Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1535

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1535

Chapter 1535 The Taste of Diagnosis 

Chapter 1535 

With that thought in mind, he once again touched the remaining residue and put his 

finger into his mouth. 

The taste was indeed a bit nauseating, but it was also strangely peculiar. Could 

traditional medicine really discern components based on this taste? It’s quite 


Seeing him also do that, Shane and Frederick couldn’t bear it anymore and felt a bit 


nauseous, having goosebumps. Is this what it takes to be a doctor, eating s 


that mean the price of becoming a genius physician even harder?! 

“What are you doing?” Emmanuel asked in surprise. 

“I want to taste what it’s like. Emmanuel, tell me, are you like Dioscorides, who tas 

thousands of substances and can judge the components by taste? How did you t 

Smith asked seriously, showing that he was a dedicated doctor. 

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Chapter 1535 The Taste of Diagnosis 


Emmanuel actually knew his personality well, so he smiled and said, “I don’t know what 

you’re talking about. I touched the specimen with my index finger, but I put my middle 

finger in my mouth!” 

“What?!” Smith’s eyes widened with incredulity. The man stared at Emmanuel, 

completely puzzled by why he would do that. 

Before Smith could ask, Emmanuel revealed, I just loosened the glove a bit because it 

was tight. Oh, I can take it off now.” After speaking, Emmanuel removed the glove. In 

actuality, he felt a bit repulsed just touching it, let alone tasting it. 

“Holy sh*t!” Smith couldn’t help but curse out loud, covering his throat and r 

vomit. These Chanaeans are f*cking savage! How dare they set me up like this 

It finally became clear to Frederick and Shane. They knew the Emmanuel they 

recognized wasn’t that hardcore. 

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Chapter 1535 The Taste of Diagnosis 


Beatrix, on the other hand, smirked proudly beside them. “Did you guys just realize it? I 

knew it from the beginning! Oh, my goodness, I can’t hold it in anymore! Haha, 

Emmanuel must not have liked the way that Westerian kept looking down on us 

Chanaeans, so he deliberately teased him!” 

Emmanuel smiled without saying a word, knowing that only his sister-in-law 

understood him the best. 

Rob also realized that he had just said a bunch of nonsense and was ready to 

reevaluate Emmanuel, but at this moment, the test results came out. Sure enoh, it 

was severe cadmium poisoning. 



that’s even more amazing!” Rob didn’t bother to defend his disciple an 

and turned to Emmanuel with amazement. “Mr. Lowe, how did you diagnose it 

“It’s not that difficult, actually.” Emmanuel had achieved his goal and didn’t hide 

anything from Rob. “First, I observed the symptoms. Heavy metal poisoning and 

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Chapter 1535 The Taste of Diagnosis 


radiation diseases have many similarities, such as hair loss, emaciation, deformities, 

and so on! However, there are also some symptoms that radiation diseases wouldn’t 

have, as Smith pointed out. So, I initially judged that they should have heavy metal 

poisoning, even if not all of them, at least a considerable number of people.” 

Rob agreed with his point and nodded repeatedly. With his medical knowledge, he 

could also make such a judgment. 

Emmanuel continued, “The girl’s pale complexion with a hint of dullness indicates 

long-term constipation. Generally, heavy metal poisoning causes diarrhea, bu 

mercury and cadmium poisoning can cause constipation and hair loss. And 

poisoning also damages the intestinal nerves and intestinal walls. I diagnos 

soon as I checked her pulse and pressed her abdomen.” 

Emmanuel actually concealed some truth there. If he hadn’t known Ellie and that 

was admitted to this hospital after being stabbed by Abellyn, he would never have 

so sure that these patients didn’t have radiation diseases. Since she had been 

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Chapter 1535 The Taste of Diagnosis 

hospitalized for days, how could she have been exposed to radiation? 


Regardless, Rob was enlightened. “So, that’s it! When traditional medicine reaches its 

peak, it’s much more efficient than modern medicine!” 

What modern medicine needed instruments to test, traditional medicine could do with 

just bare hands, and faster than them. How could he not be impressed?! 

Smith, who had been greatly impressed with Emmanuel, was now staring at him 

fiercely, wanting to kill him. 

Beatrix saw his expression and couldn’t help but snigger, admiring her broth 

even more. 

Shane directly said what she wanted to say, “Haha, Emmanuel not only has amaz 

medical skills but also loves to mess around! Competing in medical skills and teas 

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Chapter 1535 The Taste of Diagnosis 

your disciple at the same time. Well? Do you guys yield?” 



Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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