Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1518

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1518

Chapter 1518 A Fateful Encounter 

Chapter 1518 

Later on, they would come to understand what lay ahead in the future. 

On the other side, Emmanuel and Mackenzie also knew that many forces were out to 

get them. 

For the strong, there will always be obstacles in their path to the top. Since they had no 

choice but to overcome these challenges head-on, all they could do was get stronger 

and brave. 

Once more, Emmanuel and Mackenzie showed up at the covert factory tonight. 

It was now a heavily fortified secret base after nearly 20 days of renovations. 

Entering required a series of procedures, even for the two bosses, Mackenzie and 


Chapter 1518 A Fateful Encounter 

Both of them needed to be present in order to access the location where the Heart of 

the Sun was kept, as their retinas were required to activate the electronic system and 

unlock the alloy security door. 

Of course, the couple had spent seven figures to create this safe haven in hiding. 

Mackenzie left the secret base in excellent condition. Not to mention, could anyone 

lusting for the Heart of the Sun locate this location? Even in that case, getting inside 

would be as challenging as getting to the sky 

She also learned that this covert facility unexpectedly contained both skilled fighters 

and a variety of cutting-edge weaponry. 

She used to be shocked to learn where these people were from. Though she was awa 

that her husband was the former Northern Region Wolf, she would have questioned if 

her husband was actually the Northern Region War God if these individuals hadn’t been 


Chapter 1518 A Fateful Encounter 

“Are you tired, Mackenzie? Have a seat and give yourself some time to relax.” 

Emmanuel was growing increasingly thoughtful. Now, he was all over Mackenzie, 

holding her like she was going to disappear. 

“Okay, I will rest for a bit. Go handle your business.” 

Mackenzie was also very perceptive and wise. She knew that he had other things to 

handle this evening. 

With a nod, he told someone to watch out for Mackenzie and then led Sage to a 

designated room. 

“Emmanuel, it’s been six months. You have to update Santiago on the mission’s status. 

Sage informed Emmanuel. 

Chapter 1518 A Fateful Encounter 

He a nod, and Sage swiftly established a video connection with the Northern 



With a nod, Sage joined the video link with the Northern Region without delay. 

“Excellent work. Development is positive, but you can’t take it easy. The chairman of the 

Nuthana Chamber of Commerce will be chosen by the Quillen family the following 

month. It will only be then that you will be able to remove Teddy from his chairmanship. 

of the National Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of next year.” 

Becoming an official member of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce in just one month 

was a significant miracle for other families and forces. 

It seemed unimaginable to outsiders that someone could go from being a non-member 

to the chairman of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce in less than two months. 

However, since the Wolf Warrior was Emmanuel, the missions had always been. 

Chapter 1518 A Fateful Encounter 

extremely difficult. For others, every task he had accomplished in the past was 


He was, therefore, accustomed to it. 

“I get it, Santiago. I shall make every effort to bring Teddy down as quickly as possible 

to benefit the nation and the Wolf Warrior.” 

Emmanuel accepted the task and stated it sincerely. 

“I must share some very important information with you.” 

Santiago willingly contributed information after Emmanuel completed his report. Ted 

had a very deep-seated agenda, and he purposefully incited the war back then in order 

to benefit his interest group as well as himself. It was only recently that we realized 


“What goal is it?” 

Chapter 1518 A Fateful Encounter 

Emmanuel enquired, a little uneasy. 

From Santiago’s manner, it seemed that what he was going to say was anything but 


“I have heard that you have already gotten in touch with the Airspace Group and the 

Holy Fire organization. These two forces have something to do with this issue.” 

“We have recently investigated and found that Teddy has colluded with these two 

forces,” Santiago stated solemnly. As early as three years ago, they were in 

communication. These two organizations may have been involved in the incident in the 

Northern Region at the time by manipulating it behind the scenes.” 


Emmanuel was taken aback but not horrified. 

He was well aware of the lofty goals held by the Airspace Group and the Holy Fire 

Chapter 1518 A Fateful Encounter 

organization. Teddy’s relationship with them was expected, given his elevated status 

within Chanaea. I simply don’t think they allied themselves during that conflict three 


years ago. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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