Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1526

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526 The President’s Rel 

Chapter 1526 

Stanley was as respectful and courteous as ever, but Emmanuel was a bit 

uncomfortable with this form of communication and said directly, “Old Mr. Silverbane, 

speak your mind. No need for pleasantries!” 

Stanley nodded and went straight to the point, “Mr. Lowe, I wonder, is your goal to help 

the Silverbane family win the Grand Martial Showdown or to let the Quillen family win?” 

Ronnie and Angela looked at Emmanuel with curiosity rather than pressure. Seeing 

Emmanuel’s displayed strength a few days ago, Ronnie no longer doubted Emmanuel’s 

ability to win the championship. The question was, with his dual identity, which identity 

he would use to win? 

Mackenzie also looked at Emmanuel without pressuring him. Of course, she wanted 

her family to win, but she was also afraid of attracting unwanted attention and 

suppression. The Quillen family was still establishing itself in Onza, and climbing too 

high too quickly might invite attacks from others. 


Chapter 1526 The President’s Request 

“Old Mr. Silverbane, I’d like to know your thoughts first!” Emmanuel didn’t directly 

answer, even though he had promised Santiago via video to help the Quillen family win 

the presidency of the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce. But who knew what Stanley 

was thinking? 

Stanley glanced at Ronnie and Angela before sighing slightly. “We’re all family here, so I 

won’t beat around the bush. I’m old and can’t keep going. Of course, I hope my family 

can take over my unfinished business, maintain the peace of the Chanaea Chamber of 

Commerce, and create a good business environment for Chanaea. But…” 

At the “but,” Ronnie lowered his head. Angela, on the other hand, remained calm, even 

more so than her father. Emmanuel continued to listen silently without interrupting. 

“But my eldest son and his family have ill intentions. They only care about power and 

status. Recently, they’ve even been colluding with the Tanner family of Onza. If they get 

the presidency, the business world of Chanaea will undoubtedly be completely 

controlled by Teddy Tanner, with unimaginable consequences!” 


08:46 Wed, May 

Chapter 1526 The President’s Request 

Although Chanaea was vast and divided into five major business districts, Nuthana 

was the largest in terms of economic size among the five major chambers, even 

comparable to a country on its own in the world rankings, firmly in the top ten. That 

was why Teddy was desperate to control the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce, not 

giving up until the day he died. 

Emmanuel continued to nod, wanting to hear more. 

“As for my second son’s family in Onza, they’re still not as good as the Eshal Silverbanes 

in terms of business, connections, strength, or any other aspect. Even though I’ve 

focused on helping them develop over the past year, the gap is still very evident! Even if 

you help them win the championship, Mr. Lowe, and if I hand over the presidency to 

him, he might not sit securely in that position in the future. There might even be 

life-threatening dangers.” 

At this point, Mackenzie understood the purpose of Stanley’s visit to Emmanuel. 


08:46 Wed, May 8 G 

Chapter 1526 The President’s Request 

Emmanuel was also somewhat surprised and said directly, “So, President Silverbane, 


you want me to help the Quillen family win the championship and then let them take 

over the presidency?!” 

He had originally thought that Stanley had come that day specifically to ask him to help 

the Silverbane family of Onza win, but he had completely guessed wrong! 

“That’s right!” Stanley nodded, sighing, “During my tenure as president, I’ve received at 

least a hundred assassination attempts. The past year alone was even more 

outrageous, almost two to three times a month. If I hadn’t run into you last time, Mr. 

Lowe, I would’ve likely died! So, I thought that if the presidency is passed to Ronnie, it 

might be harmful to him, but it’s different if it’s handed over to the Quillen family!” 

The elder was still very worried that Emmanuel and Mackenzie might misunderstand. 

Without waiting for them to speak, he quickly added, “Your strength is extraordinary, Mr. 

Lowe, and the Quillen family also has a top-notch expert-Alfred. Whether Terence or 

Ms. Quillen becomes president, with experts like you protecting them, they will surely 


08:46 Wed, May 8 G 

Chapter 1526 The President’s Request 

be safe!” 

Emmanuel and Mackenzie could accept this reasoning. However, Mackenzie was still 

apprehensive, not because she didn’t trust Emmanuel but because she was pregnant 

and afraid of accidents caused by one wrong move. So, she was now hesitant to take 

on the presidency of the Chamber of Commerce. 

“President Silverbane, I’ll consider this matter carefully!” 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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