Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1538

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1538

Chapter 1538 Machinations Unveiled 

Chapter 1538 

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Mackenzie smiled slightly. “Don’t worry, I know what to do! I’m much more careful than 


Emmanuel chuckled. Still, he couldn’t help but worry. After all, the baby in Mackenzie’s 

belly was the darling of their families. 

Meanwhile, inside a high-end private club, Hannah and Bernett had just finished a 

passionate love-making session. They lay naked on the bed, breathing heavily, sated. 

Oh, a woman still needs a man! She was so naive back then, thinking her family wa 

everything. Little did she know that, at the end of the day, a woman could only depend 

on her man. 

That day, she and her senior finally got married, and from then on, she was Mrs. Finch. 

Bernett lit an after-sex cigarette, feeling ecstasy, then unlocked his phone to check the 


Fri, May 

Chapter 1538 Machinations Unveiled 

daily events of Onza. 


“Bernett, the Quillens are busy dealing with the radiation incident, aren’t they?” Hannah 

looked up at the ceiling, her cold eyes probing. 

“Yes, darling! Whether they can resolve this matter is still uncertain. Emmanuel will 

have to expend a lot of energy and effort on this in the last two days. He definitely won’t 

-perform well in the finals, and the Quillen family is destined to miss the championship!” 

Bernett boasted. 

Hannah hugged his arm, smiling, “Bernett, do you think our family will win? I also w 

to become the prestigious lady of the Grandmaster family!” 

“Haha, just wait and see. Our family will definitely make a splash and rise to the top!” 

Bernett said with great passion.”Our family’s experts have been concealing their 

strength in the preliminaries, choosing favorable advancement positions. The 

opponents in the first two rounds of the finals are not strong. By then, when those 


09:22/ Fri, May 10 

Chapter 1538 Machinations Unveiled 

S-rank players are exhausted from their fights, our family will sit back and reap the 

rewards, securing the championship in one fell swoop!” 

Hannah clapped her hands in admiration, becoming Bernett’s fangirl. 


Bernett continued fervently, “Once the Quillen family loses in the Grand Martial 

Showdown and their reputation is ruined by the radiation incident, their factory shut 

down, lawsuits piling up, massive compensation… Various troubles will come their way, 

and they’ll definitely be in dire straits. Then, with your status as a member of the Quillen 

family, you can acquire the Heart of the Sun. They’ll definitely prioritize selling it to you, 

seeing that you’re a Quillen, too! With the Heart of the Sun and the title of Grandma 

our family will rise rapidly. First, we’ll dominate Nuthana, then Zovince… We’ll inevitabl 

stand at the pinnacle!” 

Hannah listened with a face full of admiration as if those days were soon coming. 

“Bernett, you’re amazing! You were just an ordinary businessman’s son before. I never 

thought you hid such lofty ambitions. You strategize so well. This time, you even used 


09:22/ Fri, May 10 

Chapter 1538 Machinations Unveiled 

the Silverbane and Tanner families.” 


Bernett guffawed in response. “The Eshal Silverbane and Onza Tanner also wanted to 

defeat the Quillen family. We just share a common goal. Without their help, I couldn’t 

have managed the political bureau and the hospital! With our three families’ combined 

forces, the Quillens are sure to be doomed. 

“The Silverbane and Tanner families both want to take over the position of chairman of 

the Nuthana Chamber of Commerce. After the Quillen family falls, they’ll be our 

enemies! These two families are brave but lack strategy. Even if they win against the 

Quillen family, they will be greatly weakened! By then, when the title of Grandr 

and the Heart of the Sun are in our hands, these two families will no longer be a 

to us!” 

Hannah looked at him with even more admiration, holding his hand tighter. “Bernett, 

you’re so brilliant. You’ve perfectly utilized all the forces at play. You’re like the ancient 

strategist Napoleon Bonaparte!” 


09.2. Fri, May 

Chapter 1538 Machinations Unveiled 

Bernett smiled coldly, his voice resolute. “If I weren’t too old back then, the Finch 

family’s influence wouldn’t have been inferior to the Zelinsky family’s. The title of 



Zovince’s Four Geniuses wouldn’t have fallen to that punk Magnus but to me, Bernett 


Hannah smiled beautifully, nestled in his arms. “In my heart, you’re the most 


Bernett burst into laughter. 

Hannah’s gaze gradually turned cold as she muttered, Mackenzie, don’t blame me! 

Blame yourself for not listening to my advice and not choosing a good man! Since the 

Quillen family is destined to have no successor, let me take over the Heart of the Sun! 

Tanzon Medical Center, Director’s Office… 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

The Enigmatic Return (Nancy’s And Roxanne )
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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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