Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1531

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1531

Chapter 1531 Hospital Intrigues 

Chapter 1531 

In case the factory radiation caused it, he had to find a way to cure these people 

quickly. As long as they weren’t dead, everything else was minor. 

“They’re at the Tanzon Medical Center!” 

“Tanzon Medical Center?!” Emmanuel was particularly sensitive to that name, but none 

of them were Onza locals, so he couldn’t determine who owned the hospital. 

The four of them immediately headed to Tanzon Medical Center. 

Although this private hospital was decent, it was still incomparable to a major public 

hospital. So why were the patients all arranged here? 

On their way, Beatrix had already contacted Lexi, asking her to secretly find out about 

Tanzon Medical Center while keeping it from Mackenzie. 

Chapter 1531 Hospital Intrigues 

As soon as they got out of the car, Beatrix immediately said, “Emmanuel, Tanzon 

Medical Center is controlled by Aidan Tanner’s scoundrel family. They must be getting 

back at us!” 

“Maybe not!” Emmanuel said. “When Frederick signed the document, Aidan Tanner 

hadn’t died yet, but this matter is definitely related to the Tanner family. Let’s check 

things out first!” 

“Okay!” Beatrix nodded, her expression serious. This time, she must work together with 

her brother-in-law to save her family from this big problem and not let her pregnant 

sister worry. She wanted to prove that she could also handle things on her own. 

“I’m sorry, you can’t enter this special ward!” After finally finding out where the batch o 

patients were, they arrived at the door only to find the hospital guarded by security 

personnel, preventing them from entering. 

“Why?” Frederick asked anxiously. 


Chapter 1531 Hospital Intrigues 

“The patients in the special ward are infectious. No visitations are allowed!” Several 

security guards spoke in an official tone. 


Frederick became anxious and said immediately, “The patients inside are my relatives. 

I’m not afraid of infection. If anything happens, I’ll take full responsibility!” 

“No means no! Leave, or we’ll treat you as troublemakers!” The head security guard said 


Emmanuel quickly pulled Frederick away and smiled, “Gentlemen, sorry for the trouble. 

My friend’s wife is also inside, so he’s rather anxious. They can’t afford to lose her. 

you let us in to take a look? We understand medicine and will take all necessary 

precautions. We won’t trouble the hospital in any way!” He knew that if they acted 

rashly, they would alert the enemy. Since the people behind this wanted to destroy 

Terence Group, he couldn’t let them know too early that they had come to Tanzon 

Medical Center. 

Chapter 1531 Hospital Intrigues 

Although the head of security still didn’t let them in, he inadvertently provided a key 

piece of information. He said loudly to Emmanuel, “We’re just doing our duty. Please 

don’t make it difficult for us! If you want to see anyone inside, you need the approval of 

our director, Dr. Doncaster!” 

Frederick wanted to continue arguing, but Emmanuel pulled him away. 

“Emmanuel, why don’t we just barge in? We need to know the condition of those 

patients!” Frederick was very anxious. He had received a notice from the city’s political 

bureau that someone affected by the radiation from the Hadley factory had been sent 

to Tanzon Medical Center and was on the brink of death. As the person in cha 

had to take responsibility. But he hadn’t seen the patients’ specific condition an 

seen some photos sent by the other party. 

“Barging in will alert the enemy and force them to expose the matter immediately!” 

Emmanuel patiently explained to his friend. “That would be a loss for us. So, we nee 

act before the enemy strikes, minimize the situation, or eliminate it altogether!” 

09:12 Thu, May 9 G • 

Chapter 1531 Hospital Intrigues 

Frederick understood Emmanuel’s reasoning. They were racing against time with the 

other party. Since the other party wanted to prepare for a fatal blow, they had to seize 

the opportunity and neutralize the threat before it became tangible. 

“Let’s think of a way first without alarming the masterminds behind the scenes. We’ll 

figure out how to get in later!” Emmanuel said and contacted Lexi. Soon, Lexi provided 

him with some information: the director of Tanzon Medical Center, Finnian Doncaster, 

was actually Rob’s former apprentice. 

The information provided Emmanuel with a lightbulb moment. He immediately called 

Rob, but instead of talking about the matter directly, he beat around the bush. “L 

heard that Tanzon Medical Center has received a batch of special patients, and 

knows how to handle them. Can you cure them?” 

If it were anyone else, Rob might not bother, but the caller was one of the top traditio 

medicine practitioners of Chanaea. 

Thu, May 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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