Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1540

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1540

Chapter 1540 Desperate Measures 

Chapter 1540 

That said, seeing Xavier there confirmed their speculation that the main executor was 

still the Tanner family of Onza. 

It seemed that the Tanner family of Onza wouldn’t stop avenging Aidan until they 

destroyed the Quillens. At that, they also realized either the Quillens or the Tanner 

would survive in Nuthana. 

Entering the ward again, they saw the patients having a meal together while some who 

couldn’t eat were receiving intravenous drips. 

Emmanuel was a doctor and the person in charge of the case, so he was quite 

sensitive. Seeing this scene, he immediately ordered Shane and Frederick, “Stop them, 

don’t let them eat this meal!” 



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Chapter 1540 Desperate Measures 

The next moment, Emmanuel slapped all the food out of their hands and off the 

bedside tables. Not only that, but he quickly cut off the IV drips. 

“W-What are you doing?” 

“Get out! You’re not welcome here!” 


The surrounding patients began to roar at him, and some even lunged at him. Shane 

and Frederick quickly pushed them back. 

Emmanuel quickly picked up the food, sniffed it, and then exclaimed loudly, “Do you 

know that if you eat these things, you’ll die the next moment?!” 

Despite his loud shouts, the patients remained indifferent, and it terrified them. 

Emmanuel didn’t care why they wanted to die. He quickly used pressure point 

techniques to make those who had eaten the food vomit it out. 


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Chapter 1540 Desperate Measures 



of me! If you do this again, I’ll bite my tongue and die in front of you!” A 



middle-aged man with balding hair struggled desperately, refusing Emmanuel’s help. 

“Emmanuel, hold on.” 

Mackenzie, who had been in the rear all along, ignored Beatrix and Lexi’s attempts to 

stop her and stepped into the ward. Her aura and beauty caused all the patients 

présent to marvel, their eyes involuntarily focusing on her. They never dreamed that as 

lowly people at the bottom of society, they would still be able to see a goddess descend 

to Earth before they died. 

“Mackenzie, the air in this ward isn’t good, and you’re pregnant. You can’t come in- 

Beatrix, Lexi!” Emmanuel stopped his actions and hurried over. But before he could 

finish his words, Mackenzie blocked his mouth with her fingers. Then, ignoring his 

resistance, she approached the struggling middle-aged man and asked with a smile, 

“Even ants struggle to live. Can you tell me why you don’t want to live?” 


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Chapter 1540 Desperate Measures 

at 68% 

….ThThe middle-aged man stared at the stunning beauty before himinhibisyeyes a little 

zededHead been a low-level member of society before, facing rusted machineryror 

ty,tmoldydyagarbage every day, and had never even seen a decent woman tetalofane a 

autiful ne at-il difpogoddess such as Mackenzie. Moreover, the goddess was so gentiale 

d closesto taiminofer acconversation. If he had had such an experience in his previousus 

e, would hebbesosdedesperate now? 

life too hard for you?” Madáckenzie asked with a smile again. She could see that thesese 

ople’s faces were pate analweven therebeaten, and their eyes were full of 

orld-weariness. Although Mackekenzie had never experienced the life of the lowerer 

ass, she knew very well who would cbcophpletely lack the desire to live and on 

ath. If there were still interestingnandhostalgic things about life, how could th 

andon life? 

le… We…” The middle-aged man choked up. Mackchenzie’s words hit him where it hurt. 

her patients also lowered their heads, tears wellingngpuip ith their eyes. 

09:23 Fri, May 


Chapter 1540 Despèrate Measures 

“How much was your monthly income before? How much money could you spend 

every day? Is the mortgage and car loan heavy?” Mackenzie knew she was on the right 

track. She needed to understand the situation clearly to trigger these people’s will to 

live. Otherwise, if they died, Terence Group would fall with them. Saving these people 

saved Terence Group and her family. 

“Alas, how can we afford a mortgage and car loan? We can’t even afford to eat a full 

meal or send our children to school normally. My mother died at home last month 

because we couldn’t afford medical treatment…” The middle-aged man spoke, tears 

streaming down his face, devastated. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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