzie felt much relieved upon hearing Emmanuel’s words. Terence was even 

smarter than herself. Even if Marilyn had bad intentions, she couldn’t deceive him 


“By the way, Angela told me something,” Mackenzie said. 

“What?” Emmanuel asked. 

“The Quillen family’s super engine test is completed. It causes quite a commotion in 

the business world. Major companies are lining up to cooperate with us. Terence 

Group’s stock has skyrocketed, and its market value has skyrocketed. Besides, after you 

managed to secure a spot in the Grand Martial Showdown finals, we are now qualified 

to become one of the official members of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce.” 

“Good to hear that,” Emmanuel responded with a smile. 

Indeed, these were the outcomes of their joint efforts. They were steadily advancing 

Chapter 1513 Presidential Candidates 

toward their ultimate goal. 

“Emmanuel, did you plan early to make the Quillen family become the president of the 

Nuthana Chamber of Commerce?” Mackenzie suddenly fixed her gaze on Emmanuel 

and asked seriously. 

Emmanuel nodded. Since he chose to be honest with her, he didn’t want to conceal 

anything from her. 

Mackenzie felt relieved. “The chance has come now. Angela told me that after the 

Grand Martial Showdown, there will be a Nuthana Chamber of Commerce committee 

reshuffle next month. All members have to vote to select three presidential candidates. 

Then, President Silverbane will decide the candidate who takes the presidency.” 

Emmanuel nodded. 

With these rules, it was no wonder that the Silverbane family could remain as the 

Chapter 1513 Presidential Candidates 

president. Even Teddy found it difficult to remove Stanley just after he stepped down. 

That was why he decided to assassinate him. 

“So, Angela said that with the current development of the Quillen family, as long as your 

secure the championship in the Grand Martial Showdown, the Quillen family will 

undoubtedly become one of the three presidential candidates. 

“If Onza loses, President Silverbane can also choose to make the Quillen family the 


While speaking, a glint of ambition flashed in Mackenzie’s eyes. 

She indeed had lofty ambitions, not content to settle for mediocrity. 

The next day, Emmanuel and Mackenzie went to inspect the Hadley factory. 

Chapter 1513 Presidential Candidates 

The factory had been renovated and was ready for production. 

Indeed, the super engine would be produced in a private factory. 

While the trial production of the super engine gained success, it needed at least a 

month to officially deliver it to Diamond Titan Military Technologies. 

Nevertheless, the success of the trial production had caused Terence Group’s stock to 

soar. If the formal production was completed the Quillen family’s status would 

skyrocket in the market. 

“Emmanuel, some of my aunts want to have a look on our production in Onza upon 

knowing that we have a good development. They are also concerned about my baby.” 

Mackenzie settled into the car after inspecting the factor. 

“That’s a good thing. They must be very excited now.” Emmanuel smiled. 


Chapter 1513 Presidential Candidates 

Mackenzie nodded with a smile. 

She knew that Samantha must be overjoyed. However, she didn’t know how Hannah 

and the other aunts would feel. 

As the Quillen family’s business developed, and after her marriage with Emmanuel, she 

seemed to have become distant from several aunts. 

Emmanuel and Mackenzie soon arrived at a restaurant for lunch. 

“Mackenzie, I heard this is a specialty restaurant in Onza. The environment is elegant, 

and the dishes are scrumptious, too,” Emmanuel said while getting out of the car. “I 

made a reservation yesterday. Let’s try it out now.” 

Mackenzie was also in a good mood. She nodded with a smile. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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