Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1521

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1521

Chapter 1521 Bonds and Burdens 

Chapter 1521 

Still, Mom wanted the Lowe family to survive, didn’t she? She would not consent if the 

child was to carry on the Quillen surname, unless there were additional children. 

A faint smile crossed Mackenzie’s lips as she wondered how to respond. She had no 

idea that she would have the same problem as regular women in addition to being the 

oldest daughter in the Quillen family. 

This aspect vividly demonstrated the equality of all beings. 

“Relax and let nature happen. This first child already terrifies me.” 

Mackenzie gave a bitter smile. “To be honest, I’m really terrified of pain.” 

“I’m sorry, Mackenzie. I apologize for causing you pain.” 

Emmanuel grinned sourly too. 


09:05 Tue, May 

Chapter 1521 Bonds and Burdens 

Women exért significantly more effort than men do when giving birth. It was actually 

unjust to the woman if the man insisted that the child take on his surname. 

“Before making a choice, let’s wait to hear from Grandpa. He’ll get along well with your 

mother, in my opinion.” 

Mackenzie remained composed. With a smile, she said, “He’ll always be our flesh and 

blood, regardless of his last name. That is not going to change.” 

Emmanuel gave a nod. “You’re correct. Whatever his last name, I will always adore him.” 

“I will as well.” 

After giving Emmanuel a nod, Mackenzie leaned in on him. 

They had had far too much experience. They eventually came to an understanding after 

going through everything. They always managed to work things out when they 


09:05 Tue, May 

Chapter 1521 Bonds and Burdens 

disagreed. Wars only cause harm to one another. They would no longer be so foolish. 

The next morning, Mackenzie indeed brought Hannah to the Hadley factory. 

Stephanie and Sofia went back to Hallford, leaving only Samantha, Sophie, and 


Hannah showed the greatest enthusiasm. She discovered that this wasn’t even the 

super engine production plant after looking around the Hadley factory. Maybe it was 

just a shell and accessory production base. 

“Mackenzie, where is the actual super engine production facility located? Will you not 

tell anyone, including me?” 

Hannah persisted. 

Feeling that there was something strange about Hannah, Mackenzie scowled a little. 


09:06 Tue, May 

Chapter 1521 Bonds and Burdens 

Emmanuel addressed the matter directly. “Has your ownership in the Terence Group 

not yet been sold, Ms. Hannah? Why do you still care so much about the Terence 

Group’s operations even though you are no longer a shareholder?” 

“What are you trying to say?” 

Emmanuel annoyed Hannah in a number of ways. She reacted angrily, saying, “Even if 

I’m not a shareholder of the Terence Group, I’m still a member of the Quillen family.” 

Despite the fact that he was now the family’s martial guardian, Hannah said, “I’m 

worried about how the Quillen family’s businesses are run. Is that wrong?” 

Emmanuel sensed that she was reacting strangely, almost as if she was feeling guilty. 

He couldn’t resist giving Mackenzie a quick glance. 

Mackenzie declined politely, too. “Hannah, the group’s top secret is the owner of the 

super engine. You shouldn’t be concerned about it because you aren’t an internal 

member of the Terence Group.” 


09:06 Tue, May 

Chapter 1521 Bonds and Burdens 

Hannah was unexpectedly far from defeated. “I’m not a shareholder, but Samantha is?” 

she exclaimed excitedly as she immediately grabbed Samantha’s hand. “And Sophie, 

too, I take it? They certainly have the right to see it if they so choose.” 


It was Samantha who finally had to say something. “Less people knowing about it is 

preferable, as Mackenzie does not want it to be public knowledge.” 

“I think Mackenzie doesn’t think less of us, but the likelihood of leaks increases with the 

number of people in the know. Let’s not get too hung up on the Terence Group’s 

secrets, since we don’t often take part in its operations.” 

Hannah appeared defenseless and enraged. She started to speak, but ultimately she 

swallowed everything she had to say. Eventually, she just gave a snort and went silent. 

They made a quick tour of the Hadley factory and then departed. 


09:06 Tue, May 

Chapter 1521 Bonds and Burdens 


For some reason, Mackenzie was relieved. Why does my relationship with my aunts feel 

a little restricted when it used to be so easy? 

Could it be that a woman’s love for her birth family gradually changes after marriage, as 

the saying goes? 

“Am I being overly suspicious, Mackenzie? Hannah seems to be lustful for the super 

engine’s formula.” 

There are no longer any secrets between Mackenzie and Emmanuel. 

Once he’d told her who he was, he thought she was the closest person to him. It was 

now acceptable to say things that had previously been inappropriate. 

“I’m experiencing this as well. She and the Finch family in Zovince always seem too 

worried to me. Samantha even recently informed me that she intended to launch a 


09:06 Tue, May 7 


Chapter 1521 Bonds and Burdens 

business in collaboration with the Finch family.” 


09:06 Tue, May 7 GW 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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