Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1530

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1530

Chapter 1530 Revelations and Responsibilities 

Chapter 1530 

In the face of the teasing remarks from both Emmanuel and Shane, Frederick finally 

sighed heavily. “I’ve killed someone! And not just one person, but many!” 

“What?!” Emmanuel and Shane were both startled. 

“How did you kill them? Was it a mass slaughter, like a billion executed against a wall?” 

Shane, startled, initially thought Frederick was joking. After all, this guy was practically 

harmless. How could he possibly kill someone? 

“Shane, hold your dirty jokes for now! Get out of here!” Emmanuel, however, under 

Frederick better. This expression didn’t seem like a joke, so he quickly stopped Sha 

and told Frederick, “Don’t panic. Organize your thoughts and explain properly!” 

Frederick swallowed and, after steadying himself, recounted the whole story. 

“What? You’re saying there was a radiation issue at the Hadley factory, causing a large 


08:47/ Wed, May 

Chapter 1530 Revelations and Responsibilities 

number of people to fall seriously ill, even on the brink of death?” Emmanuel, too, was 

stunned. Why hadn’t Mackenzie mentioned this issue to him? 

“Yes!” Frederick slapped his thigh anxiously. “It was only today that officials from the 

city’s political bureau came to me, and I found out about this huge incident. Those 

patients had been appearing for a while, but someone deliberately concealed it!” 

“Who hid the people? What was their purpose?” Shane still wore a face of disbelief. If 

this issue went really wrong, his and Emmanuel’s company would be in big trouble! 

Frederick shook his head. He didn’t know either. 

Only Emmanuel remained calm, speculating, “The people behind this must have 

wanted to gather the patients first and expose everything at once in the end, 

completely ruining Terence Group without giving any chance!” 



08:47 Wed, May 8 

Chapter 1530 Revelations and Responsibilities 

Shane and Frederick gasped at the sinister plan. 

“So, you were the one who signed that responsibility document for the Onza Chamber 

of Commerce before, Frederick?” At this moment, Beatrix also heard their conversation 

and rushed in excitedly. 

Frederick nodded. “At that time, the Chamber of Commerce said our products might 

cause radiation problems. If we didn’t sign that responsibility document, no one would 

take responsibility, and we wouldn’t be allowed to produce the super engine! At that 

time, I thought, how could there be radiation in our products? Even if there were, our 

workers would wear radiation-proof clothing, and unrelated people can’t enter our 

factory, so I just signed it!” 

Hearing Frederick’s words, Beatrix was speechless. After a while, she scolded urgently, 

“You should have consulted me, your superior, first for such a big matter! How could 

you decide on your own accord?!” 


08:47 Wed, May 8 G. 

Chapter 1530 Revelations and Responsibilities 

“Ms. Beatrix, you were being kidnapped at the time! And I thought, in case of an 

accident, I’d take the blame myself and not involve you!” 

Frederick’s words left Beatrix at a loss. She wanted to scold him but couldn’t find the 

words. After all, the project was so urgent that they couldn’t afford to delay even for a 

day. Frederick, for her and the sake of the company, had no choice but to sign his 


Still, he was an employee of Terence Group, and if something went wrong, even if he 

was willing to take the blame, it would still implicate Terence Group. 

How can he be so simple-minded?! 

“Beatrix, now is not the time for accountability. Let’s figure out how to solve the 

problem quickly!” Emmanuel spoke up for Frederick. 

“But Emmanuel, aren’t you supposed to be fully preparing for the Grand Martial 


08:47/ Wed, May 8 G. 

Chapter 1530 Revelations and Responsibilities 

Showdown these days? How can you have time to focus on other matters?” Beatrix 

was apprehensive. The results of the Grand Martial Showdown were also significant for 

the Quillen family. 

“There’s no other way. This concerns the survival of the Terence Group, which is more 

important than reaching the summit. Besides, your sister is pregnant. Don’t tell her 

about this for now, so she doesn’t worry too much!” Emmanuel advised gravely. 

At this moment, Beatrix thought her brother-in-law was really reliable. However, she 

found his gaze at the moment inexplicably similar to her hero. Hold up! Their lips als 

look very alike! Weren’t they the very lips under the mask when I fed my hero cake 

other day? What’s going on? Is it a coincidence? 

“Come on, let’s visit the patients! Do you know which hospital they’re in?” Emmanuel 

didn’t notice his sister-in-law’s strange expression as he spoke to Frederick. 

Once he saw the patients, he could determine the cause of their illness. If it wasn’t 


08:47/ Wed, May 8 Gj 

Chapter 1530 Revelations and Responsibilities 

related to radiation, the issue could be resolved directly. 



Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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