Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1525

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525 A Choice Made 

Chapter 1525 


“I don’t want your money. Everything will be decided by Tommy himself. If he chooses 

to be with you, I’ll let him go with you…” 

Upon hearing this, both Tommy and Alessandra became anxious. Luckily, Tia had more 

to say. “If he chooses me, I’ll raise him well, even if it means enduring hardships.” 

“I want Ms. Franks!” Tommy almost instantly embraced Tia. He knew very well that 

Abellyn was lazy, and living with her would mean going hungry often. On the other 

hand, Tia was gentle, hardworking, and skilled in various ways, always making delicious 

food. So, even without a blood relation, he liked Tia. 

“Oh, you little rascal-” Blake and Abellyn were surprised by Tommy’s decision. But 

before Blake could finish his sentence, Emmanuel intervened. “Now, do you have 

anything more to say? Whether legally or according to Tommy’s wishes, he’s following 


Tue, May 

Chapter 1525 A Choice Made 

“Hey, you can’t do that!” Blake interjected anxiously. “The kid hasn’t lived with us yet. He 

doesn’t know how good we can be to him, so he definitely won’t choose us now! You 

have to give us a chance. How about this? Whoever helps him avenge his ugly dad gets 

to be close to him in the future.” 

Emmanuel chuckled. “I don’t think I need to agree to that.” 

But before he could finish, Tommy agreed, “Okay, if you can take down my dad’s 

enemies, I’ll follow you. Otherwise, I’ll stick with Ms. Franks!” 

Everyone was stunned. 

Blake grinned upon hearing Tommy’s agreement. “Haha, that’s settled then. We’ll honor 

our word. Kid, you can’t go back on your promise!” 

“I won’t go back on it!” Tommy’s gaze was unusually firm. His deepest bond was with 

Ryder, who had raised him for six years. As his son, it was his duty to avenge his father. 

09.06 Tue, May 

Chapter 1525 A Choice Made 


Alessandra and Tia had thought they wouldn’t be expecting many visitors for the 

funeral, but after Blake and Abellyn left, more people arrived. They weren’t ostentatious, 

but their numbers and status were imposing, forming a notable presence. 

Seeing their well-dressed attire and distinguished demeanor, Alessandra and Tia 

wondered how Ryder had such friends during his lifetime. Even Mackenzie was 

somewhat surprised. As the foremost family in Nuthana, the Silverbane family, coming 

to mourn someone they hadn’t even interacted with, showed their eagerness to 

connect with her husband. 

Do they perhaps know Emmanuel’s true identity? Otherwise, even if Emmanuel helps 

Onza Silverbane secure an advancement slot, they won’t show such respect! 

“Mr. Lowe, Ms. Quillen, we’re here to offer our condolences!” Angela spoke first to 

Emmanuel and Mackenzie. 

After Emmanuel and Mackenzie nodded, Angela approached Tia and Tommy. 


09:06 Tue, May 7 Gu 

Chapter 1525 A Choice Made 

“Mrs. Lowe, Tommy, please accept this small token of our condolences on behalf of the 

Silverbane family of Onza.” Angela handed a bank card to Tia, who was somewhat 


This woman seemed like a princess, a noble figure. In the past, she would have been 

proud to know such people, but she had a feeling they were now approaching her 

because of Emmanuel. She knew that becoming Emmanuel’s sister-in-law would bring 

her treatment she had never dared to dream of before. 

“Mrs. Lowe, Ms. Silverbane’s gesture is heartfelt. You should accept it,” Emmanuel 

encouraged when he saw her hesitation. 

Tia nodded, taking the bank card, and politely said, “Thank you, Ms. Silverbane!” 

After a slight nod from Angela, she turned to her family behind her. 

Starting with Stanley, the Silverbane family paid their respects to Ryder. 

09:06 Tue, May 

Chapter 1525 A Choice Made 

“Mr. Lowe, can I have a word with you?” After the funeral, Stanley personally invited 


Emmanuel glanced at Mackenzie before nodding, and the couple followed the 

Silverbane family backstage. 

“Mr. Lowe, we actually came today to discuss something with you.” 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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