Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1539

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1539

Chapter 1539 Machiavellian Machinations 

Chapter 1539 

Xavier came to see Finnian to inquire about something. 

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“Mr. Tanner, the Quillens haven’t been here, but yesterday, my teacher brought a group 

of people to visit the patients, and they found out that some of them are actually 

suffering from heavy metal poisoning! 

Although Finnian was the hospital director, his tenure was still determined by the board 

of directors, and the Tanner family of Onza was the hospital’s major shareholder, so he 

had to act in the interests of the Tanner family. 

“Rob?!” Xavier trembled slightly, squinting and frowning. He knew what had happened 

at Zaiden’s banquet, where Rob praised Emmanuel sky-high after taking a longevity pill 

from him, even buying a pill that had been trampled into the ground for 50 million. If so, 

could Emmanuel have infiltrated? 

“Does he often visit you? Was he among the people he brought?” Xavier opened his 


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Chapter 1539 Machiavellian Machinations 

phone and showed Finnian the photos. 


“Oh, it’s him!” Finnian exclaimed. “Who exactly is he? His medical skills are impressive; 

even my teacher praised him highly!” 

“He’s Emmanuel Lowe, the Quillens’ son-in-law!” Xavier clenched his fist, his eyes 

flashing with menace. 

“Mr. Tanner, I’m sorry, I didn’t know he was a Quillen, but I dared not defy my teacher’s 

orders!” Finnian explained quickly. 

“No matter. So be it. Even if he diagnosed something, no one would believe him.” Xa 

said confidently. 

To destroy the Quillens, they had teamed up with the Silverbanes and the Finch family. 

The political bureau was arranged by the Silverbane family, while the hospital was 

arranged by the Tanner family. 


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Chapter 1539 Machiavellian Machinations 


Once the patients died in Tanzon Medical Center, they would issue a report on radiation 

དགང་ནས ་ བཚང་ 

deaths, and then the political bureau would confirm it. The Quillen family would be 

doomed. Even if they denied it, no one would believe them. 

“Dr. Doncaster, how long can those patients hold on?” 

“Probably three or four days!” 

“No, that’s too long!” Xavier said viciously. “Find a way to kill them within a day. 

Tomorrow morning, I’ll arrange for media reporters to expose it. Time for the Quillens to 

meet their demise! Haha…” 

Finnian thought Xavier was ruthless. 

He had plenty of ways to kill his patients. However, the difficult part was to make it look 

good and not let the reporters catch him. 




Chapter 1539 Machiavellian Machinations 

“Okay, Mr. Tanner, I’ll arrange it immediately!” 


After getting Finnian’s promise, Xavier left the director’s office satisfied. Then, he led his 

men into the special ward. 

Through the glass, he looked at the patients in the isolation ward, who seemed to be in 

a biochemical crisis, and grinned, “Everyone, you’ll be free tomorrow! Go die in peace! 


you die, your family will live well! Haha… 

The patients inside weren’t scared by his wild and demonic smile, as well as his sinister 

laughter. In fact, they were excited. 

“At last, we can die…” 

“Oh, thank God! We can be relieved!” 

“Come to me!” 


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Chapter 1539 Machiavellian Machinations 



Seeing the twisted scene of humanity, Ellie cried, sitting alone on the bed, hugging her 

Mégs. She didn’t know what she was feeling right now. “Is life finally coming to an end?” 

She smiled bitterly, murmuring to herself. 

Just then, at the entrance of Tanzon Medical Center, Emmanuel and the others 

followed behind Rob again. They happened to see Xavier leaving with his men. 

Fortunately, they were heading in different directions, so they saw Xavier leave, but 

Xavier didn’t see them come in. 

“I knew the Tanners were behind this!” Beatrix immediately gritted her teeth lightly and 


Frederick and Shane were both furious, wishing they could rush over and beat Xavier 

into a pulp. 

In contrast, Emmanuel and Mackenzie remained quite calm, not saying anything. The 

two of them had already analyzed various scenarios the day before. It was impossible 

09:23 Fri, May 10 

Chapter 1539 Machiavellian Machinations 

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for the Tanner family to do this alone. It must have been a mixture of various forces and 

Hong-term planning to bring Terence Group to its knees. 


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Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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