Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1516

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1516

Chapter 1516 You’re Not Worthy of Being My Husband 

Chapter 1516 

With Tessa already voicing her concerns to Blaze, dodging a confrontation might not 

be on the table anymore. 

When Mackenzie mentioned that earlier, Blaze felt conflicted. He knew Emmanuel’s 

abilities, which made him doubt his odds in a brawl without paying a hefty price. 

Just then, a fleet of luxury cars pulled up at the restaurant entrance. 

Blaze’s eyes lit up at the sight of those cars, and he smirked. “Mackenzie, I see what 

you’re trying to do. You might be the big shot in Yeringham, but things operate 

differently here in Onza. There are plenty here who could stomp all over your Quillen 

family’s business!” 

She frowned upon hearing that as she tried to decipher his words. 

At that moment, Blaze led Tessa toward the cars parked at the entrance. 

Chapter 1516 You’re Not Worthy of Being My Husband 

The bodyguards swiftly opened the doors, and Stanley emerged from one of the 

vehicles. Following behind him were Bobby and a few people Emmanuel and 

Mackenzie didn’t recognize. 

“Grandpa, Dad, you showed up at just the right moment!” Blaze grinned as he 

approached Stanley. “We had a bit of a situation today. Someone decided to stir up 

trouble for our family and threaten our alliance with the Ashford family!” 

“Oh, really? Let’s see who is causing all the fuss,” Stanley responded. He had been in the 

backseat of the Rolls-Royce earlier and hadn’t noticed the figure standing at the 


Though he had a soft spot for Ronnie and his family, Stanley, as the family patriarch in 

Nuthana, couldn’t overtly favor one son over the other. Therefore, when Blaze brought 

up a concern for him, Stanley had to address it to a certain extent. 

In Nuthana, business affiliations commanded respect. So, when Stanley approached 

Chapter 1516 You’re Not Worthy of Being My Husband 

and recognized the person, he couldn’t help but tremble and address them politely, “Mr. 

Lowe, Ms. Quillen, it’s you?” 

As Blaze observed his grandfather’s reaction, he sensed something was off. 

Stanley hadn’t told anyone before that Emmanuel had saved his life, and Blaze had 

never known about any relationship between his grandfather and Emmanuel. So, 

naturally, Blaze was taken aback. 

“Old Mr. Silverbane, my wife and I were out for lunch. We had reservations made 

yesterday. Your grandson suddenly booked the entire restaurant and kicked us out. 

That’s not fair to us, is it?” Emmanuel got straight to the point. 

“Of course, that’s not fair!” Stanley responded promptly. “Everything should go by the 

rule of first come, first served. Even in business, we must adhere to such principles!” 

The restaurant manager and waitstaff exchanged nods. They were impressed by 

Chapter 1516 You’re Not Worthy of Being My Husband 

Stanley’s approach. He appeared far more sensible than his grandson. 

Blaze appeared slightly annoyed. “Grandpa, isn’t tonight supposed to be a family meal 

with the Ashfords? How can we let outsiders disrupt us?” 

“Shut up!” Stanley snapped. “Do we really need the entire restaurant for just two 

families? One private room will do. Let’s not make a fuss, okay? You’re embarrassing 


Blaze was momentarily silenced by the reprimand and felt discontented. He felt his 

grandfather favored outsiders over him. He grumbled, This old coot should have died 

ages ago! 

“Manager, today we’d like to book a large private room. We won’t book the entire venu 

but please bill us accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience and truly appreciate 

your understanding,” Stanley politely addressed the manager. 

hapter 1516 You’re Not Worthy of Being My Husband 

The manager was pleasantly surprised by the gesture. 

The esteemed chairman of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce, known for his 

prestige, was remarkably approachable. Yet, his grandson’s arrogance remained 


“Mr. Lowe, this way.” Stanley then personally escorted Emmanuel and Mackenzie inside 

without paying attention to Blaze and Tessa. 

Blaze was utterly humiliated by the situation. 

“Blaze, let’s head inside.” Bobby’s expression soured, but he kept his cool better than his 

son. He quickly urged his son to head inside to avoid creating a scene for the 


Each time Stanley raised his glass to Emmanuel and his wife, Tessa’s sneer deepened, 

and she aimed squarely at Blaze. 


Chapter 1516 You’re Not Worthy of Being My Hus 

She remarked coldly, “Mr. Silverbane, this doesn’t quite match what you’ve been saying.” 

She continued, “You boasted about being the future patriarch of the family and the 

chairman of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce. That’s why I agreed to be with. 

you don’t have that authority, you’re not worthy of being my husband. Hmph!” 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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