Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1517

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1517

Chapter 1517 operation 

Chapter 1517 

After finishing their meal, Blaze was seething with frustration. 

Then, Stanley headed to the Silverbane family of Onza while Blaze and his father 

returned to their family home. 

“Dad, what should we do now? It feels like no matter how well we do, Grandpa just 

won’t give us his nod,” Blaze blurted out as they stepped inside. 

Bobby motioned for his son to calm down. “Easy now. We have a guest coming over.” 

Blaze nodded, suppressing his emotions, and followed his father into the living room. 

Later, Steven entered with Xavier. 

Blaze was shocked and wondered when his father got involved with the Tanner family 

of Onza After all, there was still a hierarchy in the business world. 

Chapter 1517 Cooperation 

Blaze and his father weren’t exactly saints. They didn’t always abide by the rules, but 

they did run a legitimate family business. 

In contrast, the Tanner family of Onza had a notorious reputation. Their wealth was 

built on shady dealings and no reputable businesses. 

“Mr. Tanner, what brings you here today?” Bobby pretended forgetfulness, even though 

they had already discussed matters privately. Nonetheless, this meeting was merely 


He continued, “The Quillen family has been displaying considerable arrogance lately, 

and they’re not from your circles. Any thoughts on how to handle them?” 

Assuming Steven was unaware of their recent conflict with the Quillens, Bobby cut to 

the chase. However, unbeknownst to Bobby, Steven had received two messages from 

Teddy the previous night. 

Chapter 1517 Cooperation 

What took Steven by surprise was Teddy’s lack of concern over Stanley or the 

prosperous Silverbane families in Nuthana. Instead, his focus was squarely on the 

Quillen family and a mysterious figure referred to as the “Wolf Warrior.” 

To make matters more intense, Teddy had issued a directive for the aggressive 

suppression of the Quillen family by any means necessary, 

As a mere pawn in the Tanner family of Valoria, Steven remained oblivious to Teddy’s 

true intentions. His sole responsibility was to navigate the situation adeptly, so he 

swung by to see Bobby first. 

“Of course, we have ideas! The Quillen family, riding on their rise in the business world, 

have entered the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce. They even secured a ticket to the 

finals of the Grand Martial Showdown. Naturally, they’re feeling pretty full of 


Blaze couldn’t help but voice his frustration. “They’re really flaunting their success. But 

Chapter 1517 Cooperation 

what if they win the showdown? We have to do whatever it takes to defeat them!” 

Bobby shot his son a warning glare, prompting Blaze to quickly fall silent when he 

realized he had spoken out of turn. 

Steven had already sensed their underlying intentions and chuckled heartily. “The 

Quillen family is truly arrogant. They’ve seized our factories and caused harm to my 

family. I’m eager to destroy the Quillen family and kill Emmanuel!” 

Blaze couldn’t help but agree. “That’s exactly what I had in mind!” Ignoring his father’s 

silent warning, he clenched his jaw and proposed, “Mr. Tanner, what do you say we join 

forces and ensure Emmanuel meets his end in the arena?” 

“Sounds great!” Xavier cheered enthusiastically. His expression reflected a sense of 

camaraderie as if he had discovered kindred spirits, nearly on the brink of forming at 

bond akin to blood brothers. 

Chapter 1517 Cooperation. 

Then, he requested, “I’ve come to ask for a favor! Our family’s elite fighter, Yosef, is 

caught up in legal trouble due to an accidental death. With your family’s extensive. 

connections in Onza, could you help us resolve this issue? We need him to focus solely 

on the showdown.” 

“Don’t worry. As long as Emmanuel remains our mutual enemy, you can count on our 

support,” Blaze assured without hesitation. 

“Mr. Tanner, let’s not narrow our focus solely to the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown.” 

Bobby couldn’t help but remind him, “Money and power are the keys to everything. Our 

ultimate aim is to secure the chairmanship of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce. 

When that moment arrives, your assistance will be indispensable.” 

“Haha, of course.” Xavier said candidly, “As long as you work with our family and pledge. 

support to Mr. Tanner, we’ll assist in handling the Quillen family and guarantee your 

ascension to the chairman’s position!” 

Chapter 1517 Cooperation 

“It’s a deal!” Bobby responded decisively. He was determined to secure the chairman’s 

role and would spare no effort to do so. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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