Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1537

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1537

Chapter 1537 Unraveling the Plot 

Chapter 1537 

Emmanuel speculated accordingly. 


At this point, everyone knew that Terence Group had developed a super engine, and the 

core of their super engine was super energy technology. 

Terence Group had publicly announced that the engine was produced at the Hadley 

factory, so there was no way to explain that the Hadley factory did not produce 

radiation. Moreover, there were two patients who were indeed workers at the Hadley 

factory. The truth was indeed bewildering for Emmanuel. 

“It’s possible!” Mackenzie nodded solemnly, also expressing her speculation. “But it’s 

also possible that the radiation is indeed generated from Hadley factory.” 


“Oh?” Emmanuel knew his wife was clever and was eager to hear what she would say 



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Chapter 1537 Unraveling the Plot 

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Mackenzie didn’t beat around the bush and analyzed with two fingers raised. “We 

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acquired Hadley factory less than a month ago, so it’s possible that the patients were 

already irradiated before our transformation! Or someone secretly placed a radiation. 

device in the Hadley factory, not necessarily in the workshop, just to frame us!” 

Emmanuel nodded, admiring his wife’s wisdom. 

Mackenzie continued, “If it’s the first possibility, Julian and your sister are already 

engaged. If we shift the blame to the Summerton family, first, they may not admit it, and 

second, the Summerton family is already in a miserable state. If they suffer even more, 

Julian, as the heir, will be in a miserable state!” 

Emmanuel also smiled bitterly. Indeed, even if it was the Summerton family’s fault, they 

might have to bear it for them. 

“If it’s the second possibility, and the other party takes away the device, we won’t find 

any evidence! If they haven’t taken it away, the political bureau will issue a notice, and 


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Chapter 1537 Unraveling the Plot 

we must clarify within three days that we are not involved. This is quite difficult!” 

Mackenzie looked at Emmanuel and added, “Moreover, the other party also has another 

purpose; perhaps they want to distract you from winning the Grand Martial Showdown 

with this. At that time, our family might end up in a dilemma.” 

After hearing Mackenzie’s analysis, Emmanuel thought the enemies in the shadows 

were formidable. Their layout was no less than that of Magnus, but who could it be? 

“Ms. Quillen, we found it!” 

At this time, Lexi, who had been listening to their analysis, suddenly received a 

message and reported to Mackenzie with some excitement. “We found a radiation 

device in one of our warehouses!” 

Alas, the news only made Mackenzie’s expression even more grave. It seemed that 

someone really wanted to ruin them, but who? 

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Chapter 1537 Unraveling the Plot 

“Put away the device, and then survey comprehensively. Make sure that when the 

political bureau comes to examine it, they won’t detect any radiation!” 

“Yes, Ms. Quillen!” Lexi immediately went to arrange it. 

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Emmanuel also said to Mackenzie, “This may help evade legal responsibility, but once 

those patients are exposed, things will still escalate because no one will believe that 

the Hadley factory is radiation-free!” 

“Do you have any good ideas?” she asked, suddenly looking at him, her eyes carrying a 

hint of trust. She knew very well that several times before, this man had quietly saved 

her family from dire situations. 

“Cure the patients. As long as no one dies, everything will be fine!” Emmanuel’s method 

was indeed the best. 

Mackenzie continued to ask, “Are you confident?” 


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Chapter 1537 Unraveling the Plot 

“Yes!” Emmanuel nodded. The Divine Valley Medical Records contained methods to 

treat various complex diseases, including heavy metal poisoning and radiation 

diseases, for which Santiago added cases and treatment methods. 

“But we have a tricky problem!” Emmanuel frowned. “Those patients seem determined 

to die for some reason. If they refuse to let me treat them, I can’t do anything!” 

Mackenzie narrowed her beautiful eyes and knitted her brows tightly. “This is the best 

way for us to resolve the risk. I’ll take a look with you tomorrow.” 

“But, Mackenzie, your current condition is not suitable for too much activity. Let us 

handle this “Before Emmanuel could finish his words, Mackenzie fixed her firm gaze 

on him. “Alright,” he yielded. 

The couple could read each other’s minds now, and Emmanuel knew what Mackenzie 

wanted to say without her needing to say it. At that, he met in the middle. “But you 

must promise not to overwork yourself. Leave everything to us. You just stand aside 


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Chapter 1537 Unraveling the Plot 

and grasp the situation.” 

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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