Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1541

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1541

Chapter 1541 

Beatrix, Frederick, and the others sighed at the man’s story. 

Emmanuel never expected that besides Eastern Star Mountain, there were so many 

impoverished people in Onza. 

“Don’t cry. As long as you live, life will get better!” Mackenzie’s delicate hand gently 

patted the man’s hand. The middle-aged man suddenly seemed to gain magical 

courage and looked at this goddess-like figure in amazement. 

“What about you?” Mackenzie turned to the elderly woman beside her. The woman was 

as thin as a rail, barely breathing, with wrinkles covering her face, but the age on her 

medical record was only 41. If her age wasn’t known, one would think she was older 

than Terence, and Emmanuel and others would believe it too. 

“I… I have nothing. I work as a cleaner in the Hadley factory, with a monthly salary of 

only 2900. Last month’s wages are still owed to me. My family can’t afford to eat, and 

Chapter 1541 A Beacon of Hope 

my child is so hungry that he steals from others. He’s been caught and sent to juvenile 

detention…” She said, tears streaming down her face. 

Mackenzie nodded and gently patted her back, encouraging her, ‘Hang in there. The 

Hadley factory will pay you last month’s wages, and your child will be released soon. He 

can’t be without a mother.” 

The woman cried even hoarser. Watching her cry without making a sound, Beatrix cried 

tears of empathy. How could there be such misery in the world?! 

Later, Mackenzie chatted with the other patients individually, encouraging them. Just 

as she was about to reach Ellie, the middle-aged man who had just sighed suddenly 

said, “Ah, beautiful lady, I actually still want to live, but I’m afraid I won’t make it. Our 

illness can’t be cured at all, and we can’t afford the medical expenses…” 

At that, Emmanuel knew it was time for him to intervene. He immediately said, “What if 

I told you I could cure you for free?” 

09:28 Sat, May 11 RG 

Chapter 1541 A Beacon of Hope 


“What? This-” The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up with an evident glimmer of hope. But 

the person beside him immediately whispered, “Elmer, are you crazy? We have to die…” 

Ellie also opened her mouth anxiously, but after hearing this, she didn’t say anything. 

“No! I don’t want treatment. Let us die. I don’t believe you can cure me. Don’t bother!” 

The middle-aged man suddenly changed his attitude. 

Emmanuel was puzzled and couldn’t help but glance at Mackenzie. It seemed that 

there was a force controlling these people behind the scenes. Knowing that several 

forces had united to attack Terence Group, it couldn’t be that simple to resolve. 

In actuality, Emmanuel could forcibly treat these people, but what was the use? If these 

people cooperated with the hidden hand behind the scenes to die, could he save them? 

“Is someone blackmailing you? Or giving you money to cooperate in dying?” Mackenzie 

suddenly asked. 


09:28 Sat, May 11 

Chapter 1541 A Beacon of Hope 


The surrounding patients were dumbfounded, and the middle-aged man became even 

more panicked. Is this woman really a god? How did she know?! 

“Everyone, are your lives worth less than those people’s lives? Are you willing to help 

those scheming people achieve their goals with your lives?” Mackenzie’s words were 


The poor people had pondered this question many times. They were all human beings, 

yet why was the difference in social treatment so great? At first, they were unwilling, 

but society’s oppression made them compromise repeatedly, lowering their threshold 

until they became what they were now. 

“Since you all say you’re workers at the Hadley factory, I believe you!” Mackenzie 

suddenly spoke with conviction and determination. “I guarantee that as long as you 

accept treatment and live on, I won’t let anyone blackmail you, and you must believe in 

the law! No matter how much money those people offer you to die, as long as you 

bravely live on, I will give you the same amount of money!” 


09:28 Sat, May 11 RG O 

Chapter 1541 A Beacon of Hope 



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The patients looked at each other in shock. Some were suspicious. But the 

middle-aged man was the first to grit his teeth and say, “Ma’am, I believe you! I want to 


“Well done!” Mackenzie encouraged him, then glanced at Emmanuel again. 


Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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