Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1524

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1524

Chapter 1524 Family Turmoil 

Chapter 1524 T 

Alessandra was infuriated, clutching her chest, looking visibly distressed. 

“Get out! You’re not welcome!” Roselynn immediately stood up, pointing toward the 

door, rebuking the shameless pair. 


Blake saw Emmanuel returning and chose not to argue with his family. That being said, 

Abellyn, who had always harbored resentment toward the Lowe family, especially 

Roselynn, refused to leave. She loudly declared, “If you don’t believe Tommy is ours, 

we’ll do a paternity test right now! Once the results are out, don’t obstruct us from 

taking our son away!” 

Hearing this, Mackenzie couldn’t help but chuckle, and Roselynn became even less 

tolerant, mocking, “Abellyn, I can’t believe you’re still illiterate! Even if Tommy were 

yours, he wouldn’t leave with you now. He’s a Lowe, and he belongs with us!” 

Abellyn became agitated. “What nonsense are you talking about? Now that Ryder is 


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Chapter 1524 Family Turmoil 



dead, shouldn’t Tia remarry without being burdened by a child? Tommy should be with 

ús for his well-being. It’s his best option!” 

Tommy listened to the adults’ conversation, his eyes betraying a hint of confusion. 

Just then, Emmanuel hurried over, gently patting Tommy’s head, comforting him, “Don’t 

worry, Tommy. As long as you don’t want to go, I’ll make sure nobody takes you away!” 

Tommy nodded, occasionally glancing at Tia and then at Abellyn, remaining silent. But 

Abellyn grabbed his hand agitatedly, shouting, “Tommy, you’re our son. Mine and 

Blake’s! You’re coming with us!” 

Given her age and her past as an escort, fertility was an issue for Abellyn. Having a 

six-year-old son, she felt compelled to take him away. She also knew this was her trump 

card to keep Blake. Tommy was not just her cash cow but also her retirement plan. 

How could she give him up?! 

09:06 Tue, May 

Chapter 1524 Family Turmoil 


“Let go!” Roselynn slapped Abellyn’s hand away. “You’re trafficking a child! You’ll go to 

jail for it! During the divorce, custody of Tommy was awarded to Ryder, who married Tia, 

making her his mother!” 

“Y-You’re talking nonsense!” Law wasn’t Abellyn’s strong suit; she believed volume 

equaled reason. “That woman has nothing to do with Tommy! Now that Ryder’s gone, 

shouldn’t she remarry freely? Why drag a child along?” 

“Haha, exactly!” Blake echoed. “Emmanuel, we’re both reasonable people. Abellyn’s 

right about this!” 

Then, turning to Tia with a smirk, he said, “Pretty miss, if you don’t mind, you can marry 

  1. I’m still single! Hehe…” 

He wasn’t blind. Though Tia might not be as stunning as Mackenzie or Hattie, she was 

still leagues above Abellyn! 


09:06 Tue, May 7 GW. 

Chapter 1524 Family Turmoil 


“Casanova, you-” Abellyn was nearly beside herself. If Tia agreed and married Blake, 

what would that make her?! 

Fortunately, Tia didn’t entertain Blake with any humility. “You’re so ugly I’d rather die 

than marry you!” 

“Huh?” Blake was stunned. When he saw all the other women giggling, he felt mortified. 

He couldn’t believe Tia would despise him for being ugly when she married Ryder. 

That said, he had a high tolerance for beautiful women, so he didn’t get angry with Tia. 

He continued with a grin, “If you won’t marry me, how about you give Tommy to us? I’ll 

give you money. How about a million? Five million? Or do you want more?” 

He only had this one son and was eager to leave a legacy. Despite being wealthy, his 

looks had prevented any woman from wanting to marry him. He had never truly been in 

love and had only dallied with hundreds of women, all just flings. If he wanted a 


09:06 Tue, May 7 G 

Chapter 1524 Family Turmoil 

biological child, he could only rely on Durex and condom ‘miracles!” 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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