Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1534

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1534

Chapter 1534 The Taste of Truth 

Chapter 1534 


In reality, Ellie had no idea who Emmanuel was, so when she was brought to Emmanuel 

and Smith, she looked confused and a little panicked. 

“Don’t be afraid. We’re here to help you! We’d like your stool sample to see if you have 

poisoning!” Emmanuel said, but Ellie showed no excitement. Not only that, but she also 

resisted quite strongly, backing away and refusing, “No! I don’t want to! Please, just let 

us die in peace!” 

Emmanuel and Smith were quite surprised and couldn’t help but glance at eac 

“Has the illness tormented you so much that you’re desperate for death?” Smith 

in broken Chanaean. 

Ellie pretended not to understand, pursing her lips and not responding. Emmanuel 

thought there was something fishy about this. The fact that this girl had no will to 

thinking she was better off dead, led him to speculate that maybe she was coerced 

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Chapter 1534 The Taste of Truth 


cooperating with someone to discredit the Terence Group. The story behind this had to 

be investigated thoroughly. However, the immediate priority was to determine the 

cause of these patients’ illnesses. 

Emmanuel whispered a few words to Rob, and the latter nodded, instructing Finnian to 

forcibly conduct the stool test on her. Finnian’s expression was quite strange; nothing 

escaped Emmanuel’s eyes. Regardless, ultimately, Finnian agreed and had someone 

administer a laxative to Ellie. 

Before administering the medicine, Emmanuel checked Ellie’s pulse and abdomen 

silently. Smith didn’t know these techniques and could only stand by helples 

small lump of dark, hard stool was brought before Emmanuel and Smith. 

Emmanuel, wearing gloves, touched the stool, which was as hard as iron, with h 

fingers, and to everyone’s shock, he then put his finger into his mouth. 

Holy crap! Shane was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe what Emmanuel was doi 

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Chapter 1534 The Taste of Truth 

He was just joking earlier. Little did he think he would hit the nail on the head! 



Frederick also looked astonished. He never thought his friend would go this far to 

diagnose a patient. That said, it was all to save him. He was touched. 

Only Beatrix remained relatively calm, although she was also surprised, but not as 

exaggerated as the others. On the other hand, Smith touched the substance with his 

fingers as well, but only to check its condition, without trying its taste as Emmanuel did. 

However, the next moment, Emmanuel made a diagnosis. “These patients have 

cadmium poisoning!” 

D*mn! Smith and Rob were utterly astonished. Smith, in particular, immediat 

instructed his assistant to arrange for a chemical test. Of course, they also arra 

a sample to be taken back to their hospital. With this, even if Finnian wanted to 

with the results, it wouldn’t make much difference. 

After everything was arranged, Smith returned to Emmanuel. 

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Chapter 1534 The Taste of Truth 


At this point, Rob was also seeking advice from Emmanuel, “Mr. Lowe, the substance 

you tested, just by looking at it, one can tell it’s the result of long-term constipation. But 

multiple heavy metal poisonings could also cause constipation. How did you determine 

it was cadmium poisoning?” 

Emmanuel smiled mysteriously. “Have you heard of ‘Dioscorides’ De Materia Medica”?” 

“Are you judging by the taste?” Rob exclaimed with revelation. “I’ve heard of Dioscorides 

tasting various herbs and encountering seventy-two poisons. It’s thanks to such figures 

that Chanaean medicine has developed rapidly and greatly! 

“I didn’t expect you traditional medicine practitioners to inherit such spirit an 

wonder your 

medical skills are so impressive, Mr. Lowe! In comparison, we mo 

medicine practitioners are indeed far inferior in this regard!” Rob’s words made 

feel uncomfortable. Emmanuel made the diagnosis first. Even if the results of the 

chemical tests confirmed it, they would still lose. Moreover, the look in Rob’s eyes 

moment seemed to be full of disappointment toward him. 

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Chapter 1534 The Taste of Truth 

Smith was Rob’s proudest disciple. Continuously losing to Emmanuel somewhat 

tarnished the reputation of their sect. More importantly, his master’s gaze probably 


expressed disappointment that modern medicine’s dedication to research wasn’t as 

good as traditional medicine’s. 

If Emmanuel could do it, why couldn’t he? He just needed to taste the sample and 

elaborate on it later, elevating his skills. 

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Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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