Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1542

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1542

Chapter 1542 Igniting Hope 

Chapter 1542 


Emmanuel finally smiled. As long as one person was willing to live, things would begin 

taking a turn. The beliefs of many patients present indeed began to waver. 

Without giving the middle-aged man time to accept other thoughts, Emmanuel 

immediately began using the Nine Yang Finger Pressure technique along with silver 

needles to force out or drain the toxins he had ingested. 

Rob, who had been waiting for this moment, once again widened his eyes in awe, 

repeatedly praising, “Traditional medicine is truly miraculous!” 

While modern medicine could detoxify, it could harm the patient. Moreover, it couldn’t 

achieve the thoroughness and precision of Emmanuel’s methods. Other patients 

present thought that if they were to undergo treatment, they would need various 

terrifying procedures like gastric lavage, enemas, or even blood transfusions. Little did 

they think they just had to undress and let Emmanuel do acupressure and acupuncture 

on them. They didn’t even need anesthesia. Seeing this, even more people who had 


09:28 Sat, May 11 GO 

Chapter 1542 Igniting Hope 

previously resigned themselves to death suddenly had the desire to live. 


“Alright, the toxins in your body have been cleared up. As long as you continue actively 

recovering, you’ll soon return to normal!” In about 30 minutes, Emmanuel completed 

the treatment for the middle-aged man. 

“Really?!” The middle-aged man jumped off the bed directly, leaving many people 

dumbfounded. He had been so weak before, barely able to move, but in half an hour, it 

was as if he had been reborn. 

“Really. You’re not incurable at all! Dr. Rob and I can both cure your illness as long as 

you don’t give up treatment!” Emmanuel once again called out loudly, “Life is so 

beautiful. If you die, you’ll have nothing left! Do you want that?” 


Another patient raised their hand. “Please cure me too. I want to live! I don’t want 


09:28 Sat, May 11 RG 

Chapter 1542 Igniting Hope 

money! I just want to live and spend time with my family!” 

“Me too, I want to live too. My life is worth more than a million!” Another one. 

One after another, patients begged Emmanuel for treatment, even fighting over it. 

Seeing that, Beatrix, who had been crying, suddenly smiled. She looked at her 

handsome brother-in-law as if she was seeing the sun in the darkness. 


Frederick and Shane quickly helped Emmanuel maintain order, loudly urging, “Everyone, 

don’t worry! Emmanuel will cure you one by one!” 

“Yes, Emmanuel’s medical skills are amazing. As long as you want to live, not even th 

King of Hell would dare take people from him!” 

Emmanuel also smiled, preparing to wipe the sweat from his forehead when a fragrant 

handkerchief was already offered to him. 

Chapter 1542 Igniting Hope 

“Emmanuel, you’ve worked hard. You must fight the hidden forces in the shadows!” 

Mackenzie helped him wipe the sweat. 

Emmanuel seemed to be injected with an invisible force and gently held his wife’s 

hand. “Don’t worry, with our hearts united, we will surely win!” 

Mackenzie smiled in agreement, finding his words very inspiring and comforting. 

While all the patients in the ward were inspired by Emmanuel and his wife’s 

determination to survive, only Ellie remained curled up in the corner of her bed, 

trembling with her thin body, staring wide-eyed at Emmanuel as he cured one patie 

after another. 


Darkness arrived, and darkness left. For more than ten consecutive hours, Emmanuel 

didn’t rest. Mackenzie stayed by his side the whole time, wiping his sweat and 

arranging other matters. 


Sat, May 11 


Chapter 1542 Igniting Hope 

The couple fought side by side. Of course, in addition to Mackenzie, Beatrix, Frederick, 

and Shane cheered everyone on and kept the atmosphere lively. Rob, on the other 

hand, studied and admired Emmanuel’s medical skills all night long, so excited that he 

couldn’t sleep. 

Sage and Eve also had people stationed at the hospital, fearing that someone would 

cause trouble at this critical moment. At the same time, they used advanced military 

technology to intercept the information Finnian sent to the Tanner family, cutting off 

their communication so the Tanners were oblivious to the current situation at the 

hospital. Emmanuel ordered all these in advance. The Wolf Warriors were adept at 

modern warfare, and controlling electronic information was crucial. 

“Mackenzie, why don’t you take a break and let me take care of Emmanuel?” Beatrix 

walked up to Mackenzie and volunteered.

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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