Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1533

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1533

Chapter 1533 Unveiling the Mystery 

Chapter 1533 

If this was true, she felt an urge to sacrifice herself! 


Emmanuel was also moved. Upon initial observation, these people did indeed appear to 

suffer from deformities caused by radiation. 

“They’re all workers from the Hadley factory, relatives, and residents near the factory. 

Because of improper handling of radiation at the factory, they’ve been exposed to 

radiation, resulting in their current condition!” Finnian’s argument directly pointed 

fingers at the Hadley factory. 

Rob, Smith, and others shook their heads with sighs. To save these people s 

an insurmountable challenge. 

Emmanuel rarely encountered such patients and lacked confidence initially until h 

saw a familiar face. 

Chapter 1533 Unveiling the Mystery 

Ellie Townsend?! Isn’t she associated with Yosef? 

Emmanuel didn’t recognize her at first because he hadn’t met Ellie in person. He had 

only seen her picture from Ryder’s case at the police station. 

Ellie’s hair was almost gone now, and her complexion was several shades paler than in 

the photo. She no longer looked like the young girl she once was but resembled a weak 

middle-aged woman. The change was drastic. It was absolutely tragic. 

“No, this may not necessarily be related to the Hadley factory,” Emmanuel suddenly 

spoke up, causing a stir among those present. 

Beatrix and the others suddenly felt hopeful, especially Frederick. If even Emn 

confirmed that it was caused by the factory’s radiation, he could rest his case. 

Emmanuel’s doubt meant he was confident in his assertion. 

Finnian’s expression turned sour, seeing that someone was undermining him. But 

Chapter 1533 Unveiling the Mystery 

before he could speak, Rob preemptively asked, “Oh, why do you say that?” 

Smith was also curious because, from his visual judgment, these people did indeed 

appear to suffer from radiation! 

“I can’t say for sure, but they might be suffering from heavy metal poisoning!” 

Emmanuel’s words sent shivers down many spines. 


Smith immediately shook his head in denial. “Heavy metal poisoning does resemble 

radiation symptoms to some extent, but there are usually surface manifestations such 

as skin atrophy, rashes, eczema, etc., which these patients don’t seem to hav 

“What if I told you someone intentionally cured them of those symptoms?” Emn 

asked him pointedly, and Smith burst into laughter. “Mr. Lowe, your diagnosis las 

was indeed impressive! But I don’t think they have heavy metal poisoning. Chanae 

doctors like you don’t seem to respect medicine and science, always talking about 

strange things, like radiation is contagious and calling radiation symptoms heavy m 


Chapter 1533 Unveiling the Mystery 

poisoning. Do you Chanaeans talk nonsense all the time?” 

Seeing this guy conflate Emmanuel and Finnian and being so disdainful toward 

Chanaeans, Beatrix and the others naturally felt displeased. 

Beatrix really wished her brother-in-law could shut this modern medicine practitioner 

with his prowess, especially since they hadn’t seen Emmanuel defeat him before. 


Emmanuel didn’t expect that while the teacher respected him, the apprentice snubbed 

him. But Smith’s remarks actually worked to his advantage. He was worried about not 

having an excuse to diagnose these patients, but since Smith was provoki 

could feign offense. “Well then, let’s have another showdown! We’ll find wit 

examination whether I’m right!” 

“Haha, deal!” Smith had long wanted to score a point back for modern medicine 

şo many people watching, his fighting spirit was high. “Let’s compare and see wh 

find the specific pathology of these people faster and more accurately!” 

Chapter 1533 Unveiling the Mystery 


“Agreed!” Emmanuel agreed readily, then specifically pointed to Ellie and said, “Let that 

girl do a stool test!” 

Apart from Emmanuel, Frederick, Shane, and Beatrix had never met Ellie before, so they 

were surprised when Emmanuel singled out the girl for examination. 

“Dude, these people all look like zombies. Is there really a difference between men and 

women? Why pick a girl?” Frederick asked softly with furrowed brows. 

Shane grinned at once. “You know nothing! Maybe the girl’s sample is healthier fresher, 

and more fragrant, and Emmanuel likes it!” 

Emmanuel really wanted to shut these two up, but he couldn’t explain it to the 

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Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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