Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1532

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1532

Chapter 1532 Medical Showdown 

Chapter 1532 

Last time, after taking one of Emmanuel’s longevity pills, he felt twenty years younger 

and even regained a bit of his long-lost manly vigor. So, he dreamed of having another 

one. Now, when Emmanuel called him, he immediately put aside all his tasks and 

delegated the upcoming surgeries to his disciples. Regardless, he was determined to 

meet Emmanuel in person, either to get the medicine or to seek some advice on 

medicinal formulas. 

“I’m unaware, Mr. Lowe. Shall I go over and take a look?” 

“But Dr. Doncaster doesn’t allow anyone to enter at will.” 

Hearing this, Rob chuckled proudly. “Oh, Finnian, you say. He wouldn’t dare defy me, 

assure you that.” 

That was exactly what Emmanuel wanted to hear. He provoked, “Very well, Dr. Rob, le 

have a friendly exchange today and see who can cure these special patients. Your 

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Chapter 1532 Medical Showdown 



disciple lost to me last time. Let’s see if you can regain some dignity for him this time.” 

Emmanuel did it deliberately, but little did he expect the esteemed doctor to be so chill, 

unlike his disciple in competitiveness. He directly admitted defeat, saying, “Oh, I’m no 

match for you, Mr. Lowe! But I’d like to see what kind of illness this is and witness your 

skills firsthand. So, let’s study it together. No competition, no comparison. Don’t think 

about bullying this old man!” 

Emmanuel was speechless. How could such a renowned expert in modern medicine be 

so timid?! Then again, he had agreed to come. Emmanuel’s purpose was achieved; that 

was all that mattered. 

Soon, Rob arrived at Tanzon Medical Center. Besides Rob, Smith and some others 

came, making a group of eight. They first met up with Emmanuel and the others, th 

abruptly approached Finnian. 

Dr. Finnian Doncaster was a middle-aged man in his early forties, wearing thick glass 

Chapter 1532 Medical Showdown 

and having a somewhat exotic demeanor. 

“Dr. Rob, what brings you here?” Though puzzled, he quickly greeted his teacher, who 

brought a group of people to him so suddenly. 

“Finnian, I heard your hospital received a batch of special radiation patients. You cure 

them, can you? So, I brought various experts to help!” 

Rob’s position in Onza’s medical community was prominent, and he had many related 

industries. If he wasn’t given due respect, Finnian would have difficulty operating in 

Onza’s medical community in the future. So, he quickly smiled, “Thank you for yo 

concern, sir, but these patients still have residual radiation in their bodies and are 

infectious. I’m afraid-” 

“Haha, what a joke!” Smith interrupted. “Radiation isn’t a virus; how could it be 

contagious? Who taught you medicine? My teacher wouldn’t produce such 

incompetent students!” 

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Chapter 1532 Medica! Showdown 

Typical Westerians: direct in their speech. But this time, Emmanuel quite liked this guy 

because he voiced the same concerns Emmanuel had. 

“You wouldn’t say so if you had seen those patients, Smith.” Finnian was also angry. 

“Radiation isn’t contagious, but this radiation is special. It lingers in the body’s cells, and 

if a normal person comes into contact with it, they’ll also suffer!” 

“I don’t believe it. Take us there! You Chanaeans always lie and exaggerate!” While the 

first half of Smith’s statement was fine, the second half painted all Chanaeans with the 

same brush, which displeased Emmanuel and the others. 

Why were they being represented by Doncaster? Most Chanaeans were pragma 

weren’t they? 

“Very well then. Follow me.” Finnian had no choice but to lead them into the special 


Chapter 1532 Medical Showdown 


When Emmanuel and the others saw the ugly patients through the glass windows, their 

hearts were instantly shocked and shaken. They all lived together in three large wards, 

totaling 23 people. Their faces were pale, their bodies emaciated, and they had almost 

lost all their hair. Some even had distorted facial features and skulls, resembling the 

zombies from a biohazard crisis. 

“H-How did this happen?” Beatrix suddenly felt a bit nauseous and couldn’t accept that 

these people were all affected by the Hadley factory. 

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Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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