Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1528

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1528

Chapter 1528 Revelations and Reminders 

Chapter 1528 

“I’ve heard of it, but not in detail, and I’m not sure what’s true.” Emmanuel nodded. “I 

heard that his parents killed many people and then committed suicide, and it was you 

who brought them back to the village.” 

The Old Godfather nodded slowly. “All of that is true, but none of you know how many 

people they killed and why they committed suicide, do you?” 

Emmanuel shook his head.. 

The Old Godfather sighed deeply. “In fact, Yosef and his parents were relatively si 

people, but such people are prone to losing themselves easily, and it’s also related 

the Harper family’s cultivation technique.” 

Emmanuel looked slightly surprised. 

The Old Godfather continued, “The Harper family’s swordsmanship is the ancient anc 

Chapter 1528 Revelations and Reminders 

profound Life-Death Blade Technique, passed down through generations. It requires 

the complement of a technique called Eclipse Yin-Yang Art to unleash the most 

powerful sword techniques! The problem lies with this Eclipse Yin-Yang Art, which 

requires experiencing great pain to unleash the practitioner’s sinister aura! 

“Years ago, Yosef’s father entered a village to avenge his younger brother. However, the 

enemy was mighty, and they couldn’t match him at all. To make her husband stronger, 

his wife intentionally died by his sword, and Yosef’s father’s demonic energy erupted. 

Not only did he kill the enemy, but he also lost control and killed everyone in the village,” 

Listening to this bizarre story, even Emmanuel was dumbfounded. If this story ha 

come from the venerable Old Godfather but from someone like Shane, Emmanue 

wouldn’t have believed a single letter. 

At this moment, Santiago couldn’t help but interject, “Emmanuel, I came here to reming 

you that Yosef’s mentality has been affected by Queenie’s death, and now that he’s 

tainted with the blood of his fellow villagers, he might become demonic. If you ever 


Wed, Ma) 

Chapter 1528 Revelations and Reminders 

confront him, you must be extremely careful! 

Emmanuel nodded, unable to help but smile bitterly. Yet-to-be-demonic Yosef was 

already impressive enough; if he did, Emmanuel might not necessarily win against him 

using 70% of his strength. 

“Emmanuel,” Old Godfather sighed again, saying, “There’s something I shouldn’t say, but 

forgive me, I have to.” 

Emmanuel sighed even more bitterly. Even though he knew what Old Godfather was 

going to say, he still respected this venerable old man and gestured with his hand, 

Godfather, please go ahead!” 

“I’ll say it then, even though you might not want to hear it.” Old Godfather’s deep eyes 

shimmered with a faint light as he requested. “I watched Yosef grow up, and he has 

helped many people in the village. He’s a rare talent with both literary and martial skills. 

If possible, I hope you can spare his life at the last moment and bring him back to Hero’s 



08:47/ Wed, May 

Chapter 1528 Revelations and Reminders 

Village. I will find a way to dispel his inner demons!” 

Emmanuel also sighed and nodded. Images of them playing together when they were 

young played in his head. Initially, he, Yosef, and Queenie were the best of friends. Why 

did they end up on such different paths when they grew up? Alas, fate really liked to toy 

with people. 

Mackenzie had been waiting at the memorial hall. When she saw Emmanuel send off 

Old Godfather, her expression became much more solemn. She quickly walked over 

and gently linked her arm with his. 

“Emmanuel, don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Remember, no matter what 

happens, you still have me and our child! We will always stand by your side.” 

Emmanuel looked back, smiled, and nodded at Mackenzie. Having a wife like her was 

truly a blessing in life. She didn’t need to know what happened; just a word of 

encouragement at the right time was the best support for her husband. 


08:47/ Wed, May 

Chapter 1528 Revelations and Reminders 

The preliminaries of the Nuthana Grand Martial Showdown were coming to an end, 

with only three days left until the thrilling finals. With competitions, there would alwa 

be surprises. The current results of the qualifiers were mostly within everyone’s 

expectations, but there were also some unexpected outcomes. 

Most of the major families and forces were stable, but some slipped up, the most 

typical being the Summerton family. 

According to incomplete statistics, after the Summerton family’s failure, business 

sector losses reached a staggering four billion, which would only continue to rise. Ma 

forces and companies had already terminated their cooperation with the Summert 

family. The Summerton family’s connections were also dwindling, and those people 

had begun to flatter and curry favor with other family forces. 

It could also be foreseen that the Summerton family’s vice-chairmanship in the 

Nuthana Chamber of Commerce would definitely be lost in the next month’s election. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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