Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1527

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1527

Chapter 1527 Unexpected Guests 

Chapter 1527 

After checking Mackenzie’s expression, Emmanuel hesitated too, “I’ll decide how to 

proceed based on the actual situation at the time!” 

The Silverbane family likely guessed that he had three identities advancing. Until the 

finals matchups were announced, he couldn’t decide which identity to compete with. 

Moreover, in case strong opponents emerged, Emmanuel didn’t have absolute certainty 

that he would come out victorious in the end. 

“Very well then,” Stanley understood. As the finals approached, he just wanted to 

inform Emmanuel of his intentions. Ultimately, the decision would rest with Emmanuel. 

That day’s funeral turned out to be much livelier than expected. After the Silverbanes 

left, more people approached. 

Emmanuel and the others weren’t surprised to see Frederick and Shane leading the 

group. But behind them were three more people. 


08:47 Wed, May 8 

Chapter 1527 Unexpected Guests 

“Old Godfather! Santiago!” Emmanuel hurriedly walked over to greet these esteemed 

elders. Even Alessandra and Roselynn hurried over to greet them. 

These were respected elders from Hero’s Village. Especially Old Godfather, who hadn’t 

left the village in a decade, unexpectedly came to Onza. But when Emmanuel saw the 

last person, he stopped in his tracks. 

Upon seeing the woman, Tommy shouted agitatedly, “What are you doing here? You’re 

not welcome here! Go away!” 

It was Susie, Yosef’s sister. The resemblance between the siblings led the child to 

associate Susie with the murderer of his father, stirring up emotions! 

“Tommy, don’t be like this! Each person is responsible for their actions, and this matter 

has nothing to do with his sister.” Emmanuel quickly intervened. 

“Thank you,” Susie thanked Emmanuel, though without much emotion. 


Chapter 1527 Unexpected Guests 


“Oh, how could something like this happen?” Old Godfather, supported by Susie, slowly 

approached Ryder’s memorial tablet, feeling sorrowful. 

“It’s been a long time since there’s been infighting in Hero’s Village. It is truly 

heartbreaking.” Santiago also looked mournful as he offered incense to Ryder. 

“Ugh, Yosef is simply despicable!” Shane, upon hearing his master speak, immediately 

exclaimed. “I always knew the son of a murderer wouldn’t be a good person. I never 

expected him to behave decently in Hero’s Village only to reveal his true nature once he 

left! He sold himself to the devil Tanner family for money and women and even killed 

people from his village!” 

“Shane, shut up!” Emmanuel quickly stopped him. 

There were two reasons: firstly, not everything Shane said was true; Yosef wasn’t as 

despicable as he made him out to be. Secondly, he saw that Old Godfather was 

distraught and didn’t want to upset this hundred-year-old man. 


Chapter 1527 Unexpected Guests 

“You must be Ryder’s wife.” Old Godfather, setting aside his grief, looked at Tia. 

“Greetings, Old Godfather!” Tia bowed to him. 

She knew the customs of Hero’s Village; during the first year of marriage, she hac 

return to the village to bow to Old Godfather. She just didn’t expect her husband t 

leave before they could do it. 

“May the heavens bless you and your son with good fortune in the future,” Old 

Godfather kindly caressed her and Tommy’s heads. 

As she watched, Mackenzie suddenly thought the elder seemed like a living deity. 

However, she still wouldn’t kneel and bow to a living person; she nodded in 

acknowledgment according to her style. 

“Emmanuel, after everything here is settled, arrange to take your cousin’s ashes back to 

the village for burial,” Old Godfather instructed Emmanuel after finishing everything. 


Chapter 1527 Unexpected Guests 

“Yes, Old Godfather,” Emmanuel respected this old man very much; he was his 

grandfather’s teacher, after all. 

At this point, Santiago approached and said, “Actually, we came to Onza today to 

remind you of something.” 

Emmanuel quickly asked, “Do we need to move elsewhere?” 

Both Old Godfather and Santiago were important figures in the village. The news they 

brought specifically for him must not be trivial. Old Godfather nodded, allowing 

Emmanuel and Santiago to come over to talk He didn’t even let Susie and the 

join, let alone Shane. 

“Emmanuel, you’ve probably heard about Yosef’s background, right?” Old Godfather 

sitting down, asked Emmanuel. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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