Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1545

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Chapter 1545

Chapter 1545 The Outburst 

Chapter 1545 


“Ms. Quillen, how many people died in this incident? How do you plan to compensate 

the victims?” 

“Ms. Quillen, you’ve been so reckless, causing loss of lives. How much blood money 

have you made…” 

These journalists seemed to have their questions prepared in advance. They didn’t care 

about the facts, nor did they care about how Mackenzie responded or didn’t respond. 

They just bombarded her with questions. They had come to sensationalize the incident 

and set the tone. They were even livestreaming the parade. 

“D*mn it, let me beat the crap out of those bastards! They always spout nonsense and 

stir up trouble!” Shane raised his fist, ready to act. How dared they act so audaciously?! 

“Don’t act rashly!” Beatrix quickly joined Frederick in restraining him. If they resorted to 

violence, the situation would only go south, and these people would think they were 


09:29 Sat, May 11 

Chapter 1545 The Outburst 

acting out of embarrassment. 


“These patients have nothing to do with our factory production!” Mackenzie seized a 

moment to speak, her face icy, clarifying the situation directly. 

“How dare you say such shameless things, Ms. Quillen?” 

“Yeah, if your factory hadn’t caused them such misery, why are you here pretending to 

save them?” 

Here it comes! This logic was as absurd as helping an elderly person up. It’s like asking 

why help them when you didn’t hit them? Yet, a few supported such flawed logic. 

But Mackenzie remained composed, calmly responding, “Someone manipulated the 

Hadley Factory workers. As the boss, I must clarify all the facts and ensure the people 

involved aren’t harmed!” 

“Don’t try to twist the truth!” A journalist became agitated immediately. “Your factory 


09.29 Sat, May 


Chapter 1545 The Outburst 

caused them this suffering! You’re trying to silence them or buy their silence, are you?” 

“Yeah! Shameless!” 

“Terence Group, get out of Onza!” 

“Don’t pollute our business environment!” 

Some journalists clearly had been paid off to push Terence Group into a corner, so 

when they heard Mackenzie’s words, they nearly forced her to the ground. 

“D*mn it!” Shane couldn’t take it anymore and raised his fist to strike these scoundrels. 

But Frederick held onto him tightly, preventing him from acting recklessly. 

Unexpectedly, a tall figure emerged from the ward suddenly and landed a punch 

squarely on the nearest journalist’s mouth, who had been pressing in relentlessly. 

Suddenly, the world fell silent. 

09:29 Sat, May 11 GO 

Chapter 1545 The Outburst 

The journalist flew backward, knocking down the others behind him. Chaos erupted on 

the scene. It was brutal. 

The whole room was in shock. Inside and outside the ward, all eyes instantly focused 

on the man who had struck. It was Emmanuel. At this moment, with his black hair 

flying, his eyes were cold, and he exuded a murderous aura. 

“What kind of interviews are you conducting? Emmanuel thundered. “I don’t care what 

your motives are or what you’re after! I’ll kill anyone who dares to bully my wife!” 

Emmanuel’s voice was like thunder, domineering and chilling. 

“This idiot…” Mackenzie, who had been emotionally detached just moments ago, now 

trembled slightly, tears welling up. Emmanuel’s actions touched her deeply, but by 

doing so, he was escalating the situation into physical conflict, and the conflict was 

about to erupt. 

Sure enough, after a brief silence, those journalists began cursing loudly. 


09.29 Sat, May 

Chapter 1545 The Outburst 

“The Quillens are resorting to violence out of embarrassment!” 

“Expose their true colors! A clear conscience fears no accusation. Why are they so 

flustered if they hadn’t done anything wrong? 

“Yeah, many in the ward must’ve died! Let’s rush in and expose the truth!” 


These journalists, who had been paid off by the Eshal Silverbane and Onza Tanner, 

were tasked with smearing the Quillen family and driving the social narrative. Now that 

they had been beaten, they were going crazy. But just as they were about to start 

filming, a big hand grabbed the wrist of the photographer. 

“Who the hell is stopping me?” The photographer looked up, only to see a beastly face, 

and was instantly scared witless, unable to say another word. 

“Me!” Sage’s mouth twitched slightly, and with a swift motion, he threw the 


09:29 Sat, May 11 RGD 

Chapter 1545 The Outburst 

photographer over his shoulder, sending him flying. 



Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

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Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel

    Love at the Wrong Table by Emmanuel Lowe

Love at the Wrong Table Emmanuel Lowe Novel



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