Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1515

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515 

They never imagined Emmanuel would take them on after the bodyguards announced 

their identity. Once they snapped out of it, they lunged forward again. But in the blink of 

an eye, Emmanuel had knocked all the bodyguards down. 

The waiter standing nearby watched in disbelief and gasped silently. It hit him that 

Emmanuel must be a skilled fighter, which explained his audacity in taking on the 

Ashford family. 

But the waiter also knew that while showing off might feel good, crossing the 

Silverbane family was a risky move. 

Upon seeing that, Tessa retreated and glared at them. She seethed, “You… How dare 

you bully me? You’re done for! Get on your knees now, or you’ll regret it!” 

Emmanuel paid no attention to her and turned to Mackenzie. He asked tenderly, 

“Darling, I didn’t accidentally hurt you, did I?” 

She smiled and replied, “Nope. But your martial arts skills are amazing.” 

“You… you’re driving me crazy!” Tessa seethed, watching the couple who had just 

knocked her bodyguard down, still displaying affection right in front of her. 

On the contrary, the waiter was speechless. 

Meanwhile, Blaze emerged from the restaurant with a squad of fighters. “Tessa, what 


Seeing the Ashford family’s bodyguards sprawled at the entrance, Blaze was equally 


Even though the Ashford family wasn’t part of Zovince’s Big Four, they were still a major 

player in the city’s wealth hierarchy. When they arrived in Onza, they brought their 

influence with them. So, who would be bold enough to challenge them? What went 


“Mr. Silverbane, you’ve arrived at the perfect moment! Can you believe there are still 

such ignorant fools in Onza? He dared to attack my people and even had the nerve to 

bully me… sniff… sniff… You’ve got to help me set things right!” 

Tessa wasn’t the independent type like Angela and Mackenzie. So, when she spotted 

Blaze, she instinctively turned on her vulnerable mode. It was a stark contrast to her 

previous assertiveness. 

“Don’t worry! We always call the shots here in Nuthana,” Blaze declared proudly, lifting 

his head high before glancing around. 

But upon seeing Emmanuel and his wife, Blaze visibly hesitated momentarily before 

regaining his composure. “I wonder who’s bold enough to cause a scene in Onza. Turns 

out, it’s these up-and-comers from Yerringham.” 

Emmanuel smirked in response, while Mackenzie simply ignored Blaze. 

“What? Do you think nabbing a spot in the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown finals 

makes you superior? You reckon you can strut around like you own the place here in 

Onza?” Blaze’s tone dripped with contempt as he fired off his questions. 

Emmanuel chuckled lightly. “We’re just here for a meal. Is that what you call arrogance? 

We’re not out to pick fights, but anyone who tries to pick one with us might regret it.” 

“Oh, are you implying a challenge with us?” Blaze arched an eyebrow. 

Behind him, the Silverbane family fighters were poised for action. They had heard about 

the Quillen family securing a spot in the showdown. 

Meanwhile, Ruben had been nursing a grudge since his defeat to Emmanuel in their 

last encounter. He wouldn’t bother with martial ethics or principles if things turned 

physical. At that moment, he was eager to act and ensure Emmanuel paid the price. 

And then, they would have one less formidable opponent to worry about in the Grand 

Martial Showdown final. 

“Why are you itching for a brawl, Blaze?” Emmanuel remained cool. “Last time at The 

Paradise, you used your influence to push me down. Are you hoping for a repeat 

performance today? Today won’t be any different if you didn’t get your way last time.” 

His words stirred up old grievances, and Blaze’s eyes flashed with fury. 

Mackenzie gently rested her hand on her belly and reminded Blaze, “Mr. Silverbane, 

you’ve got important arrangements with the Ashford family today, right? If things turn 

violent, aren’t you concerned it could derail your plans?” Her words were both a warning 

and a plea for reason. 

Though she trusted Emmanuel to keep her safe, she worried about the child growing. 

inside her during a fight. 

Her words struck Blaze right where it hurt. 

Chapter 1515 Grand Ambitions. 

Eshal Silverbane harbored grand ambitions to seize control of the Nuthana Chamber of 

Commerce and expand into Valoria. 

Moreover, his upcoming marriage to the powerful Ashford family in Valoria was a 

game-changer for him and Bobby. So, failing wasn’t an option. 

And today, he planned to pop the question to Tessa right here. He knew that any 

disruption could throw everything off course. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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