Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1544

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1544

Chapter 1544 


Mackenzie’s maneuvering left Ellie struggling to respond. Seeing her silence, 

Mackenzie smiled again. “You’re truly a loyalty and righteousness girl. Yosef should 

consider himself lucky to have you as a friend. If possible, I’d like to be your friend too!” 

“I won’t be friends with you,” Ellie responded instinctively. “You’re Yosef’s enemies and, 

therefore, my enemies too!” 

“Just because Queenie Banner died intentionally at Emmanuel’s hands, Yosef sees him 

as an enemy, and you see us as enemies, too?” Mackenzie began another assault, 

forcefully questioning. 

“That’s right!” Ellie pressed her lips tightly together, then accused agitatedly, “Why is it 

that Emmanuel can get away with murder, claiming self-defense, but you all insist on 

sending Yosef to jail for accidentally killing someone?” 

“Ellie, you’re literate, right?” Mackenzie thought Ellie’s rebuke sounded rather ridiculous. 


09:29 Sat, May 

Chapter 1544 Confronting the Media 

“Emmanuel acted in self-defense. Banner, along with others, came to kill him. He 

defended himself, and Banner happened to throw herself at him. Yosef, on the other 

hand, committed manslaughter by accident. The nature of the two incidents is 

completely different!” 

“I don’t care!” Ellie covered her ears. “Justice and evil are just about power. If you want 

to ruin Yosef, I’ll destroy you!” 

Mackenzie didn’t continue to argue with her but followed her lead. “So, someone paid 

you to pretend to be radiation victims of Hadley Factory to destroy our Terence Group?” 

Ellie quickly shut her mouth, refusing to speak further. 

Mackenzie continued, “Whether you speak or not doesn’t matter. So many people 

choose to believe us; I’m sure they can tell me the truth. I’m talking to you to resolve our 

grievances. I don’t want to send you to prison because you’ve only been deceived by 

bad people!” 


09.29 Sat, May 


Chapter 1544 Confronting the Media 

Ellie persisted, “Yosef isn’t a bad person, and neither are those who help him! You are 

the bad ones!” 


Mackenzie had already gleaned the truth from her mouth, so there was no need to 

continue. She just felt sorry. This girl was innocent and, at such a tender age, had been 

manipulated by malicious individuals. 

Just then, Lexi approached her, urgently saying, “Ms. Quillen, there are many journalists 

outside. What should we do?” 

Mackenzie stopped talking to Ellie, glanced at Emmanuel, who was still treating 

patients, and sighed softly, “Let them in!” 

This moment was bound to come sooner or later, anyway. They had won the race 

against time and now had nothing to fear. 

Soon, a group of well-equipped journalists arrived outside the ward. 


09:29 Sat, May 11 R 

Chapter 1544 Confronting the Media 

“D*mn it!” Frederick cursed when he saw the large group. “We were blocked from 

entering yesterday, and now they’re letting journalists in so easily?!” 

Shane echoed. “I refuse to believe this isn’t deliberately arranged! It’s all meticulously 

planned to destroy us!” 

Mackenzie didn’t comment but turned to Emmanuel. “There’s one patient left. Go treat 

her, and Lexi and I will handle these journalists!” 

“Alright.” Emmanuel nodded and approached Ellie. 

“Stay back! I won’t accept treatment from you!” Ellie looked at Emmanuel, her filled 


with more hatred than when she faced Mackenzie. It was this demon who had killed 

Yosef’s beloved. But Emmanuel’s gaze wasn’t as cold as imagined. Instead, it carried a 

hint of warmth. “Your death serves no purpose anymore.”.. 

With just one sentence, Emmanuel crumbled Ellie’s defenses again. Yet, the young 


09:29 Sat, May 11 RG 

Chapter 1544 Confronting the Media 


woman remained defiant, even prepared for Emmanuel to force his treatment on her or 

ridicule her for not being a victim of radiation sickness, but Emmanuel didn’t do 

anything. He just sat beside her and began telling her Yosef’s story. Ellie instantly 

became interested, completely absorbed. 

Meanwhile, outside the ward, a battle without gunfire had already begun! All the 

journalists were eager to shove their microphones into Mackenzie’s mouth. 

“Ms. Quillen, how can your factory operate without meeting safety standards? How 

much money 

did you spend on PR?” 



Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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