Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1529

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1529

Chapter 1529 Rising Tides and Unforeseen Challenge 

Chapter 1529 

In contrast to the decline of the Summerton family, the rise of the Quillen family was 

the most striking. Their business continued to soar, and there were even rumors that 

Stanley might pass the presidency to the Quillen family. 

Originally, few people believed it, but as the rumors spread and time passed, naturally, 

some began to believe it. But everyone understood that for this to happen, the Quillen 

family’s sole representative, Emmanuel, had to win the Grand Martial Showdown. 

In the eyes of many, this was completely impossible. Because in the ratings given 

the organizers of the Grand Martial Showdown, Emmanuel only received an S- Ran 

Of course, this S- Rank rating sparked a lot of controversy. Some argued that if the 

results determined heroism, Weston, who should have been an S Rank player if he 

advanced, lost to the fighter in white, who then lost to Emmanuel. So, Emmanuel, even 

if not an S+ Rank player, should at least be an S Rank (Upper) player. But Emmanuel 

ultimately lost to the Wolf Warrior during the playoffs, who was ranked only A- Rank 


Chapter 1529 Rising Tides and Unforeseen Challenge 

(Middle), just higher than Parrish. So, if one looked at it that way, Emmanuel was, at 

most, an A- Rank player… 

Because of this, the disparity between Emmanuel’s upper and lower limits was too 

great, making him the most controversial player, constantly the subject of discussion. 

Anyway, the official response from the organizers was, “The player’s strength rating is a 

comprehensive analysis of their performance and final results in the competition, 

based on big data analysis, with very high accuracy!” However, this led to another 

question. How did the computer analyze Emmanuel’s victory over the fighter in white 

and loss to the A- Rank Wolf Warrior? Unfortunately, the organizers wouldn’t respo 

these details. 

Besides Emmanuel, most attention was focused on several other advancing players. 

The most eye-catching, of course, was the only player officially rated as S+ Rank by the 

organizers-the masked man from the Silverbane family of Onza-Beowulf King, who 

saved Beatrix previously. His strength was obvious to all, and many believed that the 


Chapter 1529 Rising Tides and Unforeseen Challenge 

Skinny Monkey he easily defeated should have at least S- Rank strength. 

Other top contenders for the championship all had S Rank or above strength: Yosef 

from the Tanner family, S Rank (Upper); Blake from the Aerelle Group, S Rank 

(Upper-Middle); Luna from the Chapman family, S Rank. 

Furthermore, the two players from the Silverbane family of Eshal were both S Rank, so 

the voice for Eshal Silverbane’s victory was high. 

People around were discussing, but as the person involved, Emmanuel didn’t care at all 

about these so-called data analyses and ratings. He knew very well that the data 

analyzed by the computer had a certain accuracy, but real masters wouldn’t care a 

or believe in such analyses. True masters could easily hide their strengths, and how 

could these computers accurately analyze the impact of one’s state?! 

That day, Mackenzie had him adjust his state in the company’s gym, preparing for the 

upcoming finals. However, Frederick came to him, rushing and flustered. “Emmanuel! 


08:47 Wed, May 8 G 

Chapter 1529 Rising Tides and Unforeseen Challenge 

It’s over! I’m done for!” 

“What’s over?” Emmanuel saw his friend’s hair all messed up like a bird’s nest and joked, 

“Your hairstyle is so trendy; is it the latest popular style? Do you want to become a 

trendsetting guy?” 

He actually wanted his friend to ease up and talk properly. However, Frederick still 

remained in a panic and a bit incoherent, “Oh, I came to say goodbye to you! I messed 


and I have to leave! I might go abroad and never come back!” 

Emmanuel couldn’t help but frown at this point, feeling that the situation must be 

serious or Frederick wouldn’t be in such a panic. 

Just then, Shane, who came to discuss business and also visit Emmanuel while he w 

at it, heard the conversation between the two. He couldn’t help but tease, “Frederick, 

what happened to you? Did you harass some beauty? Or did you steal someone’s sow 

and do something bad with it? Whatever you did, boldly and shamelessly confess it. 


Chapter 1529 Rising Tides and Unforeseen Challenge 

Even if Emmanuel and I can’t save you, we can still visit you in jail!” 


08:47 Wed, May 8 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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