Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1514

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514 

Emmanuel and Mackenzie rarely had leisure moments together, so they looked forward 

to a cozy day. 

But when they stepped into the restaurant, the waiter stopped them. “I’m sorry. Our 

restaurant has been booked for a private event today. We won’t be able to 

accommodate other guests.” 

Emmanuel’s brows furrowed in disbelief. “But I made reservations yesterday,” he 


“Sir, I’m sorry. The guests who booked the entire venue are high-profile individuals. 

They made a last-minute decision, so we had to stop service for other patrons,” the 

waiter explained courteously. 

Emmanuel’s mood soured at the unexpected turn of events. This outing with 

Mackenzie was a rare treat, and encountering such a mess dampened their day. To add 


to his frustration, this had never happened back in Yeringham. He grumbled, “Who are 

these people anyway? Acting all entitled and bossy.” 

Just then, a Lamborghini pulled up. A woman stepped out and eyed them with a smirk. 

“You might be surprised if we revealed our identity. But why make a fuss? Your 

reservation won’t cost you anything,” she taunted. 

Emmanuel and Mackenzie turned to face the woman who exuded authority. A cadre of 

imposing bodyguards flanked behind her. 

It was a sight that made others think twice before crossing their path. 

Mackenzie refused to be intimidated, especially on a day when her husband had 

planned a special treat. She wasn’t going to let this chance slip away. 

Emmanuel, noting the unwavering determination in his wife’s gaze, understood her 

intentions perfectly. He asserted, “I don’t understand why you’ve reserved the entire 

restaurant, but we’ve made our reservations already. We’re entitled to dine here.” 

The group from them reacted incredulously as if the situation were a joke. Even 


the woman couldn’t contain her laughter. 

Then, one of her bodyguards snapped, “Get lost! This is Ms. Tessa Ashford from 

Valoria. She’s engaged to Blaze Silverbane. You don’t want to mess with her.” 

Emmanuel finally understood the reason behind their arrogance. 

“Sir, Miss, please leave. We will ensure your next reservation receives our utmost 

attention and service.” Though tinged with embarrassment, the waiter’s demeanor 

remained respectful as he politely requested the couple to leave. 

The Silverbane family of Eshal wielded immense power and influence, as exemplified 

by their remarkable achievement at the Grand Martial Showdown. With such clout, the 

restaurant owner wouldn’t dare to offend them. 

Emmanuel and Mackenzie, mindful of the waters dignity and not wanting to cause 

trouble, briefly considered finding another place to eat 

Tessa smirked as she watched the couple leave She threatened the waiter, “Sorry, I 

can’t stand those two it’s probably best not to welcome them back here You wouldn’t 

want to cross the fishal Silverbene and my family, fight? 

The water was frustrated by her audacity Her remarks felt like platant bullying and 

crossing a line he could terate 

Emmanuel glanced at Mackenze as he pushed off tesse’s comments Looks We 

we’re slaying Let’s have our lunch here! he said decovery 

“Sure” Mackenze nodded and linked arms with her husband as they are the 

restaurant. She was curious to see what Tess might do nex 

by the’ 

The tensive escalated as the captain of Tesla Sodyguards helievesel “Виталий уку 

tried being civil, but brute force it is!” 

Immediately, a group of burly bodyguards closed in on Emmanuel. 

The waiter was taken aback by the sudden escalation. He had never encountered such. 

aggression from a patron before and pondered, Is there no respect for the law these 


Yet, he knew well the influence of the Silverbane family, rumored to be taking over as 

chairman of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce. After all, no business owner in 

Nuthana dared offend them. A single decree from them could ruin those who opposed 


Hence, the waiter feared for Emmanuel and Mackenzie. 

At that instant, Emmanuel swiftly dodged a punch. He redirected the bodyguard 

captain’s head toward the glass door with a deft move, causing it to shatter instantly. 

Reacting quickly, Emmanuel pulled another charging bodyguard. He used him as a 

shield to protect his wife from the flying glass shards. 

The other bodyguards were momentarily dumbfounded. They had never imagined he 

would dare to take them on. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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