Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1522

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1522

Chapter 1522 Secrets Revealed 

Chapter 1522 

Mackenzie also didn’t hold back and told Emmanuel everything. 

“The Finch family?” 

Emmanuel furrowed his brow slightly. “However, I don’t think that Derrick seems like a 


“Hmph. You can’t be too careless. In the future, stay away from those kinds of people.” 

Whenever that man was mentioned, Mackenzie couldn’t help but feel angry because it 

reminded her of the time they went to The Paradise together to find prostitutes. 

Emmanuel also understood why his wife was angry, so he awkwardly scratched his foot 

and quickly changed the subject. “I’ll go drive over. Let’s go home and rest.” 

That night, Hannah and Samantha went their separate ways. 


09:06 Tue, May 7 GU 

Chapter 1522 Secrets Revealed 



Only after the end of the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown that night did Hannah drive 

alone to a private club. 

There, a charming middle-aged man was already waiting for her. 

“Darling, I’ve missed you so much.” 

The man was in a good mood. Upon seeing Hannah, he couldn’t wait to embrace her. 

He exuded warmth mixed with a hint of roguishness, coupled with an aura of 

dominance. He was clean and even had a hint of high-quality cologne. 

Such men were hard for women to resist, even for someone like Hannah. 

The man and Hannah kissed passionately for a long time, displaying gentlemanly 

behavior with a hint of wildness. It wasn’t until her passion erupted and she actively 

embraced his muscular waist that he began to meet her needs step by step. 


09:06 Tue, May 7 Gj 

Chapter 1522 Secrets Revealed 

Half an hour later, Hannah was lying on the wine-red sofa, panting heavily with the 

scent of orchids, her whole body drenched in sweat. 

With a dazed look in her eyes and the corners of her mouth naturally curved upwards, 

she exuded a strong sense of satisfaction. 

“Bernett, I didn’t expect you, at almost fifty, to still have such vigor. It’s amazing.” 

The man’s face was filled with pride, and his smile exuded mature charm. “Of course. 

Hannah. I’ve always preserved my energy for you.” 

The man’s name was Bernett Finch, the father of Derrick. 

He was already in his early forties this year, the heir of the Finch family in Valoria. He 

was known for being romantic and had been frequenting entertainment venues since 

he was sixteen, with ample experience in picking up girls. He could effortlessly weave 

lies, and his skill in picking up girls was several times higher than that of his son. 


09:06 Tue, May 

Chapter 1522 Secrets Revealed 

For him, making money as a man was for enjoying women-enjoying all kinds of 



Hannah was his junior, but back then, the Finch family’s strength was far from what it 

was now, and Hánnah hadn’t taken a liking to him. 

Later, he succeeded in establishing himself in Valoria through marriage and gradually 

developed into a second-tier business family. 

Now that his wife had passed away, he was curveballing his way back into pursuing his 

dream lover from back then. 

And Hannah, feeling unsuccessful in the Quillen family and already in her forties, felt 

lonely and empty at night, so under her senior’s initiative, she finally threw herself into 

his arms and became his woman. 

After tasting the flavor of being a woman, she was falling deeper and deeper for 



09:06 Tue, May 

Chapter 1522 Secrets Revealed 

“Bernett, congratulations on your family obtaining two tickets to the finals. If your 

family can become the champion of the Grand Martial Showdown, your reputation will 

definitely soar. It’ll be like a fish in water for you to develop in Nuthana in the future, 


“Haha, that’s a must. Our Finch family is determined to win this championship. I also 

want to establish a great career in Nuthana. With such a strong foundation, our Finch 

family can strive to become one of the Four Great Aristocratic Families of Zovince. By 

then, when you marry me, we’ll be the top figures in the Chanaea’s hierarchy.” 

Hannah had never been in a relationship, so it was easy for her to fall for the promises 

made by others. 

Thinking about becoming prominent figures at the pinnacle of the country’s pyramid in 

the future, and no longer having to see the faces of others at the Quillen family, she was 

filled with hope. 


Tue, May 


Chapter 1522 Secrets Revealed 

Seeing his expression, Bernett finally revealed his true motive. “Hannah, the Finch 

family, wants to become one of the Four Great Aristocratic Families of Zovince. Just 

relying on winning the championship of the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown is far 


from enough. We also need the Heart of the Sun in the hands of the Quillen family, as 

well as advanced commercial technologies like the super engine.” 

Hannah also understood his meaning. With her upper body bare, pressing against his 

warm body, she said with lowered eyelids, “Bernett, I understand! The Heart of the Sun 

in the hands of the Quillen family is simply being wasted. Since the Quillen family 

doesn’t even have a male heir to inherit the family business, instead of letting the 

Quillen family’s industry and the Heart of the Sun fall into the hands of some unworthy 

people, it’s better for me to take it and work together with you to maximize its value.” 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe" “I know, Mom. I'm in front of the café. Call you later!” Emmanuel Lowe hung up on his mother impatiently. The twenty-eight-year-old man had never been in a relationship. A romance novel is a genre of fiction primarily focused on the development of a romantic relationship between its central characters. These novels explore the emotional and often passionate connection between individuals, typically featuring themes of love, desire, and intimac.... Read More here 

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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