Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1520

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1520

Chapter 1520 Choices and Complications 

Chapter 1520 

However, she couldn’t speak out about these things. She could only keep them in her 

heart. She understood Emmanuel’s previous situation and admired this man. He truly 

lived up to the name of the Wolf Warrior, being able to keep his cool. 

“What will the child’s surname be? I’ll discuss it with Emmanuel and Grandpa. For now, 

let’s not talk about this topic” 

Mackenzie made the final decision. 

All of them finally kept quiet. 

Alessandra felt uneasy but didn’t continue. 

She also wanted to help the Lowe family continue its lineage. If the child has the 

Quillen surname, how will she deal with the Lowe family? 

Chapter 1520 Choices and Complications 

Unless Emmanuel and Mackenzie agree to have another child, that child must bear the 



Emmanuel had been silent all this while. It wasn’t that he didn’t have an opinion, but he 

didn’t want to provoke conflicts between the two families in such an atmosphere. 

He also believed that debating with the Quillen family aunts was meaningless. 

Alessandra and Terence’s opinions were just for reference. The final decision rested 

with him and Mackenzie. 

“Hmph, let’s not talk about it for now.” 

Hannah looked dissatisfied. Although she was Mackenzie’s elder, Mackenzie was the 

one in charge of the Quillen family’s affairs. 

Everything would have to wait until Old Mr. Quillen returned. 

“Oh right, Mackenzie. The development of the super engine was successful. We’re all 

Chapter 1520 Choices and Complications 

quite excited about it. Could you take us to visit the factory?” 

Hannah enthusiastically opened up another topic. 

Mackenzie was still pondering whether to agree, and Alessandra quickly spoke for her. 

“Mackenzie, you’re pregnant now. It’s not suitable to move around too much. Especially 

to places like the factory.” 

Mackenzie nodded. “Mom, I’ll be careful. However, as the head of the Terence Group, 

there are many things I must handle in person.” 

Hannah immediately sneered at Alessandra, “What does a woman like you know? Only 

poor people spend their days revolving around their children. We women of the Quillen 

family are strong women who are meant to achieve great things. Take adequate safety 

measures and go to the factory. What’s wrong with that?” 

Alessandra wasn’t good at arguing and could only lower her head in grievance 

1033 Mon, May 

Chapter 1520 Choices and Complications 

Seeing Roselynn about to argue with her mother again, Mackenzie quickly said, “Aunts, 

let’s do it tomorrow. I want to rest well today. You can stay in Onza for the night. 

Tomorrow, I’ll take you to see our new industries in Onza.” 

“Alright, it’s settled then.” 

Hannah was quite pleased. 

Her expression didn’t escape Emmanuel’s notice. 

Finally managing to deal with the relatives from both families, Beatrix also tactfully 

followed her aunt out to stay in a five-star hotel for the night, allowing Emmanuel and 

Mackenzie to spend tonight nurturing their marital bond. 

“Emmanuel, Hannah is a bit harsh with her words. Don’t take it to heart.” 

Mackenzie became increasingly understanding and actively comforted Emmanuel. 

10:33 Mon, May 

Chapter 1520 Choices and Complications 

“Once she knows about your contributions and help to the Quillen family, she’ll surely 

look at you differently.” 

She knew Emmanuel’s identity couldn’t be revealed, so she hadn’t explained it to him. 

Otherwise, many things couldn’t be explained, such as where he got so much money 

from and why he was able to command the Wolf Warrior Society. 

“It’s okay. I never intended to argue 

with her. Besides, her words don’t count anyway.” 

Emmanuel just said it casually. 

However, Mackenzie frowned slightly. “So, have you already decided that the child will 

bear the Lowe surname after birth?” 

In fact, according to tradition, this wasn’t something that needed discussion. 

However, there were some cases where a son in law’s children could only bear the 

wife’s surname. 

10:33 Mon, May 6 G. 

Chapter 1520 Choices and Complications 

The biggest problem now was that Emmanuel wasn’t a son-in-law, but the women of 

her Quillen family saw him as one. 


“Mackenzie, I want to hear your thoughts. I’ll respect your thoughts. This matter is very 

important, and it’s best if both our families are satisfied.” 

Emmanuel stopped beating around the bush and said it directly. 

“I think what surname he has doesn’t matter. What’s important is that Grandpa agrees 

to let him inherit the family business.” 

Mackenzie also candidly expressed her inner thoughts. 

“In that case, Mackenzie, do you have plans for a second child?” 

Emmanuel also knew that this matter would surely cause a big difference of opinion 

between the elders of both families. 

10:33 Mon, May 6 

Chapter 1520 Choices and Complications 

Marriage isn’t just between two people; it involves two families. 

Terence had wanted Mackenzie to marry him because he wanted a male heir. He even 

said that if Emmanuel could get Mackenzie pregnant, he would give him all his savings, 

showing how eager he was for a male descendant. 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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