Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1536

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1536

Chapter 1536 Confrontation at the Factory 

Chapter 1536 

“Haha…” Rob guffawed. “Indeed, Mr. Lowe not only has superb medical skills but also 

meticulous thinking. Compared to him, my proud disciple isn’t as attentive. It’s not 

unjust to suffer this!” 

He was also aware that Smith spoke too bluntly and easily offended people. It was 

good for him to learn a lesson, lest he spoke recklessly and harmed the reputation of 

others in the future when developing in Chanaea. 

“Dr. Rob, the girl is suffering from heavy metal poisoning. I don’t know what’s going on, 

but these people indeed have radiation diseases caused by the factory radiation. We 

have conducted radiation tests, and the reports are all complete. Please take a look!” 

Finnian finally took action, instructing someone to hand over a series of reports to Rob. 

Emmanuel also scanned the reports, and these materials didn’t seem falsified. Most 

importantly, even if the other party fabricated them, he couldn’t obtain evidence of their 

falsification right then. The people behind the scenes wanted to destroy the Terence 


Chapter 1536 Confrontation at the Factory 

Group; they must have made meticulous plans, which couldn’t be resolved with just one 

visit to the hospital. So, Emmanuel didn’t reveal his identity for the time being, argue 

with Finnian, or investigate why Ellie was among these patients. After reviewing the 

relevant patients and data, he chose to leave quietly. 

Subsequently, the four rushed to the Hadley factory to investigate the radiation 

situation in the workshop. But they didn’t expect that as soon as they entered the 

workshop, they would find a group of people inside, with Mackenzie and Lexi standing 

in the center. 

“Mackenzie, what are you doing here?” Emmanuel felt slightly flustered when he saw 

Mackenzie’s angry gaze and quickly approached her. 

Frederick didn’t dare to speak, keeping his head down. 

“If I didn’t come, how long were you planning to keep this from me?” Mackenzie coldly 


Fri, May 


Chapter 1536 Confrontation at the Factory 

Emmanuel didn’t care and quickly pulled her away, saying, “There may be radiation in 


this workshop. Even if you’re wearing protective clothing, it’s not safe. You’re pregnant!” 

Seeing how nervous he was about her, Mackenzie understood his intention to keep it 

from her and sighed softly, no longer blaming him. “Don’t worry, there’s no radiation in 

this workshop. We tested it early!” 

Upon hearing this, Emmanuel let go of her hand. 

“No radiation? Where did those radiation patients come from then?” Frederick 

exclaimed in surprise. He clearly made out two people among the patients as workers 

in this workshop. That was why he didn’t angrily accuse Finnian of being a fraudster 

and falsifying medical reports when he produced those reports just now. 

Mackenzie didn’t have time to explain to him. Instead, she said to Emmanuel, “Come 

with me!” She knew the abilities of everyone present. Other than Lexi, only Emmanuel 

could help her solve this matter. Frederick and the others were incapable. 


09:22 Fri, May 10 

Chapter 1536 Confrontation at the Factory 

Since Mackenzie had gotten herself involved, Emmanuel also wanted to clarify the 

situation with her. The couple and Lexi ‘soon sat in a separate office in the factory. 

“What did you find at the hospital?” Mackenzie went straight to the point. 

“I can be sure that most of the people there don’t have illnesses related to radiation. 

Someone must be intentionally targeting us!” Emmanuel revealed and then asked 

Mackenzie, “Has the factory workshop been investigated thoroughly? Are you sure we 

haven’t produced any radioactive radiation?” 

He had rushed to the factory just to confirm this. If the Hadley factory really didn’t 

produce harmful radiation, then no matter how others slandered and made false 

reports, it wouldn’t be a big problem. So, when Mackenzie told him this just now, he 

was actually quite surprised. 

“Yes!” Mackenzie nodded solemnly. “Our secret factory definitely produces a lot of 

radiation, but without the energy storage process in the Hadley factory, there will be 


09:22/ Fri, May 10 

Chapter 1536 Confrontation at the Factory 

absolutely no radioactive radiation.” 


Her words coincided with Emmanuel’s speculation. Terence Group only used the 

Hadley factory to produce corresponding parts, so there couldn’t possibly be any 

radiation, not to mention causing so many people to be in life-threatening situations. 

“Mackenzie, could it be that the people behind this are intentionally trying to force us to 

reveal the location of the secret factory?” 


Fri, May 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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